5 Carat Emerald Stone

A 5 carat emerald stone is a precious gemstone, weighing exactly 1 gram. It is known for its stunning green color making it both beautiful and valuable. The panna stone 5 ratti price makes this large stone, weighing approximately 1 gram, a treasured and affordable gem. This stone connects to the planet Mercury depending on astrological interpretations. Its vibrant green shade represents the continuation of life.

5 carats emerald hold significant importance and are associated with a variety of cultural and historical viewpoints. Ancient Greeks referred to this 5 carat emerald stone as "smaragdos". The Romans, on the other hand, used "smaragdus". Sanskrit "marakat" is used to describe panna stone 5 ratti, which are green in color.

This natural gemstone holds significant importance and is associated with a variety of cultural and historical viewpoints. The vibrant green represents the continuation of life.

When you wear a 5 and 5.5 carat emerald stone, it promotes positive vibes, inviting more abundance and prosperity into your life.

Some benefits of 5 carat emerald stone are below;

  • Improve focus and memory
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Improve problem-solving and creativity
  • Improve self-confidence and expression

Well-being and Emotional Balance

  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Calmness and inner tranquility
  • Increase emotional resilience and compassion for yourself
  • Improve relationships with other

Symbolism & Motivation

  • Set ambitious goals
  • Welcome new opportunities and challenges
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Lead a fulfilling life with meaning

The 5.5 carat emerald price can vary significantly based on the specific stone's characteristics. Many factors affect how much price of Emerald/Panna stones like-

  • Origin: Colombian emeralds reign supreme and are being followed by Zambian, Russian, and Afghan stones. All of them have distinct particularities.
  • Clarity: A lesser number of imperfections and flaws can translate into more quality.
  • Color: A bright deep, lush green that has blue tinges is the most desired.
  • Cut: A properly proportioned cut increases brilliance and spark.
  • Treatment: Stones without treatment are less common and priced more expensive, whereas treated stones are much more affordable.

Price Ranges:

Quality Average Price
Low Quality INR 10,000 - 25,000
Medium Quality INR 25,000 - 40,000
High Quality INR 40,000 - 75,000
Premium Quality INR 75,000 - 1,00,000 (Can be go up to above 10 Lakh)

Price Ranges:

  • Ratti: A measure of weight used widely in India one ratti being equal to 0.12 grams.
  • Carat: A measurement of the weight of gemstones Carat is the equivalent of 0.2 grams.
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