Dazzling Neelam Stone Benefits You Must Know About

Astrological Benefits of Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Stone
Posted on March 16th, 2022 03:08 PM

Vedic science has always held a deep belief in the astrological abilities of colored gems. Owing to its association with the furious planet Saturn aka Shani, the stunning Blue Sapphire gemstone is one of the most prestigious healing crystals. For many individuals, Neelam stone benefits of instant wealth and good health. On the contrary, this miraculous gem also showcases negative effects when worn by the wrong native or in the wrong manner. Thus, it is rightly said to carry the power to make or break one’s life. 

         The magnificent charm of a Blue Sapphire gemstone, popularly known as Neelam Ratna in Hindi, exudes a divine aura that brings positivity and eradicates negativities from one’s living. It is the strongest and fastest-acting gemstone among all the nine astrological or Jyotish gemstones out there. Besides the mystical powers, Original Blue Sapphire is renowned for its strikingly brilliant blue hue, which is why it is widely used in statement pieces of jewelry all around the world. Today in this piece of article, let us study of wearing or carrying a natural blue sapphire stone benefits in detail. 

4 Incredible Neelam Stone Benefits (Blue Sapphire)

1. Unlock Unrevealed Potentials 

In the day-to-day hassles, often people cannot identify their actual abilities. Carrying a real piece of Blue Sapphire empowers them to discover their hidden skills and take them to the greatest heights. Especially, for the individuals engaged in intellectuals and creative professionals such as singing, dancing, medicine, and scientific research, blue sapphire is considered a boon. People rely upon Neelam to fetch success in these areas of operations. Since it is the fastest-acting stone, right after wearing it the owner momentarily experiences tremendous life-changing effects in his or her professional living. So, if you are also among those who are struggling in finding a suitable position as per their caliber or facing problems at their existing job, then the power of a natural blue sapphire is all that you need. 

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2. Acts As An Armor 

In this world is full of anxiety, fear, jealousy, negativities, and insecurities, it is extremely essential to shield oneself. Original Neelam Stone acts as a tremendous protector against all such evil eye effects. When you are on the way to evolution and triumph, many people get desirous and become enemies to the extent of harming you. They even try voodoo, black magic, evil eye, etc to make things go wrong on your path. In such a scenario, Blue Sapphire comes to your rescue. This blue gem bears the potential to nullify the malefic effects on the wearer’s life. It not only creates an aura of protection around its wearer but also strives for them to stay focused on their life goal. 

3. Blesses Fortune And Affluence

A remarkable uprise in financial prosperity is one of the key reasons why people largely prefer wearing blue sapphire Stone. This beautiful September Birthstone toils in a mysterious way to bestow you with wealth and good luck that works in your favor in every adverse situation. Neelam is known to keep good luck with you at all times. Meanwhile, it enables you to be more guided and work harder to thrive the financial success of your desire. So when you work at your utmost capabilities and luck also works in your favor, success is sure to come your way. Neelam always brings you godspeed, providing you are wearing it in the correctly prescribed manner of wearing blue sapphire. By adding the charisma of blue sapphire to your living, you will certainly grow better and faster. 

4. Aid You To Deal With Shani 

In the birth chart of every person, Saturn (Shani) holds a vital position that leads to crucial impacts on the living of this individual. Where a rightly positioned Saturn can bring you immense fame and fortune, on the other hand, a wrongly placed Saturn can lead to several undesired results in your living. The notorious ‘Sade Sati Dash’ can even cause some serious mishaps and unfavorable consequences in the personal, professional, and health life of the native. For those who have a mispositioned Saturn in their house of horoscope, Natural Neelam acts as a lifeboat. According to Vedic astrology, Blue Sapphire is the stone of Saturn. It, not just aids you to deal with the tough period of Sade Sati but also endows you with the godsends of Lord Shani. Real blue sapphire effectively helps to bring Saturn in an ideally favorable position and protects you from the evil eye of Shani. 

Note:- Neelam should never be worn without consulting an expert astrologist because it carries different results based on the planetary position in different birth graphs. So if you are also planning to wear this blue beauty, first visit a learned astrologer along with your birth chart. Be it Neelam or any other member of the Navratna gemstone family, any Vedic stone delivers its utmost results when worn in its natural and purest form. Henceforth, if you are looking out for a blue sapphire gemstone particularly to fetch its astrological advantages, make sure you are buying a real one from a trusted gemstone website or store.

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