Is Wearing a Cracked Gemstone Right?

Posted on March 8th, 2024 03:36 PM

Gemstones whether precious or non-precious possess a great value in both Vedic and Western astrology. They harness cosmic energy that radiates around the wearer and brings desired results. Wear a natural stone if you want to add maximum benefits to your life. Original gemstones mean it should have a brilliant color and clarity. Moreover, it should not be cracked, chipped, or broken in any of the ways. 

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What are the possible reasons for gemstone cracks?

  • During rigorous physical activity such as while hitting the gym 
  • Some gemstones are low on the hardness scale such as opal stone and are susceptible to break.
  • Temperature change impacts the stone's physical strength and it may crack. For instance, opals and ammolite crack due to evaporation of water. In extreme temperature changes, moonstone and labradorite can crack.  
  • Gemstones like emeralds have fractures and fissures and they often tend to break. 

Can I wear a cracked gemstone?

5 ways to spot a cracked gemstone

No, you cannot wear a cracked, chipped, or broken gemstone for astrological purposes. This is because original gemstones comprise vibrational energy that helps you gain benefits such as good health, wealth, prosperity, and success. An astrological gem with a smooth surface and edges resonates the energy within the entire stone which is ultimately transferred to the wearer. 

This energy flow is not constant in a cracked or broken gem and hence is useless for any of the astrological benefits. One should avoid wearing a cracked gemstone even if it is precious or semi-precious. Special attention should be given to the following natural gemstones, because they can impact one negatively. 

Never wear a cracked Emerald

Green emerald is a precious stone that benefits the wearer with increased focus, creativity, prosperity, and new beginnings. This green gemstone harnesses the energy of the planet Mercury. A cracked emerald will disrupt the energy flow eliminating the desired benefits. 

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A cracked ruby gemstone should be avoided at all cost

Ruby gemstone ranks perfect on the Mohs scale of hardness. But in case it is broken don't wear it. The benefits of the original ruby stone include offering the individual success, wealth, passion, energy, and courage. Wearing a cracked gemstone like ruby hampers its vibrational energy thus providing the wearer with no results. 

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There is no point in wearing a cracked neelam stone

Neelam or blue sapphire is connected with the planet Saturn. It is a powerful stone that nullifies the malefic effects of Shani or Saturn. Wearing a cracked gemstone like neelam brings negative effects to an individual. Even if it is a natural stone and is cracked or chipped from any end do not wear it. This is because it can lead to severe consequences. 

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What to do with a cracked gemstone?

There can be situations where a stone may crack accidentally and in those times instead of throwing it away, we can use it alternatively. While it may not be helpful astrologically it can enhance your jewelry. Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Use gemstone fragments to create an assembled pendant.
  • Convert a broken gem into different charms and hang it on your bracelet or anklet.
  • If the stone is chipped from the corner ask your jeweler to remove that portion and you can further use it as a pendant or focus point of your bracelet. 
  • Incorporate stone pieces in stud earrings.
  • Visit a professional jeweler who can neatly fix the broken gemstone. You can ask the jeweler to implant this repaired gemstone in a different setting so that the broken part is not visible. Wear it as jewelry for a casual look.

inclusion and cracked

Natural gemstones come with inclusions such as liquid, gaseous, cavities, feathers, and more. Though these are internal but are often confused with cracks. Thus, it is important to know the difference between a cracked gemstone and cracks within the stone. The best way to identify this is to visit a reputed gemologist. A gemologist with special equipment can find out the difference. 

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5 ways to spot a cracked gemstone 

  • Crack is always on the surface. You can easily feel it by a touch.
  • They make the stone weaker and it can broken into multiple parts within a short span. 
  • A cracked stone breaks easily when a stronger force is applied. 
  • You can see thin vertical lines on the surface. 
  • If the crack is deeper it can cause a loss in transparency which can be easily seen. 

Thus, it is important to check for the same when you buy gemstones online. Know things to consider when shopping online

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