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Posted on January 13th, 2023 03:34 PM

Moonga Stone Benefits: Since time immemorial, the use of gemstones in bolstering the different dwindling aspects of life is prevailing as well as thriving in modern time. Red coral, popularly known as moonga in India, is one of the most revered, alluring, and sought-after gemstones known for its astonishing healing, spiritual, and astrological benefits.
It wouldn’t be wrong to state that red coral wears an invisible and unofficial crown of popularity as it stays quite high in demand all the time. The eye-pleasing luster, spell-binding lush red colors, picture-perfect size, and life-transforming benefits of red coral stones make them one of the most coveted gemstones in the eyes of gemstone lovers.
Red coral stone is deeply and strongly connected with the planet Mars. As told by eminent Astrologers, Mars is a formidable planet and possesses the power to make your life topsy-turvy instantly, be it your relationships, career, education, and other aspects.
Without stretching things further, let’s make you all familiar with the untold and enticing benefits of red coral Gemstone along with its influence on different Zodiac signs. Moreover, to make our readers more aware of all pros and cons of moonga stone, we will also state pivotal questions like “who should wear red coral”, “How to wear red coral”, and the side effects of wearing red coral stone. Let’s get started.

Moonga Stone Benefits:

Wearing a red coral gemstone at the right time and under the supervision of an eminent astrologer can rectify bugging issues and ramp up the quality of your life beyond expectations. It’s high time we must talk about all the major benefits that come up with embracing this gemstone that can smitten anyone.

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1.Red Coral Stone Benefits for Marriage or Relationship:
Non-arguably, the foremost reason the moonga stone is worn is to rectify issues like delay in marriage, stumbling marriage, and other relationship-related issues.
If we take into account the reference of Indian Astrology, Red coral embodies Mars, marriage compatibility, and is principally worn to treat the Manglik Dosh ( a defect that causes a delay in marriage or creates instability in married life). If you are going through such issues, wearing red coral can revitalize your tumultuous married life or can help you to find the right match by treating the Manglik Dosh.

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2.Boost Physical Health: As the saying goes, “Health is an invisible crown which only an ill person can see on the head of a healthy person.” Nothing feels subtle in life and no desire arises when your physical condition is not to the T.

Supreme-quality red moonga stones are believed to have incredible healing properties and can treat some of the most grave physical issues such as heart-related problems, skin diseases, liver-related issues, tumor, asthma, infertility, and the list go on.
Moreover, if a woman is facing pregnancy and menstrual cycles related problems, wearing red coral stone can heal these issues swiftly and provide much-needed relief. Most prominent astrologers firmly believe that moonga stones (pavalam) enclose enigmatic healing properties that have an immediate positive impact on the health of a person who wears them at the right time.
3.Overcome Challenging Situations: When life gives you rock bottom, it’s up to you whether to get up or stay down and repent. Everyone wants to get back up and rehaul the messed up situations but not everyone has ample courage to do so. Mars planet is vehemently considered as the god of warfare. Therefore, wearing this alluring and robust gemstone can give a major boost to your confidence, induce valor, and suck out all the inferiority complexes that are hampering your personal and professional growth.
Red Moonga stone opens umpteen closed doors of opportunities and sets you on the path of unimaginable opulence and growth by infusing the needed courage and willpower to surpass life obstructions.
4.Brings Spiritual Harmony: One of the untold red coral gemstone benefits is it establishes spiritual harmony and brings the mental peace you crave for. According to Vedic astrology, Red moonga represents the planet Mars and is synonymous with gallant and supremacy.
When you wear a red coral gemstone, you ensure to protect yourself from everything that shakes up your spiritual and emotional balance. It is believed by Astrologers that red Moonga emanates positive energy that destroyed the shackles created by Black energy or negative influences. The more you are in harmony with your true nature, the better you can concentrate and build marvelous things useful for the society.

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5.Red Coral Healing Benefits:
It will take an entire day to state all the exhilarating healing benefits of red coral stone as they are in heaps. Therefore, we will only point out the key healing benefits derived out of wearing red moonga gemstone. 1.According to your horoscope, if you are more prone to accidents, wearing red coral can protect you from severe accidents and pain surgeries.
2.If a woman is suffering from pregnancy complications or intermittent menstural cycles, wearing red coral stone can minize these complications drastically.
3.Wearing red coral can also shields from fatal diseases like measels, small pox, piles, and severe fever.
4.If you are suffering from blood related diseases, nothing can heal your problems and induce vitality to your body better than a red moonga stone.
6.Improves Financial Condition:
Most distinguished astrologers believe that embracing red coral gemstone at the righ time can help to cut down your financial debt by leaps and bounds and bring you on the right financial track. As we all know that a person with sound financial condition is free from most of the worldly problems and the planet Mars also exemplifies the aspects of wealth and property. Wearing red coral gemstone can accentuate your financial condition and draw more wealth and prosperity in your life. You can become even debt-free and get rid of the diabolical cycles of debt for once and all.
However, one should wear the red moonga stone that resonates with their body weight and must be energized before wearing it.

