Unraveling the Timeless Symbolism: The Significance of Blue Sapphires

Significance of Blue Sapphires
Posted on July 31st, 2023 04:14 PM

The alluring beauty of blue sapphires is unmatched. Various gemstones are available in the market, ranging from red and blue to green. Out of these numerous stones, blue sapphires are the most loved ones gaining immense popularity in the jewelry world. Talk about its history, the mesmerizing color that has inspired it to be a royal gem or the mystical power it holds; blue sapphire stones have marked their position in the timeless treasures. 

History and Origin of Sapphires

Before embarking on the sapphire significance journey, let's first find out the history and origin of Blue sapphire stones. This beautiful blue-colored gemstone has 

been popular since the Middle Ages. One of the corundum family members, blue sapphire gemstones, is formed in metamorphosed crystalline limestones and other metamorphic or igneous rocks. 

Apart from this, these stones are also found in alluvial deposits. Sapphires rank perfectly on the Mohs hardness scale and are thus highly prized. Owing to their fair hardness, they are preferably used in jewelry collections. The history of sapphire is dated back to ancient times, when these stones were considered one of the popular and greatest gemstones. As per the Persian lore, this amazing blue colored gemstone was believed to be a reflection of the sky. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed these gemstones possessed mystical and amazing powers. Sapphires have been the most recognized gemstones in the past and continue to be.

Mohs hardness scale

There are many locations where these breathtaking stones are found. For instance, Ceylon ( Sri Lanka) is the leading producer of the finest quality blue sapphires. The high-quality Royal Blue Sapphire stones are found in Burma(Myanmar). Kashmir sapphires are exceptionally fine quality stones reflecting their 'velvety hue' for which they are famous. 

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These sapphires are priced for their irresistible hue. Other than this, sapphires are also found in Thailand, Australia, Madagascar, Tanzania, the USA and more. 

The sapphire price is also characterized by its origin, and most of these gems have been part of royal families. 

Sapphire Elegance: Gemstone of Royalty and Romance 

Sapphires have been associated with wisdom, divinity, power and royalty. The much famous and well-known example is the sapphire engagement ring of Princess Diana. This beautiful Sri Lankan blue sapphire ring, a symbol of love and loyalty, the inherited legacy is beautifully carried by Kate Middleton.

 The Imperial State Crown, the Prince Albert Brooch, and the Sapphire Chrysanthemum brooch are just a few; many other collections in the British royal family celebrate the charm of the blue-hued gemstones. The other royal families that sported or possessed these heirloom sapphires include those from Sweden, France and more. Whether a gift token, expression of love, respect, power or strength, blue-colored sapphire stones have always hit the list.  

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Sapphires in Various Cultures

Sapphire gemstones have different meanings in various cultures. Celestial blue sapphires have been associated with the planet Venus.

Blue sapphire with venus planet

These amazing gemstones activate the throat chakra. This gemstone was associated with royalty and was traditionally believed to attract wealth and protect individuals from harm. 

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The powerful blue stone has been referred to as restoring harmony, love and peace. In many ancient cultures, sapphire stones were known for curing many ailments, being an antidote to poison, healing eye-related diseases or strengthening the wearer's health. The cultures and civilizations from the Medieval Era believed blue sapphires to contain astringent properties that healed people from certain eye conditions.  

The Enchanting Blue Color of the Stone 

The enchanting allure of the blue sapphires is due to its impressive hue. The blue color of the stone is due to the presence of titanium in trace amounts. The sapphire colors other than blue are due to the presence of trace elements like iron and chromium. The different colors of sapphire also hold relevance. For instance, the blue variety of sapphire is linked with wisdom, royalty and divinity, whereas pink sapphires symbolize compassion and love. 

Significance of the Royal Gems 

Apart from the captivating beauty of the gemstone, each of the sapphires holds various meanings and symbolism. Focusing on sapphires, the impressive blue color holds significance in many cultures relating it to heaven and spiritual guidance. Additionally, these amazing blue sapphire stones emotional benefits

Blue sapphire stone

Blue sapphire gemstones help individuals heal emotionally, such as ease from depression and anxiety. The stones help in personal development, enhancing mental clarity and positivity. The stone is helpful in physical healing, such as throat and eye related issues. This powerful gemstone enhances intuition and stimulates the third eye chakra. The spiritual meaning of blue sapphire indicates faith and trust in divine powers. 

Astrological Significance of Neelam Stone 

Blue sapphire holds the ninth position of the Navratna gemstones. The natural blue sapphire stone is associated with the planet Saturn. Saturn is the god of discipline, patience and perseverance, and those who wish to please him can wear the natural Neelam gemstone. 

This will help the wearer to gain wealth and prosperity. Apart from this, the stone helps improve one's decision power. Blue Sapphire jewelry is in trend nowadays, a thoughtful gift symbolizing love and loyalty for special occasions like anniversaries, weddings and birthdays. For gaining maximum astrological benefits, wearing blue sapphire stone in metals like platinum, gold, silver, or panchdhatu is advisable.

Moreover, the gemstone should be natural and have optimum carat weight (blue sapphire 4 or 5 carat or ratti is advisable). Navratan, the online gem bazaar, is the one-stop destination to find certified natural gemstones with perfect clarity, color and desired carat weight. Not only blue sapphires, but Navratan also has a wide collection of 'fancy sapphires.' 

Blue sapphire gemstones, astrologically, are one of the most powerful gemstones. Besides the many benefits it caters to, the mesmerizing hue is the most appealing factor that makes this stone a royal gem. The obsession with these blue-colored gemstones has not faded with time; in fact, their beauty and mystic powers are being admired by people worldwide. 

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