Tsavorite Stone

Tsavorite is a natural green semi-precious gemstone which belongs to the Grossular Garnet mineral family. It is a valuable gemstone known for its exceptional look. The gem has a lustre, shine and transparency, along with it is extremely rare, which makes it an expensive gemstone. Their ability to promote compassion and aid with manifesting inner beauty. It symbolizes strength, confidence and vitality. Additionally, as per Western astrology, the gem serves as a contemporary birthstone for January and brings luck, prosperity and benevolence to its wearer.

Tsavorite stone price per carat ranges between INR 2000 and INR 80,000. The gem has a similar appearance to Emerald but it is much more affordable. It is less expensive than emeralds but is more rarer. Hence, this semi-precious stone has grown to be more desirable these days among jewel aficionados, and gem lovers alike.

About Tsavorite Stone

Tsavorite stone is a gem of kindness, energy, wealth, and empathy. It is also known as Tsavolite. The chemical formula for the gem is Ca₃Al₂Si₃O₁₂, but the traces of vanadium and chromium give this garnet its Green colour.

The gem is a rare type of Garnet gemstone. As per expert gemologists, there are very few inclusions found, making it a flawless gem. Plus, it is found in elegant green hues from light shiny greens to dark shimmering green. Sometimes, the gem looks like an Emerald but is at least 200 times more rare as well as much more affordable than it, so is used instead of them. Indeed, the hardness of tsavorite gemstone is around 7 - 7.5 on Moh’s scale, making it durable enough to wear daily.

The healing properties and protective powers help with the positive growth of the person. Any negative energies are kept at bay by the powerful energies of the stone. The powers create a shield around the wearer which protects them from evil eye or black magic. It also has calming effects on relationships, strengthening them.

The gem also activates the heart chakra in the body of the wearer. This energy centre will open your heart to love, gratitude, kindness, and empathy.

Who Should Wear Tsavorite Stone?

Garnet gemstone is the birthstone for January as per astrology and overcome their natural pessimism nature. They are born leaders and very adaptable but they find it hard to see the brighter side which affects their relationships. These gemstones will build an understanding of their relationships. It will help them be more open to friends and family.

Indeed, the gem increases the confidence of the person and helps to overcome low self-esteem. It is also known to be an exceptional stone for the manifestation of integrity and physical well-being. For anyone who is looking for a catalyst, it is a higher power that can help them achieve their desires and be more confident in themselves. It will increase their self-belief and enhance their decision-making skills as well.

Tsavorite Meaning & Benefits

The Tsavorite gemstone was initially found in Kenya at Tsavo National Park from where it has gotten its name. This gem is the green-hued grossular garnet and is known for its shining green colour and transparency. The belief is that this jewel stands for vigour and growth. It brings an exuberant spirit of creation to its wearer. There are many other advantages as well which include spiritual benefits and healing properties as follows.

  • It fills the life of the wearer with vivacity and energy. It will increase liveliness and increase your strength.
  • If you are looking forward to starting something new, the stone is of renewal and growth.
  • The gem will help you be strong physically to let you be more active in vigorous activities.
  • The positive powers of the gem will provide relief from stress and worries. It will help you with your emotional well-being by providing balance to your mood swings and reducing anxiety or sadness.
  • A natural tsavolite stone benefit also includes instilling peace and calmness into the life of its wearer.
  • It encourages psychological equilibrium, making you mentally strong and lessening any sadness, grief or trauma.
  • There’s a belief that the green tsavorite stone helps the person realize their ambitions. It assists them in reaching out to their goals as the energies of the stone will bring opportunities or possibilities to the person to achieve success. It will attract money, fortune and prosperity.
  • Mentally, it will remove confusion from the mind of the wearer, giving mental clarity and helping to make better judgements. The thinking process will become better.
  • It will enrich your life with love, resulting in better relationships.
  • Appreciation is a function that will reach you through this stone. The gem will connect you to spiritual powers, and support you through all phases of life, making you more gentle and kind. Your intuition powers will also enhance and you will feel more personal development.
  • Improving your focus and helping you concentrate on the aim of your life is another tsavorite stone benefit.

Health Benefits of Tsavorite Stone

The Tsavorite gemstone will also affect your physical wellness. It will heal you from various problems like:

  • Boost the strength of your immune system. The immune system saves us from many bacteria and viruses.
  • The gem positively affects all the vital organs of the body.
  • Cleanse the toxic substances from your body.
  • Assists with the better function of kidneys and liver, treating any related ailments.
  • The gem will help with the treatment of any respiratory issues.
  • Regulates the metabolism and cures any infectious diseases.
  • It is also believed to aid with the generation of cells.

Quality of Tsavorite

The vivid hue of the stone along with its luster makes it a valuable type of Garnet. The gem with the best quality usually sells at higher prices. The price of is not in millions but the premium quality of the stone will always cost more. When it comes to quality, the cut, colour, clarity, and origin of the gemstone are the factors that generally matter.

