Blue Sapphire:- Fetch Peace of Mind

Posted on July 27th, 2021 03:33 PM

Royal blue has always been the symbol of royalty for centuries. The mesmerizing blue beauty of a Real Neelam stone never fails to grab the attention of your mind. From Greeks to Judeo-Christian cultures, a natural Neelam Ratan or blue sapphire gem has not only been recognized for its charismatic beauty but also for its cosmic powers and amazing healing properties. 

          For ages, it has been regarded as a bearer of sound health, wealth, contentment, and good fortune in one’s life. Besides the stunning luster, the wearing of a natural blue sapphire stone brings spiritual insights, peace of mind, heavenly hopes, calmness, and prosperity to the ambiance of its wearer. With its positive celestial vibes, the blue sapphire acts as a talisman and protects its owner from several ailments and turbulent situations. Let us find below how this harbinger of faith and calm assists you to bring peace of mind even amid the toughest times. 

Liquidates Confusions

When you have too many problems tangled in your personal and professional life and find difficulties on all your paths, then Neelam comes to your rescue. There are certain times in our lives when confusions tend to impede our perspectives and decisions. In such a situation, you need to remove chaos from your mind and calm down, despite making any hasty decisions. That’s where a blue sapphire stone helps you by eliminating all sorts of confusion and doubts and bringing mental clarity so that you see every problem of your life with a fresh and positive perspective. No matter how tough the path is, with the help of this gemstone, you will never falter to stand for the right. Instead of all the challenges, it aids you to choose the right direction and do what is required to be done legally and ethically. 

Provides Positivity

Since Blue sapphire is associated with the planet Saturn it not just protects you from the evil eye of Lord Shani but also bestows you with the blessings of this Karmic God. Therefore, Vedic astrology prescribes this gem to ensure positivity around you. After wearing it, you will notice a remarkable shift in your perception and decision-making power. Even under distress, owning of Natural Blue Sapphire (Neelam) assists you to find your way with a strong conscience. Those who are in an immediate surge of positivity in their surroundings and confidence inside out should give it a try wearing blue sapphire. This stone emits power and positivity in any worse situation. 

Ejects Fears

One of the renowned benefits of wearing a Neelam, aka, a blue sapphire gem on your mental health is that it discharges your irrational inner dreads and anxieties. Astrologers recommend wearing of Natural Neelam stone to control any unknown or impulsive fears in your mind. As it includes the ability to mark a grab on excessive anger issues; for those who have a tendency to lose their temper shortly, blue sapphire is highly recommended. By removing your inner stress, this blue beauty calms your mind enough to judge every situation right. When you have no misconceptions and irrational worries in your mind, you attain intuition and lightness in your mind and enjoy satisfaction in your heart.

Fix Emotional Detachment

If you are suffering from an unhealthy or toxic relationship, it is simply advisable to get out of it every time. However, on the other hand, if you are in a deep relationship with someone who truly loves your presence and cherishes your value, wearing Neelam can help to maintain such a healthy bond with more affection and respect. In general, there occurs no emotional detachments to ruin your relationship after wearing this gem, and even if there arise any, this supernatural stone helps you to overcome all such issues with more reliance and relish. A blue sapphire doesn’t easily allow any flaws to drain your love life. So if you are swimming in conflicting emotions, a Neelam Ratan will assist you to understand the depth of the problem to resolve and come up with better judgment. 

Develops Patience

Patients are the key to every success in one’s life. No matter how tough the time is, it will surely pass. All you need to do is make best efforts and keep patient. The affirmative blue vibes of this sapphire carries the color energy of the vast sea and the sky. A clear light blue sapphire aids you to reconcile your misgivings and develop the desired amount of patience. Thus, whenever you find yourself in a position where high patients are required, rely upon a Neelam gem. It enhances your inner compassion and discretion and delivers you with a right perspective towards life. Neelam is regarded as the birthstone of September month so if you are born in the month of September you can wear this bluestone and avail of its amazing healing benefits after consulting a learned astrologer. 

Add to Spiritual Astuteness

Spirituality is one of the most appreciated gifts that a person may have. By stimulating the third-eye chakra of an individual, the blue sapphire stone builds up your psychic visions and improves your inner awareness. By transmuting the negative energies, its blue rays are considered extremely effective to bring a wind element of positive introspection, prosperity, serenity, intuition, and spiritual perceptions in your surroundings. It works wonders to strengthen your mind and inculcate the vibes of contentment. Together with providing peace and calmness to your mind, an unheated Neelam stone is also believed to be beneficial for your physical health. It cleanses and rejuvenates the skin of its wearer. In order to avail utmost advantages, always opt for wearing a blue sapphire in its natural form. 

Buy Blue Sapphire Online 

When you are looking out to purchase genuine gems, you should certainly know that there are four key factors that in the gemstone world that make a difference to the quality of any colored stone. These four factors are cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. While buying any piece of gemstone, you should always ask for a lab tested certificate of authenticity to determine its authentic quality and origin. In case of blue sapphire, you should prefer for a vivid blue color gem with medium hue in an eye-clean surface and faceted cut with the right weight in order to avail best astrological results. When it comes to the origin, Kashmir Neelam is the most desired one. 

                     There can be nothing more rewarding and peaceful than a cheerful life that has an existence without any grief or guilt. Blue Sapphire helps you here. However, in the world of gemstones, where there are endless synthetic and treated gems in the market, it is quite hard to find a genuine Blue Sapphire stone. So once you have consulted with an expert astrologer and know your right gem, prefer to buy gemstones online from a trusted gemstone seller like Navratan, the online gem Bazar. Here you will get a wide range of authentic Neelam stone online along with authenticity certificates from world’s most trustworthy gemstone testing laboratories such as GRS, GIA, IGI, and Gubelin. Besides a safe worldwide delivery, it facilitates you with a hassle-free return option with no question asked policy. Happy Buying..!!


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