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Posted on December 12th, 2023 01:01 PM

Gemstones have always had a unique way of speaking to the wearer. More so when you speak of the precious ones. Whether you crush over their colorful aesthetics or are fascinated by the astrological powers that they hold, they certainly have given the world a list of reasons to go all gaga over them. But ever wondered where these colorful sparklers even come from?

Well here and there, we have always heard the tales of their years-long formation inside Gem Mines. But as intriguing as it sounds, that’s an area we haven’t explored much. No worries! We’re here to acquaint you with the best Gem Mines of Certified Gemstones out there. Hop on to discover the story of these colorful beauties!

But firstly, What are Certified Gemstones?

Keeping the long story short, Certified Gemstones are gemstones that have officially been acknowledged for their authenticity, origin, & quality by a licensed gemological laboratory. The Certificate serves as the paper proof of that. Some gemstone certificates that you can blindly trust are issued by GIA, IGI, AGS, GRS, etc.

Now that you know Certified Gemstones, it seems like the perfect time to discuss where the best ones- right from ruby to Original Blue Sapphire Stones

Origin(Mines) of Precious Gemstones: The Hotspot Gem Mines


Mogok Mine

The most desirable rubies that you’ll ever witness are born here- in the Mogok Mines of Myanmar.  Some even (rightfully) regard it as ‘The Valley of Rubies.’ It finds its roots in the Mandalay region, located in the Shan State of Myanmar. What sets these Burmese rubies apart from those home to other Ruby Stone Mines is their extremely saturated, blood-red colour (which is a beautiful by-product of the rich presence of chromium in this gem). If that wasn’t enough, Mogok is abundantly rich in rubies. To such an extent that locals often stumble upon them in the grass.

Sri Lankan Mine

 How could Sri Lanka not make it to the list? It is hands down, one of the world’s top Gem Mines that is home to about 75 varieties of precious and semi-precious stones. Ratnapura (a city in Sri Lanka) has even been entitled as ‘the City of Gems’ in honor.  Ceylon Sapphires that are coveted for their Cornflower blue (i.e., mid-blue) hue owe their existence to these world-famous Blue Sapphire Stone Mines. Not just that, Sri Lanka is also a primary hub for the mining of Pukhraj gemtone.

Colombian Mine 

If you wish to get your hands on the finest emerald stone, go for the one mined in Colombia. It’s been the hub for emerald mining for as long as 500 years. Muzo, Coscuez, and Chivor are the three most prominent Emerald Stone Mines in Columbia. And for all the right reasons. You’ll witness some vibrant green, high-clarity Emeralds in these mines (which is extraordinary for a stone that is otherwise famous for boasting many inclusions).

Mozambique Mine

Mogok may be home to a large number of Rubies but it is the Montepuez mine of Mozambique in Africa that steals the bigger piece of the cake when we speak of the oldest Gem Mines out there for Ruby stone. You’d be surprised to note that it boasts Rubies that are as old as 500 million years.

Kashmir Mine

Kashmir is another proud producer of the finest quality Blue Sapphire Stone out there. Kashmir Sapphires are valued beyond any comparisons as a result of which they have also been entitled as one of the rarest Blue Sapphires out there. They stand out for their bright, intense blue hue. The Zanskar range in a deserted part of the Himalayan mountains is the famous Blue Sapphire Stone Mine which these blue beauties owe their existence to.

Now that we have introduced you to some of the most famous gem mines out there, it’s important to note that the list doesn’t end here. Emerald Gem Mines in Zambia, the Minas Gerai Mine of Brazil, and the famous Afghanistani Mines, etc. are also not far behind in gifting some of the finest gemstone treasures to the world.

Parting Note

As much as we treasure our favourite gemstones, it’s equally important for us to honour their roots. Consider this blog as an attempt at that. We have mapped some of the world-famous certified Gem Mines here. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have been gifted with these colourful sparklers and the wonderful astrological powers that they bring along. From the mines that are home to the best rubies and emeralds to blue and Yellow Sapphire Stone Mines, we have delved deeper into them all and more. Thank you for staying with us right till the end! We’d back with more of such informative blogs.



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