Cut - It needs precision and years of practice since a skilful cut of the gem will increase its shine, brilliance, and sparkle. It will increase its appeal and will display the light and colours in a better way. There are many cuts in which the gem is available like heart-shaped, oval, round, cushion cut, etc.

Colour - Somes stones are found in lighter colours with disturbed tones while some have excellent hue and even colour distribution. The gem is found naturally in lighter shades of green, grass green, and dark emerald green colours. When there is no colour fluctuation, and is uniformly dispersed, the cost will be higher.

Clarity - The clarity is the absence of flaws in the gemstone. Mostly, gemstones have impurities, abrasives or inclusions in them like air bubbles or scratches. Ones with fine clarity will have fewer inclusions and will be clearer, costing more.

Origin - Some origins naturally produce the best-quality stones because of their geological environment. Mostly, these gemstones are found in Kenya and Tanzania.

Origin of Tsavorite Garnet Stone

Tsavorite, the green grossular garnet was found in the 1960s by a Scottish geologist named Campbell Bridges. It was discovered at Tsavo National Park and named after it as well. The place has since become a major source.

They are formed at specific Geological conditions where in the earth's crusts there is warmth and interplay of pressure. In metamorphic gravels, the tsavorite crystals are formed or developed where there is complicated tectonic activity like old mountain ranges.

The primary source of these stones is East Africa, specifically Kenya and Tanzania. They produce the finest green tsavorite stones.

Other origins of these gemstones are Pakistan, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka.

Tsavorite Prices

The price of a tsavorite stone will depend on a number of factors like its overall grade, colour, clarity, cut and quality. Stones of premium quality and the finest cut always cost more because this adds to their beauty. The demand and supply chain of the market also makes a difference in the amount range.

Usually, a skilful cut will increase the value and along with a good colour viscosity, the value will become much higher. The color of the gem is when distributed equally, it looks very fine. Vibrant coloured tsavorite stone with deeper tone and transparency will have higher prices.

Also, when a stone is clear and has fewer flaws, it is rare since almost all gems have inclusions or abrasives increasing the cost.

When the weight of the gem increases, the price increases. This is because gemstones of higher weights are not found very easily. So gems exceeding 2 carats will always cost more. The price per carat rises exponentially as the weight elevates.

Please note that the cost of tsavorite gems is measured in Ratti in India while in carat around the world. 1 Ratti = 0.91 carat

The Tsavorite stone price per carat is around INR 2000 to INR 80,000 as per today's market trend. Because of their rarity, outstanding colours and impressive clarity, the tsavorite gemstones are expensive. However, they are not as costly as emeralds and so sometimes in the jewellery industry, these gems are used in place of natural emeralds.

Care & Cleaning

To maintain decency and elegance, you should care for the stone well and clean it every once in a while. The shine can reduce and the colour might fade if you do not care well for your green garnet.

Here are some of the tips that you should keep in mind to keep your stone durable and preserve it:-

  • Don't expose your gemstone to extreme temperatures.
  • Store your jewel or jewellery in a different storage box so that other materials don't scratch it. Also, it is better if you wrap it in cotton or a velvet cloth.
  • Avoid wearing your gem while washing dishes or clothes, gardening, crafting or similar activities where the jewelry can get exposed to harsh chemicals.
  • Cleanse your gemstone at least once a month to remove dirt or any particle that may affect its beauty.

To clean your gemstone, wash it with lukewarm water and very mild soap. Use a soft bristle brush or a make-up or paint brush to clean the corners and delicate regions of the jewellery. You can also use natural substances like soil instead of soap to clean it.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the Tsavorite stones: -

Q. What is Tsavorite Stone ?

Ans. It is a green semi-precious gemstone which is a rare type of grossular garnet. The gem is extremely bright which does not need much processing and integration like the majority of other well-known gems do. However, it is scarce because it can only be found in Madagascar, Southern Kenya, and Northern and Southern Tanzania due to mining restrictions.

Q. Where to buy green garnet stone ?

Ans. You should buy an original and authentic green gemstone online at best price from a trusted source like Navratan. We have an exquisite collection of gemstones available in different cuts and weights., along with lab certification. We prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure a secure and reliable shopping experience. Our knowledgeable team is available to assist you with any inquiries or guidance you may need during your purchasing process.

Q. What is the astrological importance of tsavorite ?

Ans.Astrologically, tsavorite gemstone will be very beneficial for January borns as it is a January birthstone, although anyone can wear the gem.

Q. Can I wear tsavorite as a substitute for Emerald ?

Ans. Astrologically, the tsavorite gemstone is not an alternative to emerald stone. Emeralds have distinctive abilities and benefits which are very different from tsavorites. However, it can be used in place of emeralds if you are using them only for jewellery purposes and not for their astrological significance.


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