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Burma Ruby Stone

Burma ruby, or Burmese rubies, is a high-quality ruby that is sourced from Myanmar (previously known as Burma). It is known for its deep red color and high clarity and is considered one of the finest types of ruby in the world. Burma Ruby is the most popular and exceptionally rare variety in the cosmic collection of ruby gemstones. Over the centuries, Burmese ruby was highly sought after by royalty and wealthy individuals, who prized it for its beauty and rarity.

Due to the gemstone's color and clarity, Burma ruby prices of $10,000  to $1 million per carat vary significantly, even within the same carat weight range. In the market, a Burmese ruby with few inclusions and a deep red hue might easily get between $1,400 and $1,600 per carat, or possibly more.

The very famous Burma ruby comes from the Mogok and Mong Hsu districts of Burma, a Southeast Asian country. Although Burma has now become Myanmar, the industry still calls its rubies 'Burma Ruby'. It is widely recognized for its intense red pigeon hue and rich astrological values. Owned by the planet Sun, the Burmese ruby is associated with the Zodiac sign Leo and regarded as the gemstone for July-born people. Holding the Mohs scale hardness of 9.0, the refractive index of Burma ruby ranges from 1.759 to 1.778.

Of all the other quality factors like beauty, rarity, and durability, old Burma rubies are generally acknowledged for their natural bright luster and relatively superior clarity. Burma Rubies are extremely limited and that is the key reason for their exclusivity. The extent of their high demand can be determined by the fact that in the last decade, the United States of America put a ban on the import of Burmese rubies in order to regulate the nation's military administration.

Among all the classification elements, the color of a gemstone has the most impact on its overall price. It is the perfect balance of the naturally profound pigeon blood ruby shade, saturation, tone, and consistency that determine the exorbitantly high worth of Burmese ruby. To qualify as the finest Old Burma ruby; the color of the gem should neither be too dusky nor too light.

Owing to the high chromium content of the mine from where they are extracted, the premium quality Burmese ruby gemstones display a true deep pinkish to vivid red hue in most kinds of light that draw extraordinary value in the international gemstone market. Cambodian and Thai rubies, on the other hand, are generally darker brown in tint, reminiscent of garnet.

Burma Ruby Stone Price

Burmese rubies are the most expensive assortment of ruby gemstones, Burma ruby price has touched the price of $1 million per carat. In general, you can get the best quality Burmese rubies for around USD 10,000 per carat. Buy 100% natural Burmese Rubies sourced directly from Burmese mines at the most genuine price. Avail of the quick and insured delivery facility with an easy returns option with Navratan.

Burmese rubies originate from Burma, a Southeast Asian country. Although it is now known as Myanmar, the industry still refers to these rubies as Burmese. Most real Manik stones come from the districts around Mogok and Mong Hsu, regions in northern and northeastern Myanmar, respectively. These mines were well-known for generating almost 90% of all pigeon blood rubies. Burmese rubies have been in high demand for millennia. There are records of mining Burmese rubies going back over 5 centuries. The most expensive ruby ever sold at an auction house, the Sunrise Ruby , fetched over $30 million in 2015, surpassing all previous records.

The factors influencing Burma Manik Stone Price

Unfortunately, these famous Burmese mines are now almost exhausted, so Burmese rubies are becoming scarcer and more expensive. It ranges from USD 10000 per carat. Just because ruby is from Myanmar does not automatically mean that it is of the highest quality and therefore should be more expensive. Each ruby is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, focusing on colour, carat, clarity, and other quality factors. To learn more about how to evaluate and buy a ruby, read our complete ruby buying guide.

Burmese rubies are the most expensive of the ruby varieties.

The highest price ever paid for a Burmese ruby was $1 million USD per carat. In general, however, you can find high-quality Burmese rubies at prices of around 10,000 USD per carat. Generally, the original price for Manik stones varies in India as per the quality and origin.

The benefits of real Burma Ruby stone

Burmese (Burma) Manik is a natural valuable stone in the Corundum family that ranges in colour from pinkish red to blood red. Indian astrology advises wearing natural rubies to advance one's career, social standing, relationships, and power. Increasing authority promotes health and strengthens relationships with parents. Most naturally occurring rubies are found in Africa and other regions. Sun (Surya) wears the stone to enhance interpersonal interactions.

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