Madagascar Blue Sapphire

Aesthetically and astrologically, Natural sapphires have been cherished since the middle ages. More recently, a new version of blue sapphire was discovered in the Madagascar region of Africa.

Madagascar:- The Largest Producer of Blue Sapphire Gemstones

As the name indicates, Madagascar Blue Sapphires are mined from the Madagascar islands of Africa. Initially, sapphires came to light in the southern part of the country in the early 1990s. However, major deposits of these sapphires were discovered in a small town of Ilakaka in south Madagascar in the year 1998. Since new deposits were so enormous, they created a sensation all around the globe. While the island is still the biggest exporter of vanilla in the world, by 2007 Madagascar emerged as the new leader of sapphire production in the world. Earlier Australia was considered to be the largest sapphire producer till 1987. Later on, massive deposits of sapphires were uncovered in the northern Corridor of Ankeniheny-Zahamena in 2016. This rush was stated to be the second wave of sapphires in Madagascar. Within six months of the time period, more than 100 gemstones weighing above 50 carats were found here.

Madagascar has sapphire mines in two distinct geological locations i.e., both the north and south provinces of the country. Deposits of the north region are alluvial deposits that hail from weathered basaltic rocks, whereas the southern part is mainly of metamorphic origin. Blue sapphires of the south part are of a pure blue hue, while those from the north tend to have a green undertone. Besides sapphires, Madagascar also exports rubies and emeralds. According to industry experts, 90% of its land bears some or other types of gem deposits. Presently the total gemstone export of the country is esteemed to be around $25 million worth in a year.

As per reports, more than 95% of the total Australian Opals are mined out of the towns of Andamooka, Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge, and White Cliffs.

Although there arise many different colors of sapphires, such as yellow, pink, green, and white, Madagascar is primarily known for blue sapphire. Nevertheless, it is not just the abundance and assortment of stones that have made Madagascar the world leader in sapphires, rather it is a blend of the size and quality of the crystals. Such combinations are rarely been seen in the market. Some fine-quality padparadscha and color-change sapphires have also been located on this island nation. Color-change sapphires of Madagascar usually display a rich blue to violet color under different light tones.

Cut: Blue Sapphires of Madagascar origin are accessible in all the commonly desired shapes such as Cushion, Heart, Round, Trillion, Octagon, Oval, Pear, and Rectangular Cushion with Brilliant or Step cut, Cabochon cut, and Faceted cut.

Color: Madagascar produces all shades of blue sapphires ranging from pastel blue to regular blue, cornflower blue, vivid or deep blue, and royal blue colors. Among all the color segments, Royal blue-colored Madagascar Blue Sapphire Gemstones are the most desired ones and fetches the highest price in the market. While vivid blue sapphires also grab high demand in the gemstone industry, pastel blues ranks comparatively less.

Clarity: Owing to the wide span, Madagascar Blue Sapphires come in a diverse range of clarity levels. From highly transparent to almost opaque gems can be seen in the sapphires of this origin. Blue Sapphires of Madagascar origin generally carry good transparency. On the price level, a more clear or transparent stone with minimum inclusions holds more value in the market.

Carat Weight: Carrying a broad assortment of carat weights, Madagascar Blue Sapphires are easily available in all sizes from 1 carat to over 100 carats. The price goes higher with a rise in size, providing all the other quality factors remain the same.

In general, the price of Madagascar Blue Sapphires in India begins at Rs. 1,50,000 per carat and goes as far as Rs. 10,00,000 per carat or more depending upon the quality. Similarly, this magnificent stone starts at $2,000 per carat and reaches as high as $15,000 in the international gem market.

Origin Burma Kashmir Madagascar
Price Per Carat Low to High Low to High Low to High
1 carat Blue sapphire Price 1500-100000 50000-100000 1500-100000
2 carat Blue sapphire Price 2000-100000 50000-200000 2000-200000
3 carat Blue sapphire Price 3000-1000000 80000-300000 3000-200000
4 carat Blue sapphire Price 5000-1000000 100000-400000 5000-300000
5 carat Blue sapphire Price 6000-1500000 200000-500000 6000-300000
6 carat Blue sapphire Price 10000-2000000 200000-600000 10000-300000
7 carat Blue sapphire Price 12000-2500000 250000-700000 12000-400000
8 carat Blue sapphire Price 15000-3000000 250000-800000 15000-500000
9 carat Blue sapphire Price 20000-4000000 300000-900000 20000-500000
10 carat Blue sapphire Price 25000-5000000 300000-1000000 25000-500000

As Madagascar Blue Sapphires are a premium variety of blue sapphire stones, they demand high value in the industry. Several dealers in the market sell synthetic and heat-treated stones in lieu of original ones. Therefore, it is highly recommended to only make your purchase via an authorized gemstone store that provides you with a certificate of authenticity from the world’s reliable gem testing agencies. You can also scroll through the widest collection of authentic Madagascar Blue Sapphires online along with an authenticity certificate.

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