Type of Treatment Used on Rubies and Sapphires

Posted on June 12th, 2023 05:54 PM

In the world of jewelry, rubies, and sapphires constitute some of the most beautiful and prized gemstones. Individuals remain enthralled by their eternal appeal and fascinating background for ages. Discovering why rubies gemstone and blues are so unique will take us deep into the intriguing world of gemstones.

Rubies are prized across time and are frequently linked to passion, love, or strength because of their appealing red colors. They are known as "The King of Gemstones," having adorned magnificent crowns and jewels in addition to adorning princely clothing. Chromium, which lends rubies their bright and brilliant color, is responsible for the strong red hue. Rubies are a wonderful option for bridal bands, engagement presents, or jewelry that stands out since they stand for power, life, and powerful feelings.

While sapphires can occur in a wide range of hues, such as pink, yellow, green, and some colorless varieties, they are best known for their hypnotic coloration. While blue sapphires are more well-known, sapphires in a variety of colors are very beautiful. These gems graced the headdresses and ornaments of times past, and they have profound historical importance. Sapphires are thought to provide peace, inner peace, and mental clarity to individuals who use them because they represent knowledge, loyalty, and cleanliness.

Know about the treatments; What are treatments?

Gemstones are susceptible to treatments, a sort of alteration, to improve their luster and toughness. Like a lot of other minerals, rubies, and sapphires frequently go through numerous processes for improving their curb appeal or increase clarity. The gemstone business accepts these procedures broadly. Rubies and sapphires often get a variety of treatments. 

Heat Treatment: 

ruby heat treatment

Heat treatment is a widely practiced technique in the gemstone industry, specifically for rubies and sapphires, with the goal of enhancing their natural characteristics and overall beauty. This process involves subjecting the gemstones to carefully controlled high temperatures, which induce changes within their gem structure.

Benefits of heat treatment for rubies and sapphires:

The primary purpose of heat treatment is to improve the color of rubies and sapphires. By heating the gemstones at specific temperatures, the treatment intensifies their natural color, making them more vibrant and appealing. Heat therapy effectively eliminates color zoning, which refers to the uneven distribution of color within the stone, resulting in a more uniform and captivating appearance. This process brings out the inherent beauty of the gemstones, showcasing their rich and vibrant hues.

sapphire heat treatment

Furthermore, heat treatment can enhance the clarity of rubies and sapphires. The application of heat helps to reduce or eliminate internal inclusions or flaws, improving their transparency and overall visual appeal. The treatment process can make the gemstones appear clearer and more brilliant, allowing their natural beauty to shine through.

In addition to enhancing the natural color, heat treatment can also modify the color of rubies and sapphires. By carefully controlling the heating process, undesirable hues such as brown or orange tones can be minimized or eliminated, resulting in a more desirable coloration. The treatment also contributes to the stability and durability of rubies and sapphires. This added stability ensures that the gemstones can withstand daily wear and tear, allowing them to retain their beauty for an extended period.

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Moreover, the treatment process expands the possibilities of obtaining gemstones with desirable color and clarity characteristics that may be rare or limited in their natural state. It provides a broader range of options for gemstone enthusiasts and jewelry designers, enabling them to select gemstones with enhanced visual appeal.

This treatment is a valuable technique in the gemstone industry for improving the color, clarity, and overall beauty of rubies and sapphires. It eliminates color zoning, enhances transparency, modifies color, and increases the stability and durability of the gemstones. This process broadens the availability of gemstones with desirable characteristics, offering a wider range of options for gemstone enthusiasts and jewelry designers.

Diffusion Treatment:

sapphire diffusion treatment

This treatment is a process commonly used in the gemstone industry to enhance the color of certain gemstones, including rubies and sapphires. The purpose of diffusion treatment is to create or intensify particular colors within the gemstone, giving it a more vibrant and desirable appearance. This infusion of vibrant hues gives the gemstone a lustrous and vivid appearance, elevating its overall beauty.

