How To Decide The Best Place To Buy Gemstones Online ?

Posted on March 6th, 2024 03:32 PM

Natural gemstones have the power to change one’s life. And the introduction of the digital era has made it a great possibility to get a genuine one easily. Buying natural gemstones online has also opened new dimensions to different origins, colors, cuts, and so many new varieties. And if done cautiously, it is also safe to shop! So let us look into things to consider and how to decide the best place to buy gemstones online. 

Why should you buy natural gemstones?

For astrological benefits

Natural gemstones possess energies that resonate around the wearer offering them astrological benefits. Buy a natural ruby to increase your confidence, energy, and decision-making skills. Natural emerald stone is perfect for enhancing love in your relationship. Besides precious gemstones, upratnas also provide specific astrological benefits such as opal, pearl, moonstone, garnet, and more. Fake, synthetic, assembled, and imitation gemstones are of no use in astrology as they do not contain any energy. 

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Heirloom jewelry 

Any piece of jewelry that can be passed on from generation to generation is treasured for its antiquity. They are in the form of rings, bracelets, pendant necklaces, and earrings. A high-carat natural gemstone with explicit color and clarity is perfect for heirloom jewelry. This piece of jewelry is expensive and is passed on to generations as a symbol of love and passion. 

For investment purposes

Precious gemstones like ruby, diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires with high carat weight, good color, and clarity are hard to find. Similarly, stones like alexandrite and tanzanite also have a great demand in the market due to their rarity. Investing in these holds great value. Precious and rare loose gems or those studded in jewelry have a resale value and hence one should buy genuine gemstones only. 

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First, know the gemstone that you should wear

When deciding the best place to buy gemstones online it is first important to know what to purchase. Consult an astrologer before purchasing any gemstone. This is because a knowledgeable astrologer analyses the horoscope and suggests the lucky stone. It is not always your zodiac sign that determines which stone to wear but other factors must be considered. An astrologer is the best person to tell you which stone suits you the most. 

8 tips to consider when deciding the best place to buy gemstones online

Gemstones are valued for their internal energies which work after you energize them. Wearing a natural gem or say sourced beneath the earth's surface has the power to bring changes in an individual. Thus, buying a real stone online and offline is important. In this digital era, online shopping is considered convenient. But it is important to buy them safely online as it is an investment that provides you with long-term benefits. 

View comments and reviews 

View comments and reviews

Firstly, do an intense research. Looking at the previous comments and reviews on the website, you can find the best online gemstone store in India or outside. Viewing the comments you will get a better idea about the quality of the gemstone received by the customers. 

Shipping and Delivery and Return Policy

shipping and delivery and return policy

It is important to understand the shipping and delivery policy of the website. Check for the shipping options available, expected delivery time, and condition applied. It is important to understand the return policy in case the gemstone you get is damaged or broken. Return policies are different for different websites. Make sure while buying the gemstones you read all the terms and conditions to get a positive online shopping experience. If the return policies are customer-centric then the website is good enough to go for online shopping. 

Necessary information about the gemstones

necessary information about the gemstones

If you are looking for the best online gemstone store in India, search for the information given on the website. Look for certified gemstones as they stress the authenticity of the stone. A website with a sorted product and category list eases your reaching ability. For instance, if one wants to buy a blue sapphire online as per origin a website sorting it on an origin basis would be the best. 

Look for certification reports 

certification reports

Distinguishing between lab-created, natural, imitation, and treated gemstones cannot be done by looking at the pictures online. The most popular certificates include those from institutions like GIA, IGI, GRS, and more. It is these certificates that provide proper information about the gemstone's physical properties like color enhancement or treatment, origin, cut, carat weight, and more. Thus, you are ensured that you are getting the right piece. 

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Payment Security 

payment security

If you are staying in the US or any other country and want to know where to buy original gemstones in India look for websites that have secure payment modes. The safer the payment modes, the higher the authenticity of the online website. 

Keep an Eye on the Online Scam

The online shopping experience gets conflicted when it is suspected with online scams. Thus, it is essential to keep an eye on the online scams. Natural gemstones are precious and are priced accordingly. Original Panna stone, ruby stone, blue sapphire, and other colored stones are prized for their natural origin, high quality, color, and clarity. Beware that you are not fooled by the fake, synthetic, or imitation stones. Research how you can spot the difference between these three and the natural gemstones. 

Understand the Pricing Factor 

It is important to know how gems are priced such as the four Cs: Color, cut, clarity, carat, and cut. Gemstones with high clarity, perfect cut, brilliant color, and high-carat weight are priced higher. Origin and treatment also define the price of the stone. 

  • Cut: Make sure the stone reflects a perfect cut, even from all sides, and displays a smooth finish. Browse over the online videos available on the website you will get a clear identification from the same. 
  • Clarity: Gemstones feature internal blemishes or inclusions. These are natural to the stone and are one of the ways to define its originality. Natural inclusion-free gemstones are few to find and are thus prized for their rarity. 
  • Carat Weight: High Ratti or carat stones have a reasonably good price. But it is accompanied by other factors as well. Buy high-carat weight gemstones that reflect good color and clarity. 
  • Color: Vivid color, medium tone, and high saturation in stones command high prices. You will also find loose gemstones on websites featuring gradings such as AAAA, AAA, and AA. This grading scale determines the quality of the stone (particularly the color and clarity). For instance, AAAA means rare gems make a perfect heirloom, AAA excellent grade, sought-after stones with vibrant color and perfect cut. AA are good quality gems. 

Websites with clear descriptions of all the 4C’s are the ones you should look for. 

Note the Treatment 

note the treatment

Treatment or enhancement is a common term you will find on the product page description or gemstone certificates. Treatment is done to enhance the color and clarity of the stone. The most common treatments are heating, irradiation, oiling, and dyeing. The type of treatment ranges from minor to major. For example, emerald stone features treatment variations from no oil, minor, moderate, and significant. Research well and check for each of these treatment specifications. This will help you understand the price difference between natural and treated gemstones. 

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Buying gemstones online is a great experience if you have done your research well. These tips will help you buy precious and semi-precious gems without any hassle. At Navratan, we sell high-quality gems. We have certified gemstones and have the safest mode of transaction. Our online platform is easy to browse making us one of the best online websites in India. 

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