Garnet stone

Garnet gemstone is a semi-precious member of the Silicate minerals group. It arises in a variety of shades. Owing to the supernatural cosmic properties, this popular January birthstone is widely used in jewelry as well as astrological purposes.

Garnets are found in a variety of hues, where different shades are used as substitutes for primary precious gemstones. While brown garnet is used as an alternate for the Hessonite gemstone; Red Garnet is employed as a substitute for Ruby. On the chemical ground, these variants of garnet have similar properties but are slightly different in compositions, for instance:-

Almandine Garnet – Almandine, or almandite, is an iron alumina variety of garnet. It arises in reddish-brown color with an inclining to purple.

Andradite Garnet – This mineral species of the garnet group mainly arise in three varieties, dark yellow, vivid olive green to almost black.

Grossular Garnet – It is a composition of calcium-aluminum and is found in a variety of shades ranging from red, green, yellow, orange, brown, and cinnamon brown shades.

Uvarovite Garnet – Popularly known as ‘Green Garnet’, it is the rarest variety of garnet stone that bears chromium as its primary element. Uvarovite is found in a consistent lustrous green color.

According to Western astrology, Garnet is the birthstone of January month and is best recommended for January born babies. On the other hand, ancient Vedic science assigns it to the Aquarius sun sign aka Kumbh Rashi.

In order to fetch the desired results, prefer wearing a natural garnet stone of a minimum of 1/10th of your total body weight. For instance, if your body mass is 50 kgs, pick a Garnet stone of 5 carats studded in a ring, earring, pendant, or bracelet.

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Since the Bronze age, Garnets have been admired for their curative properties and metaphysical calming effects. Listed below are some of the widely known advantages of carrying a garnet gem.

Tremendous Healer - Owing to the incredible alleviating vibes, natural Garnet Stone is used in healing therapy. Red garnet gemstones symbolize vigor, power, and potency. Thus they boost the sex drive power and reproductive health of its wearer.

Improve Fitness- Better physical health is one of the key benefits of wearing a Garnet gemstone. On the medical ground, it improves the health of your heart, lungs, and spinal cord. It benefits the conditions of your joints, knees, and bones, particularly the backbone.

Business Growth - When you put Garnet stone in your business use, it delivers auspicious astrological effects. Astrologers recommend keeping Garnet crystals on the cash counter to derive good luck and fortune. Especially if you are dealing in the businesses of coal, iron, oils, or paints, this red gem will readily provide you with profitable godsends.

Better Emotional Health - Natural Garnet showcases tremendous effects on the emotions of its owner. Together with improving creativity and providing clarity of thoughts, it is known to alleviate mental depression, ward off nightmares, improve concentration power, and cure sleep disorders. Garnet gives its wearer the power to think out of the box and has a clear mental focus.

Ensure Safe Travels - One of the most significant benefits of having a garnet stone is that it provides its wearer with strength and wanderlust. Individuals who work in the fields of tourism or travel on a regular basis get immensely benefited by this stone. Besides a secure journey, they can reap a lot of benefits from this stone.

Brings Positivity - Garnet is known as the stone of self-awareness and fulfilling commitments. Astrologically, it is an amazing healing crystal. The most praised benefit of carrying a Garnet stone is its positivity. It bestows zeal, courage, certitude, stability, and good health to its wearer, assisting in making wise decisions.

Note:- For astrological purposes, the stone should be preferably of natural, pure color, have high clarity, and contain no chemical or heat treatments.

Alike any other gemstone, the price of Garnet depends upon its Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat Weight, and place of origin. Natural and Original Garnet is quite affordable in India. The price of natural Garnet stone generally lies between Rs 200 per carat to Rs 600 per carat and above.

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