Benefits of diffusion treatment for rubies and sapphires:

One of the most important benefits of diffusion treatment is its ability to enhance the gemstones' color. This broadens the spectrum of available colors, allowing for the creation of gemstones with captivating and unique shades that aren't typically found in nature. With diffusion treatment, there are a plethora of color options to choose from, adding diversity and enhancing the beauty of these gemstones.

This treatment also addresses color zoning, which refers to uneven color distribution within the gemstone. By diffusing specific elements into the gemstone's surface, the treatment process creates a more balanced and uniform color throughout. This results in gemstones that exhibit a visually appealing appearance with a harmonious color distribution.

The enhanced color and improved visual appeal of diffusion-treated gemstones make them highly desirable among gem lovers and enthusiasts. The treatment process adds value to these gemstones, reflecting the craftsmanship and investment required to achieve their vibrant colors.

Moreover, diffusion-treated rubies and sapphires maintain their beauty over time, as the treatment ensures resistance to fading or changes that can occur with natural gemstones. By modifying the color of rubies and sapphires, diffusion treatment expands the market's offerings, providing a wider variety of vibrant and distinctive gemstones.

Irradiation Treatment: 

Irradiation treatment has emerged as a prominent technique in the gemstone industry for enhancing the color and charm of rubies and sapphires. By subjecting these precious gemstones to controlled levels of radiation, significant changes occur within their stones, resulting in stunning transformations.

How irradiation treatment can impact rubies and sapphires and explore the numerous benefits it offers;

One of the climactic benefits of irradiation treatment is its exceptional capability to improve the coloring of rubies and sapphires. The treatment process can intensify the existing color or even introduce entirely new shades, making the gemstones more visually striking and desirable. This color enhancement opens up a world of possibilities, allowing gemstone enthusiasts and jewelry designers to work with a broader spectrum of fascinating colors.

The treatment can also create gemstones with unique color variations that are rare or even nonexistent in their natural state. By enhancing the color through irradiation, previously less sought-after gemstones can be transformed into exceptional and highly coveted pieces. The scarcity of these irradiated gemstones contributes to their increased value, making them popular with gem lovers and jewelry connoisseurs alike.

ruby lead glass treatment

Another significant benefit of this treatment is its impact on the stability and durability of rubies and sapphires. This added stability ensures that the irradiated gemstones can withstand the rigors of everyday wear while maintaining their enhanced beauty and color.

The versatility afforded by the treatment allows jewelry designers to explore new realms of creativity. The range of vibrant colors achieved through this treatment method opens up possibilities for unique and stunning designs. Whether used as center stones or accent pieces, irradiated rubies and sapphires offer endless design opportunities, allowing for the creation of truly one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that stand out in the crowd.

Additionally, irradiation treatment is often used on gemstones that are already mined, reducing the need for additional mining activities and their associated environmental impacts.

Fracture Filling: 

fracture filling in ruby sapphire

Fracture-filling methods have been developed in the gemstone industry to improve the durability and aesthetic appeal of rubies and sapphires. These techniques entail treating the precious stones through the application of certain materials to fill holes and underlying cracks.

Rubies and sapphires often contain internal fractures or cavities that can affect their visual appeal. By carefully filling these imperfections with appropriate materials, such as lead glass or epoxy resin, the clarity of the gemstones is significantly improved.

How is fracture filling beneficial for rubies and sapphires?

The filling material helps to minimize the visibility of fractures, making the gemstones appear clearer and more transparent to the naked eye. This enhancement in clarity can greatly enhance the overall beauty and value of the gemstones.

The choice of filling treatment can be used to alter or intensify the gemstones' color, providing a more desirable appearance. In some cases, it may include trace elements that interact with the gemstone's structure, enhancing its natural color or introducing new dyes.

The filling material helps to strengthen the gemstones, providing additional support to areas that may be weakened by internal fractures. This reinforcement makes the gemstones more resistant to potential damage and less susceptible to further cracking or breakage. As a result, fracture-filled rubies and sapphires can withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring their longevity and allowing them to be enjoyed for years to come.

Gemstones that have undergone these treatments often exhibit improved clarity, color, and durability, which are highly desirable qualities. Ultimately, these techniques allow us to appreciate the beauty of rubies and sapphires while ensuring their longevity and enjoyment for generations to come.


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