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Posted on July 27th, 2021 03:33 PM

Royal blue has been a symbol of royalty over the centuries. The stunning blue color of a genuine Neelam gemstone is always a magnet for focus. The ancient Greeks of Judeo-Christian culture admired natural Neelam Ratan, also known as blue sapphire stone, for its stunning beauty, cosmic power, and amazing healing qualities.

Over the years, it's been considered an indicator of good well-being, happiness, wealth, and luck. In addition to the amazing sparkle, the gemstone of blue sapphire can bring spiritual wisdom, peace of mind, heavenly dreams, and prosperity to the mood of its wearer. Thanks to its positive energy and celestial rays, Blue sapphire works as a shield, securing the wearer from various ailments and tense circumstances. Find out how this signpost of confidence and tranquility can assist with bringing calm to the mind, even in the most challenging situations.

Liquidates Confusions

Neelam is there to help you when you have numerous issues tangled up in your professional and personal lives and encounter problems across all paths. There are moments when anxiety can cloud our vision and our decisions. If this is the case, it is essential to eliminate all confusion from your brain and settle down, regardless of having to make a quick decision. This is where a blue sapphire gemstone can assist you in clearing all uncertainty and confusion and providing the mind with a state of clarity that allows you to see any issue within your life from a positive and clear viewpoint. Thanks to this stone, you'll be confident to stand up and do what's right, whatever the road may seem or how difficult it is. In the face of any obstacles, it will help to choose the correct path and ensure the work is legal and ethical

Provides Positivity

Since Blue sapphire is associated with the planet Saturn it not just protects you from the evil eye of Lord Shani but also bestows you with the blessings of this Karmic God. Therefore, Vedic astrology prescribes this gem to ensure positivity around you. After wearing it, you will notice a remarkable shift in your perception and decision-making power. Even under distress, owning of Natural Blue Sapphire (Neelam) assists you to find your way with a strong conscience. Those who are in an immediate surge of positivity in their surroundings and confidence inside out should give it a try wearing blue sapphire. This stone emits power and positivity in any worse situation. 

Ejects Fears

One of the renowned benefits of wearing a Neelam, aka, a blue sapphire gem on your mental health is that it discharges your irrational inner dreads and anxieties. Astrologers recommend wearing of Natural Neelam stone to control any unknown or impulsive fears in your mind. As it includes the ability to mark a grab on excessive anger issues; for those who have a tendency to lose their temper shortly, blue sapphire is highly recommended. By removing your inner stress, this blue beauty calms your mind enough to judge every situation right. When you have no misconceptions and irrational worries in your mind, you attain intuition and lightness in your mind and enjoy satisfaction in your heart.

Fix Emotional Detachment

If you're in an unhealthy relationship or one that is toxic, you should quit the relationship. On the other hand, if you are deeply in love with a person who genuinely loves their presence and values the value of your presence, wearing Neelam will help maintain a healthy relationship that is more affectionate and respectful. No signs of emotions can harm your relationship when you wear this stone, and even if there are some, this mystical stone will help you overcome these issues with greater confidence and joy. Blue sapphires: don't let flaws ruin the love of your life. If you're drowning in conflicting emotions, Neelam Ratan can help you understand the root of the issue, solve the issue, and gain better judgment.

blue sapphire gemstone

Develops Patience

It is important to have a patient approach to success in life. However difficult your situation is, the odds are that it will pass. The only thing you have to do is try your best and remain faithful. Positive blue vibrations from this gemstone carry the energies of the sea and the sky. The clear, light blue sapphire can help you overcome doubts and build patience. So, if you are in a position that demands large numbers of patients, count on the Neelam gemstone. It boosts your sense of empathy and discretion and gives you an ideal perspective on your life. Neelam is considered the September birthstone therefore, if you're born on September 1st, you can wear this stone and benefit from its incredible healing properties when you consult a reputable psychic.

Add to Spiritual Astuteness

Spirituality is among the most valued gifts that a person can acquire. Through stimulating the third eye chakra, The blue sapphire stone increases your visions of the psychic and enhances your awareness. In a way, it transforms negative energies. Its blue rays are highly effective in bringing about the positive aspects of contemplation, peace, tranquility, intuition, and spiritual understanding in your life. This stone is a great way to improve your thoughts and help you cultivate the positive vibes of happiness. In addition to bringing peace and tranquility to your thoughts, An unheated Neelam stone is also thought to benefit your body's physical well-being. It purifies and rejuvenates the complexion of those who wear it. Choosing the blue sapphire in its original form is best to reap maximum advantages.

blue sapphire stone

Buy Blue Sapphire Online 

If you are looking to buy genuine gemstones, consider four main factors within the world that make distinctions in the quality of any gemstone. The four elements include cut, clarity, color, and weight in carats. If you are buying a gem, it is recommended that you request a laboratory-tested proof of authenticity to verify its genuineness and source. If you are buying blue sapphires, you must choose a blue gemstone with a moderate shade that is clean and clear. It should also have a faceted cut with the appropriate weight for the most beneficial astrological outcomes. If it's about its origins, Kashmir Sapphire is one of the most sought-after.

Nothing is more fulfilling and serene than living happily without guilt and grief. Blue Sapphire is here to help.

But it takes much work to locate a real blue Sapphire stone within the field of gemstones in a world where you can find countless available artificial and treated gems. After you've consulted with an experienced astrologer and identified your ideal gemstone, choose to buy your gemstones online through a reliable retailer of gemstones like Navratan, an online gemstone bazaar. You can find the largest selection of genuine neelam stones online and authentic certificates issued by the most trusted gemstone labs, including GRS, GIA, IGI, and Gubelin. In addition to safe and secure worldwide shipping and a simple return policy with no questions asked, Happy buying!

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