Precautions After Wearing Panna: A Detailed Guide

Posted on March 19th, 2024 05:38 PM

Panna stone is related to Mercury (Budh) and is believed to offer intellect, wisdom, prosperity, and abundance. Individuals born under zodiacs such as Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn, Libra, Virgo, and Aquarius are suggested to wear a natural panna gemstone. Also known as emerald in English, this precious green stone when worn in gold or silver on Wednesday early morning offers success in all aspects of life. Thus, the original emerald stone brings positivity to life if worn correctly. Generally, it starts working within 10-15 days but if not it is important to follow guidelines that can enhance its working. This blog refers to the precautions after wearing panna to ensure it works smoothly for a long period. 

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What is emerald and its significance in astrology?

This gemstone from the beryl mineral family is related to the planet Budh and is hence called Budh Ratna. Individuals with weak mercury in their horoscope are suggested to wear an emerald stone. Besides this, business people, public speakers, professionals, and students seeking issues in wealth, success, improved communication, focus, and concentration are recommended to adorn panna in the little finger of the right hand. 

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Wearing the stone on the correct finger is equally important as each finger is related to a particular planet. The little finger is ruled by the planet Mercury. It thus harnesses the power of the planet bestowing the wearer with good communication and decision-making skills. 

9 Precautions after wearing panna 

If you have been suggested an emerald stone by an astrologer but are not able to feel its benefits, one reason can be that it is not worn correctly. Read more on Gemstone Names and Which Metal to Wear With It to understand whether you are wearing an emerald stone correctly.

The other reason can be that after you have worn it, you are not able to get the desired results.  Let's check out what are the reasons and precautions to take after wearing the green panna stone

Understand its energy and whether it suits you

You can wear a panna stone ring or pendant during sleep. This stone is believed to have healing properties that promote emotional balance and calmness to the wearer. Hence, this green stone ring effect includes positive and stress-free sleep. But for some or other reasons if you are not able to sleep after wearing the stone, consult an astrologer first. It might be because the gemstones are not suiting you or your health conditions might not be able to bear the energy. Or maybe you are not wearing the right size. A 3 carat emerald stone will have lesser energy than 7 Ratti panna. So make sure you’re wearing the weight that suits your body. 

Do not remove your emerald gold ring as it will hamper the flow of energy

Precautions after wearing panna should be taken as removing the gemstone ornament regularly can negatively impact your professional and personal life. Pachu stone benefits you by offering mental clarity so that you make effective decisions at the right time. 

If removed, activate it in the right way

Energization of gemstones is an important process done before wearing them but in case you have accidentally removed it should you again wear it? Once removed it can be worn but one should consider one of the most important precautions after wearing panna with the same rituals and procedures. It helps you stay knowing that you can always wear it once removed. Don’t forget to peacefully chant panna wearing the mantra “Om Braam Breem Broom Sah Budhai Namah”

Take good care of it so that it does not crack or break

Do not wear a cracked gemstone. In case your astrological gem gets cracked after it is worn, remove it immediately. A damaged or cracked panna stone carries no energy. Since there is no flow inside the gemstone, its positive energy cannot be resonated around the wearer. Thus, there seems no sense in wearing a cracked stone. Buy original panna ratna from Navratan to ensure you get the maximum benefits of Budh Planet. 

During periods or while showering, take a consistent call on whether you want to wear it

Removing a gemstone for a small period is absolutely fine but you have to follow it religiously. Hence if you decide to open it during a shower, then remove it before every shower. Mixing energy with different rules might impact the flow of the energy. There are various positive changes after wearing emeralds for females. It benefits women during pregnancy by relieving labor pain. This green stone activates the heart chakra and brings love and peace to their life. There are no such suggested precautions after wearing Panna for females during their period/ menstrual cycle. This gemstone regulates the hormonal balance of the body and hence it is safe to wear during this time. 

wear care your emerald for maximum results

Make sure to change it timely for maximum benefits 

The lifespan of this green panna gemstone is between 5-7 years. Precautions should be taken that the stone should not be worn for an extra long period. It is important to change it every five years since it loses its energy with time and its effectiveness is decreased. Activate panna and wear it afterwards. 

Clean your gemstone after every six months

This will remove dirt from the surface allowing the energy to continuously flow within the gem and also interact with the wearer. Your emerald stone might fade with time. There can be many reasons for the same, it might be synthetic or faced sunlight for a long time. After wearing the emerald stone, observe its color, and in case it fades, replace it. It is better to buy original emerald with good color, clarity, and shine. 

If it is not suiting you on the little finger, try wearing it on the ring finger. 

Generally, it is advisable to wear panna on the little finger but some astrologers also suggest wearing it on the ring finger. The benefits of wearing emeralds on the ring finger in astrology include a successful married life. An emerald engagement ring is quite popular and is worn to bring love, commitment, and harmony to a relationship. Hence, it is important to seek advice from a knowledgeable astrologer as different finger has different significance and the correct finger is suggested for your specific issues. 

Try maintaining the same weight after wearing Emerald stone

A real panna stone is generally recommended as 1/12 of the body weight. Hence if you are recommended 5 carat panna because you are around 60, then you must keep checking your weight after a few months. If there is an extreme increase or decrease, try getting your panna measured by a gemologist immediately. 

If you see bad dreams after wearing an emerald, and getting panicked because of the same you might be wearing it incorrectly. There is no association between gemstones and dreams but it's always good to consult an astrologer for the same. This is because high-carat weight panna stone is extremely powerful and it might not match your body’s energy initially. Thus, it is recommended to observe for a few days. In case the condition still exists, ask for other alternatives from your astrologer. 

Precautions to take when buying panna 

get certified emeralds at any corner of the world

In Vedic astrology, it is suggested that these gems have the right energy that moves around the wearer and brings positive results. Only buy natural stones with good color and clarity.

Here’s the buying guide you can explore:  Emerald Gemstone Price Guide 

Choosing stone online or offline 

If you are buying it offline, choose a reputed and trusted gem dealer. Shopping online is convenient but one must always buy from a trusted website. At Navratan, we have a good collection of all precious and semi-precious stones. When buying original Budh Ratna you can explore various origins, color range, carat weights, and more. All the sections are segregated making it easy for you to select. 

Check for the real gem 

Checking the originality of the stone is important. Synthetic and fake emeralds are not suggested in Vedic astrology as they do not contain any energy. Choose only real panna as it benefits you the most. 

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