How to Wear a Panna Stone

Posted on June 8th, 2021 04:09 PM

The lush green-colored elegant emerald is an extremely premium gemstone of the Navratna family. It is renowned by the name ‘Panna Stone’ in Hindi. However, the original name is believed to be driven out of a Greek word ‘Smaragdus’ that denotes the very gorgeous green hue. Today as we live in a digital era, we have endless options to buy gemstones online, so to buy Panna online too. Owing to the dazzling beauty, Emeralds are highly admired in the community of gem lovers and hence are a part of ‘The Big Three’ gemstones Along with Rich Red Rubies and Stunning Sapphires

           Since ancient times, this epitome of true elegance has been adored and worn not only for its mesmerizing beauty but also for the supernatural powers it carries alongside. From an astrological or Jyotish perspective, it is the gem of planet Mercury, that symbolizes being evocative, impartial, delightful, and youthful. Henceforth, the natives of this very first planet of the universe, especially the ascendants of the Gemini zodiac sign, can avail maximum benefits out of this gemstone. Panna Ratan is counted among ‘Pancha Ratna’, which are the great five gems in Indian jargon.

Real Emeralds are famous for delivering wisdom and the power of good communication to their wearer, but only when worn in the rightly prescribed manner. So here we are going to see the Vedic procedure of wearing a Panna or Emerald gemstone in detail. 


In order to ensure the best and the maximum benefits from a Real Panna Ring, it is extremely important to wear an emerald of good quality and in the correct way. So it is highly recommended to always buy a certified Panna (Emerald) stone. Let us have a glance at some of the key points that determine the quality of an emerald gemstone. 


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When it comes to the quality of any gemstone, its origin plays a vital role, besides the 4 c’s, i.e., cut,  color, clarity, and carat weight. The same is the case with Panna. To avail the best results, astrologers recommend wearing of a bright green colored Emerald gemstone with less or no inclusions. However, you can also in lighter or darker shades as per your budget and choice but make sure that you are owning a natural unheated Panna gem because they are said to be most beneficial. 


Any gemstone performs at its best level only when it is worn with the correct carat weight. In general, astrologers recommend the weight of your gemstone, however, you yourself can also determine wearing it. The correct stone weight depends on the total weight of the wearer's body. It should be at least 12th of your total weight. For example, if you are having 60 kgs of weight, then you should wear a minimum of 5 carats of emerald stone or Panna ratan in your ring. 


For the best astrological results, yellow gold is considered the best to be paired with a Natural Panna Ratan. However, there is no such boundation, you can alternatively go for any other metal such as White Gold, Silver, Platinum, Brass or Panchdhatu, but only after due consultation from a learned astrologer. 


To gain the desired personal and professional benefits, one should wear his or her Panna Ring on the little or ring finger of the right or working hand. Though, if you are wearing this stone merely for the astrological purpose or upon an astrologer’s suggestion, and not for fashion and styling, then make certain that this Panna stone is in direct touch with your skin. 


Natural Panna is said to be the stone of Mercury (Budh Grah) and is at its best on Wednesday. Therefore, astrologers suggest wearing of Panna or Emerald jewelry on Wednesday, after sunrise, for performing the best results. 


Here comes the most vital part of the procedure of wearing a Panna gemstone i.e., purification and activation. Prior to ultimately reaching in your hands, a gemstone passes through various other hands and touches. So to remove all the lying impurities and get rid of any negatives thereby, it is actually vital to purify it before eventually wearing it. 


Place your Panna stone or its jewelry in a clean metal bowl. Fill the bowl with a holy Gangajal and raw cow milk. Now dip the stone or your Real Panna Ring in this solution for 10 to 30 minutes. Far ahead of the said time period, take out the stone and clean it with regular clean water. Wipe it off carefully with a soft piece of clean cloth and energize it.


Without activation, a gemstone does not deliver that many favorable results as much as we desire. So if you want to avail the utmost astrological benefits out of your Natural Emerald Gemstone, you should activate and energize it before wearing it. Since the emerald is ruled by the planet Mercury or Lord Budha, in order to activate the emerald jewelry, place the cleaned stone or ring on a clean green piece of cloth and worship Lord Budha so that it bestows you with all its blessings and positive energies upon wearing the stone. Chant the auspicious Budha mantra ‘Om Budhaye Namha’ or ऊँ बुधाय नमः for 108 times and then wear your Natural Emerald Ring or any other jewelry made of real emeralds. 

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To grab the maximum astrological advantages, it is highly recommended to wear an original piece of unheated untreated panna gemstone, making sure that the stone is directly touching the skin of the body. Despite the above-mentioned Vedic procedures, it is always prudent to consult an expert astrologer before wearing any gemstone. 

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