Peridot Gemstone

Peridot stone is an olive-green-colored gem-quality mineral that arises from the Olivine mineral family. In the whole wide gemstone arena, Peridot is one of those few gemstones, which is found only in a single color i.e., light and bright olive green color. It is popularly known by the names 'Evening Emerald' or 'Olivine stone'. While in Urdu, it is termed as 'Jabargad' and ‘Ghritmani’ in Hindi. Peridot Gemstone is also called August Birthstone.

This semi-precious gem is a silicate material that has a composition of iron and high magnesium on the chemical ground. Iron becomes the key cause of its alluring yellowish shade. The intensity of the green color depends on the percentage of iron contents, which makes it vary from yellow to olive, to brownish-green. Rarely, peridot gem can be seen in a medium to the dark tone of pure green color with no secondary tint of yellow or brown hue. On the other hand, in the case of lower iron concentrations, Peridot stone occurs in a lighter color.

While on the astrological ground, it is worn as a substitute for the precious emerald gemstone or Panna Ratan. Alike Panna stone, it is used to fetch affluence and luxury, boost confidence levels, improve communication skills, promote intelligence, and maintain the good health of its owner. Since it has extraordinary power to bring wealth and prosperity, it is also renowned as Money Stone.

How to Wear Peridot Gemstone?

Color: Prefer wearing a  bright green-colored natural peridot gem for availing the best astrological results. Untreated olive-green peridot is also recommended by astrologers.
Worn In: The little finger or ring finger of the right or working hand is preferred to wear a Peridot ring. Though if you are wearing any other jewelry, ensure that the stone is touching your skin.
Day & Time: Wednesday, after sunset, is considered to be a perfect time for wearing Peridot.
Metal: Silver is best recommended to be paired with a Natural Peridot stone. So you should wear it in a silver ring. In certain cases, you can also go for gold, white gold, platinum, or panch dhatu.
Mantra & Chanting: Recite Om Bum Budhaye Namah or ॐ बुं बुधाय नम: for 108 times while wearing any Peridot jewelry.

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Benefits of Peridot Gemstone

  • Improves Oratory Skills: 

    Peridot is considered extremely beneficial for the individuals who are holding positions and job roles where a great amount of human interaction is involved. For people who are working in the entertainment industry, media sector, or public relations profession, wearing of a Peridot stone highly benefits them on a large scale.

  • Benefits in Psychological Disorders: 
    For the reason being an astrological substitute of Emerald (Panna), Period has amazing cosmic powers with it. It soothes your emotions and helps you to deal with all your mental problems effectively. Natural Peridot is said to be an amazing stone to heal psychological disorders.
  • Heals Skin Ailments: 
    Peridot gemstone is hugely serviceable to people suffering from health problems. This birthstone of august month cures nervous disorders and also benefits in healing your skin allergies. Astrologers strongly believe that wearing a real peridot ring restores calmness, soothes tensed nerves, and cures skin-related ailments.
  • Boosts Intelligence: 

    Since Mercury signifies intelligence, wearing its associated stone peridot benefits people by boosting their memory, intellect, comprehension skills, and learning abilities. Henceforth, astrologers highly recommend this stone to people who are suffering from a lack of concentration. So if you are a student and also facing problems such as distraction and short attention span, opt for wearing a Natural Peridot.

Origin of Peridot Gemstone

Since, Peridots of Brazil, China, and the U.S.A. are darker in color tone, thus they are available at a comparatively lower cost. Whereas, Australia and Russia, are also notable sources of Peridot gemstone that grab significant monetary value depending upon their clarity and size.

Color: As stated prior, Peridot is one of those few stones that usually arise in a single shade i.e., green. Though, the intensity of this green color may vary depending upon the origin of the stone and ranges from pure bright green to greenish-yellow and brownish-green. Where on the one hand, bright-green-colored peridot, with richer color consistency and less or no inclusions, is considered more desirable and generally attracts higher pricing in comparison to an uneven colored period that arises with a yellow or brown tint. Such stones, on the other hand, are considered to be of lower quality and may get a relatively reduced value.

Clarity: Any crystal which has eye-clean clarity substantially grabs more worth. The same is the case with Peridot. The more visible an inclusion is, the higher it makes an impact on the price of a peridot gemstone. Both visual and volume of inclusion tend to decrease the value of Peridot. In general, there occur silky disc-shaped inclusions in peridots, which are known as ‘lily pads’. Although inclusions are not always bad because they denote that the gem is real, natural, and free from all kinds of treatments i.e., unheated and untreated, which is believed to be the best for astrological purposes. However, inclusions like black mineral spots or lily pads significantly lessen the cost of a peridot stone.

Cut: Cut and shape always bear an influence on the overall worth of Peridot stone. Highly faceted cuts like cushion and princess in peridot are substantially more expensive than that of oval or round as the amount of loss incurred in the cutting process.

Carat Weight: Alike all gemstones, the price of a Peridot gemstone increases with an increase in its carat weight, providing all other factors remain the same.

Treatment: When we talk about the premium quality, a Natural stone is more than that of the treated ones. Similarly, a peridot stone in its natural form is usually priced more precious comparatively to a peridot that is heat-treated. Generally, Peridots available in the market are without any enhancements.

Quality of Peridot Gemstone

Origin: Australia, Brazil, Burma, China, Mexico, Russia, Pakistan, and the United States of America are some of the prominent and popular origins of Peridot gems. Among these, Brazil, Mexico, and the U.S.A. are said to be producing peridot rough on a commercial scale while Burma (now Myanmar), followed by Pakistan, is renowned for producing the supreme quality Peridot stones. Burmese peridot is quite rare and is known for its bright green hue with a high amount of clarity. Henceforth, it usually fetches high costs in the international gemstone market that can go up to $200 (around 15,000 INR) per carat.

Peridot Gemstone Price

Whether you are purchasing the Peridot as a fashion jewelry gem or for an astrological reason, it is highly advisable to always buy a good quality stone. Especially for astrological purposes, prefer buying natural and real peridot. The Peridot price depends upon its quality. On the same ground, the price of a Peridot stone also depends upon its carat size, origin, cut, clarity, and treatment. The price may change with a change in these factors. Thus, one should ascertain the quality of the stone before buying it by studying a couple of factors such as its cut, color, clarity, and origin. In general, a Peridot gemstone price begins at $6 (approx. ₹ 500) per carat and can go as high as $15 (approx. ₹ 10,000) per carat in the global gem market depending on its overall quality. While Peridot price in India ranges in between ₹ 400 to ₹ 2,000 per carat.

Who Should Wear Peridot Gemstone?

Being the substitute for Emerald (Panna), Peridot is said to be associated with the planet Mercury or Lord Budh. In general, just like Emerald, this gemstone is worn to strengthen a weakly positioned Mercury in an individual’s birth chart. A misplaced Mercury in your house of horoscope can hamper your intelligence level, disturb your communication power, and can even adversely affect your psychological health.

According to ancient Vedic astrology, Peridot is best suited to the Gemini sun sign or Mithun Rashi and Virgo Zodiac sign or Kanya Rashi.

Whereas, western astrology science endorses Peridot as the birthstone for August month and prescribes it best for the natives who are born under the sun sign Cancer. Therefore, those who are born in the month of August should wear Peridot stone.

Ascendants of Aquarius, Capricorn, Libra, and Taurus can also opt for wearing this bright green gem peridot.

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