Thailand Yellow Sapphire

Thai yellow sapphire is a specific type of sapphire that originates from the Kanchanaburi province of Cambodia. This variety of sapphire is renowned for its exceptional quality factors. The name refers to the geographical origin of this gem, which indicates it comes near the Thai-Cambodian border. As per astrology, it is associated with the largest planet in the solar system, which is Jupiter.

Where it's found in Thailand, it is known for producing good-quality yellow sapphires. Its color ranges from bright yellow to golden yellow. The best ones have a clear yellow color without other shades mixed in. It is valuable because there are very few flaws or imperfections that make it a very pretty piece of jewelry.

Really good Thailand Yellow Sapphires, especially the ones with great color and almost no flaws, are rare and can be quite expensive because they're so special. People also use this to make jewelry like rings, earrings, necklaces, and pendants because they look beautiful. Some people believe wearing a yellow sapphire, especially from Thailand, can bring good luck, wealth, and opportunities, for those born under certain zodiac signs like Sagittarius or Pisces.

There are several believed advantages connected with Thailand Yellow Sapphire:

  • People believe that wearing Thailand Yellow Sapphire can bring them good fortune and money.
  • Others believe it promotes innovation while helping in making better choices.
  • Wearing it could make you happy and feel good.
  • It's claimed that it promotes improved attention, reduced stress, and clearer thinking.
  • Many wearers say it helps them become more serene and spiritually mature.
  • Astrology claims that it has a connection with Jupiter and may have favorable consequences.
  • The thailand yellow sapphire stone price starts at INR 5,000 to INR 50,000 per carat. Primarily, those with exceptional color, clarity, and larger sizes command a higher market value due to their rarity and quality.


    Quality defines every Thai yellow sapphire at 'Navratan.' We source directly from reputable mines in Thailand, guaranteeing excellent color saturation and clarity. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the accompanying certificate, offering detailed insights into each gem's attributes.

  • Origin: This yellow sapphire is found near the Kanchanaburi region of Thailand. This region is well-known for creating high-quality yellow sapphires with clear and bright colors.
  • Color: Most often, this sapphire is bright yellow or gold. The best stones are a bright, clear yellow color with no additional colors.
  • Clarity:People enjoy them because they are very easy to understand, typically with few obvious mistakes or points. This makes them glow even more and look nice.
  • Cut and Carat Weight:Good ways to cut help them look nice. It comes in different sizes and shapes, with large stones being harder to find and more worthwhile.
  • Quick Gemstone Guide

    Q. Who should wear thailand yellow sapphire?

    Ans. Sagittarius & Pisces astrologically, anyone drawn to its beauty personally.

    Q. How to wear thailand yellow sapphire stone?

    Ans. With a Gold metal ring, index finger of working hand, Thursday morning during a waxing moon (Guruvaar, Shukla Paksha).

    Q. Is Thailand yellow sapphire good?.

    Ans. Many consider Thailand Yellow Sapphires to be of high quality primarily because of their exceptional clarity. These gemstones are typically 'eye-clean,' showcasing minimal inclusions visible to the naked eye, which enhances their overall appearance and attractiveness.

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