Enticing Cat’s Eye Stone Benefits & Side Effects Worth Knowing

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Posted on January 17th, 2023 12:02 PM
Lehsunia stone benefits: A lot has been said and written about the pros and cons of the big 4 goliaths of the gemstone world ( Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby). Enough about them! This blog post completely revolves around the startling benefits and side effects of cat’s eye stone also known as Lehusnia stone in India that you would be thrilled to know about. Cat’s eye stone got its name after its resemblance with the incisive eyes of a cat. In the realm of astrology, this prized gemstone is known for its astronomical healing benefits as well as vicious side effects that can make the life of an individual topsy-turvy in no time. Cat’s eye gemstone is also known by numerous names like Vaiduryam, Lehsunia, and Chrysoberyl. Its quality is greatly influenced by vital factors like color, clarity, cut, carat, weight, and origin.
Wearing this alluring and enigmatic gemstone can reap umpteen benefits that we are going to state first in this blog post. Then we will hop on to the side effects of a cat’s eye stone. Let’s get started!

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Benefits of Cat’s Eye Gemstone:

The flow of Good Luck: This highly rare and deeply revered gemstone is hailed across the world for bringing heaps of good luck in your life if worn under the right guidance and circumstances. Wearing Lehsnuia stone is extremely beneficial for those individuals who are associated with the domains of gambling, betting, and trading.
Physical Healing: Probably the most underrated benefit of this stunning and dazzling gemstone. Many eminent astrologers firmly believe that wearing a Vaiduryam stone can give a major boost to your immune system which ultimately helps to fight numerous deadly physical problems like skin cancer, liver cancer, indigestion, kidney-related problems, etc.
Give Memory Boost: at’s eye stone is believed to give some serious boost to the memory as well as the awareness level of the wearer. If you are suffering from a terrible memory problem, this gemstone can be a game changer for you.
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Stress Buster: Stress is by far the most ignored yet the most diabolical problem that eats up a person slowly and steadily. Stress can induce numerous physical problems which once were non-existent to a person. This revered gemstone can swiftly cut off all mental shackles and give a massive relief to the wearer. It exterminates negativity from the wearer’s life which is the reason behind all the stress.

Eliminates Ketu Dosh from Horoscope: Ketu Dosh is all about the placement of Ketu in the wrong position in an individual’s horoscope. Ketu Dosh can last for several years and can completely annihilate the life of an individual. One of the most amazing benefits of a cat’s eye stone is dwindling the effect of Ketu and nullifying it after a certain period of time. If you are tensed because of the impact of Ketu, the Lehsunia stone is exemplary for you.

Augments Creativity & Intelligence: Creativity can take you to places that you can’t hop on even in your wildest dreams. Fine and razor-sharp intellect can establish you as a revered person in the society. Wearing a cat’s eye stone can bolster your creativity, intelligence, and wit beyond your imagination. With all the creativity and intelligence in the world, you can imbibe your name in the golden pages of the history book.
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Open the Doors of Wealth and Opportunity: Astrologers believe that wearing Cat’s eye gemstones can open the coveted doors of life-changing opportunities as well as increase the flow of true wealth in your life. This stone can also help you to revive a failed business as well as revive lost wealth effortlessly.

Induce Courage: If the fear of the unknown or the fear of failures trembles you, wearing the Lehsunia stone under the guidance of a prominent astrologer can induce immense courage and willpower that will help you to face any situation like a gallant warrior.
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Side Effects of Cat's eye Stone:

1. One of the jolting side effects of embracing a Lehsunia stone is the sudden emergence of problems near the genital area.

2. Wearing a cat’s eye stone can cause physical problems like excessive sweating, nausea, and blood loss.
3. Embracing a Cat’s eye Stone without the guidance of an experienced astrologer can evoke the violent side of your personality that was dormant for a long time.
4. Wearing this beautiful gemstone can also induce pain in your backbone and put immense strain on your major body joints.
5. It can also cause fire or electricity-related accidents.
6. This gemstone can also cause a massive loss in your financial and professional lives and you may have to face a lot of problems while traveling.
7. Embracing Cat’s eye stone can bring all your past issues to the surface in your current relationship and can shake up the great equation you share with your better half.

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