How to Wear Moonga

How to Wear Moonga
Posted on June 14th, 2021 02:29 PM

Red coral aka Moonga is a beautiful bright red-colored organic gem. Red coral is the stone of ambition, vitality, and physical strength. Contrary to general belief, Real Moonga is not actually a stone. It is not extracted from mines. It is basically an exotic wood, which is formed only in the deep sea by living marine creatures known as coral polyps or Corallium Rubrum scientifically. 

Natural Moonga is a prestigious member of the Navratna family and holds a prominent place in the astrological arena. On the astrological ground, a Moonga stone represents the auspicious planet Mars or Mangal Grah. It is popularly worn to fetch good health, and success in sports, business, politics, and other leadership roles. Listed below are some of the amazing benefits of this miraculous gemstone.

Benefits of Wearing Moonga 

Real red coral is said to be one of the best gemstones for your overall health. Its extraordinary healing powers improve blood circulation and cure serious diseases such as ailments such as cancer, breast cancer, brain tumor, bone marrow, etc. Natural Moonga gemstone is also said to be extremely effective for your mental health. It aids in treating stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental diseases. With the help of a Moonga gem, you get clarity of thoughts and mental peace. In our other piece of article, there are some Amazing Benefits of Wearing Moonga Stone, study in detail the key advantages of wearing this stunning gemstone. 

How to Wear a Red Coral Gemstone Ring

As we all know, any gemstone performs at its best level only when worn through the correctly prescribed Vedic procedure. So if you are also wondering How to Wear a Moonga Stone, here are all your answers. 


Now following the Vedic procedure of wearing the red coral gemstone, let us start with the first thing first, i.e., the quality of your stone, since it makes a huge difference in the quality and amount of results a stone may deliver to its wearer.


In terms of quality, a bright red-colored Moonga gemstone is said to be the best. To ensure maximum astrological results, always choose an unheated Natural Moonga gem, with no heat treatment thereby. Though you can also go for an orangey-red coral of spotless quality and avail yourself of the blessings of Mars.


Vedic astrologers generally suggest the precise weight of a gemstone according to the total body weight of its wearer. In order to avail of the desired astrological benefits out of your Natural Red Coral Gemstone, it is highly advisable to wear a minimum of 1/10th weight of your total body mass (in kg). Stating an example, if you are having 60 kgs of weight presently, you need to wear a Moonga gem of at least 6 carats. 


Silver and yellow gold are endorsed as the most auspicious metal to be paired with a Real Moonga gemstone. While some Indian astrologers also recommend using other metal options like Platinum, White Gold, and Brass or Panchdhatu as an alternative option according to your budget and choice.


Always prefer wearing your Natural Moonga Ring on the ring finger of your right or working hand. While finalizing the design of your Red Coral Ring or any other jewelry made of red coral, take complete care that the stone is directly touching your skin. This direct connection channelizes an aura of cosmic energies and transmits the positive vibes of the planet Mars in the life of its possessor. 


According to astrologers, the early mornings of Tuesday are considered the best time to wear a Moonga Gem. Astrologers also recommend that one should wear it during the Waxing Moon or Shukla Paksha.


To book the desired results in your lifestyle, it is extremely essential to adhere to the right procedure while wearing a Moonga stone ring or any other jewelry. 


Before reaching your hands, be it red coral or any other gemstone, it generally passes through various hands. Therefore, it is quite important to clean and purify a gemstone prior to wearing it so that it gets free from all those outer touches and impurities. In order to begin the purification process of your Moonga gem, place it in a clean metal bowl. Now add some auspicious things such as Tulsi, also known as Indian Basil Leaves, raw cow milk, the holy water of river Ganga, with half a spoon of pure honey. 

             Dip the Red coral stone or your Moonga jewelry into this composition for around 20 - 30 minutes. After the said time period, take out the gem, wash it with regular water, and wipe it off gently with a soft and clean piece of cloth. Via this process, you will eradicate all the impurities and negativities from the stone and empower it to perform at its utmost. 



Merely purification of a gemstone is never enough if you want to avail its maximum benefits. Its energization is equally vital. One needs to energize his or her Moonga stone jewelry before wearing it. After completing the purification process of your red coral jewelry, perform the Vedic rituals for its activation or energization process. Place the clean Moonga Ratan on a fresh cloth and worship Lord Shani by reciting the renowned Shani mantra ‘Om Ang Angarkay Namah’ or ॐ अं अंगारकाय नमः। for 108 times. Now wear your Natural Moonga jewelry to please the planet Shani in your house of the horoscope and avail yourself of its blessings. 

Buy Moonga Stone Online

If you are planning to buy real Moonga gemstone online it is advisable to meet a learned astrologer with your birth chart and see if your house of horoscope allows you to wear it or not. Consequently, connect Navratan, the online gem Bazar for all your gemstone-related requirements. Explore a wide range of Natural Moonga Stone Online at the most reasonable price. Get a certificate of authenticity that ensures premium quality. With worldwide shipping and an easy return facility, enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.

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