7.Impact on Working Professionals & Students:
Red coral is known to reinvigorate your faltered confidence, channelize energy, boost courage, and carve a new personality that can easily handle any major life obstruction and touch the pinnacle of success.
Working professionals and hard-working students must wear red coral (after consulting an experienced astrologer) to build up confidence, draw financial blessings in their lives, attain laser-like focus, and energize every fiber of their body.
For working professionals, embracing red moonga can help them find new intriguing opportunities, get rid of the unwanted debt, and strengthen the financial conditions immensely. This gemstone is also supposed to bring a perfect balance in your personal and professional lives.
For students, red coral gemstones can help them achieve pin-point focus, protect the mindset from negative influences, and unleash full potential. Moreover, this magical gemstone also helps to develop a flawless and sturdy character that will be hailed and revered highly in an exemplary society.

red coral stone ring

Side Effects of Wearing Red Coral:

Pros and cons are two sides of the a same coin. Anything that comes with numerous pros, also has some cons which are inevitable. Not everyone can embrace red coral stone completely. There are certain Zodaic signs that have to face the negative impact of wearing a red coral gemstone.
1.When worn without the guidance of a prominent astrologer, this stone can have pernicious effects in your life and create mayhem in different aspects.
2.Wearing a synthetic red coral stone can incite anger issues, cause irritation, and develops a violent personality.
3.If you wear red moonga stone below the recommended weight, you may face issues in your married life or in the newly formed relationship.
4.As red coral is a highly vibrant and energetic stone, one should avoid wearing it if the Mars planet is not at the suitable position in your horoscope.

Who Should Wear Red Coral Gemstone? (Moonga Stone) :

One has to dive deep into the realm of Vedic astrology to find out who can wear moonga and under which circumstances one should wear this majestic gemstone. 1.Individuals who are suffering from Maanglik Dosh should wear this stone only under the guidance of an expert astrologer. The weight of the stone as well as the time to wear it matters significantly. 2.Those want to develop a robust and attention-grabbing personality must wear red coral as it develops outrageous confidence, well-power, and revitalize your whole personna. 3.Individuals with Zodiac signs Aries, Scorpio, Pisces, Sagittarius, Leo, & Cancer can wear red coral stone. 4.If you are struggling from hefty financial debt and unable to attain financial freedom by all means, this is the gemstone that can help to cut off all your debts slowly and steadily, and achieved the coveted financial freedom. 5.Students can wear moonga ratna to excel in studies by improving focus, block negative influences, and establish the inner peace. 6.If an individual is unable to establish harmony in his relationship, embracing red coral gemstone can rectify major relationship issues in no time. 7.If umpteen health issues bothers you all the time, now is the best time to wear a sturdy red coral stone and heal skin to liver related issues as well as gynaecological problems effectively.

red coral gold ring

How to Wear Moonga Stone (Red Coral) Properly?

To draw the maximum benefits out of red coral gemstone, you have to adhere to numerous pivotal pointers to avoid any mishap and make the stone wearing procedure hassle-free.
1.Never neglect the weight of the stone. According to Vedic astrology, the ideal weight of the moonga stone should be 1/10th or 1/12th of your bodyweight.
2.The most exemplary time to wear this alluring and powerful ratna is Tuesday and in Anuradha aur Chitra Nakhatras.
3.Red coral gemstone can be worn in a ring, bracelet, or pendant. However, it is ideal to wear it in a ring and energize the stone with the right mantra before wearing.
4.You should never embrace red moonga ratna with any other gemstone unless recommended by an experienced astrologer. Doing this can wreak havoc in your life as the side efforts are catastrophic.
5.The red coral stone should be worn either in copper or in gold metal. You have to wear it in the ring finger of your right hand.
6.It takes months to witness the real impact of this magificent gemstone. Therefore, you should be patient in your approach to witness the miracles of red coral gemstone. Read More: 
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