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Posted on July 19th, 2021 12:20 PM

Red coral aka Moonga is a natural marine gem that bears mesmerizing beauty with stunning luster and hence holds great desire not only in Indian gemstone lovers but also in the whole wide world. Unlike other gemstones products of the mines such as Manik, Neelam, or Gomed, this auspicious gemstone is not actually a stone, which can be mined from the Earth’s crust, instead, it is a seawater wood that happens under the sea of more than 500 feet. Owing to its amazing cosmic powers and metaphysical values, it has widespread use among the believer of Vedic astrology. 

          Popularly renowned as Moonga Ratan, this reddish-orange colored astral gem carries a high place in western astrology too. It is said to be the gemstone of the planet Mars or the furious Lord Mangal and not only helps an individual in shielding from Mangal Dasha and overcoming all sorts of fear but also boosts self-confidence and makes him or her independent in all perspectives of life. Though red coral is considered one of the most beneficial healing gemstones present out there; it is not equally serviceable to every native. Thus, it should be worn only after duly consulting a learned astrologer. Here in this article let us try to find out if you are compatible with this gem or not. 

Who Can Wear a Red Coral..?

The planet Mars (Mangal) signifies strength, power, courage, and determination. On the account of its association with Mangal Grah, natural red coral is worn to increase self-esteem and fetch vigor, energy, leadership, and independence. 

  • According to Indian Vedic astrology, the Moonga stone is best recommended for Mesh and Vrischik Rashi or Aries and Scorpio sun signs. 

As Mars is believed to be the ruling planet of Aries, Moonga is said to be the life stone for Mesha (मेष) Rashi or Aries Zodiac sign. Especially sportsmen of Aries ascendant must surely wear a Red Coral gem. So if you also belong to the Aries sign, you are highly recommended to wear a Natural Moonga Ring or any other piece of jewelry made of Real Red Coral. It will bring zeal, authority, courage, command, social respect, passion, and good health to you. However, if you are dealing with any health issue such as hypertension and high blood pressure, then you should consult an expert astrologist before wearing it. Similarly, For the Scorpio ascendant, owing a red coral gemstone is considered to be extremely auspicious. It acts as a Raksha Kavach and bestows the wearer with sound health, a good personality, and great decision-making power. 

  • While on the other hand, western astrology, which usually suggests a different Zodiac sign; keeps serendipity here and endorses red coral as the birthstone for the ascendants of the Aries zodiac sign. 

  • Wearing a Real Moonga gemstone is also considered advantageous for the owners of Cancer, Leo, Pisces, and Sagittarius sun signs.

  • Since it is aligned with Mars, this orangish-red gem is strongly suggested to be worn to strengthen a weakly placed Mars in one’s birth and to bring it to a favorable position.


Red Coral (Moonga) is not just known for protecting you from the evil eye of Mangal and diverting you from all sorts of sorcery but it also helps the wearer to escape from accidents and misfortunes. 


  • However, if you are an ascendant of Aquarius, Capricorn, Libra, Gemini, Taurus, or Virgo then you should certainly avoid using this marine product. Otherwise needed or if you desire to attire it as a piece of fashion jewelry, first consult an experienced astrologer along with your birth chart so that he or she can guide you are studying the placement of stars and planets in your house of the horoscope.


How to Wear a Moonga Ratan 

Be it Moonga, Manik, or Moti, every astrological gemstone has its distinct way of wearing. They perform at their best level only when worn by the suitable ascendents and in the right manner at the right time. The same is the rule applicable with Moonga. It delivers the utmost benefits when it suits you, and most importantly when you wear it in its natural form and at the right time. Study the complete Vedic procedure of wearing a Red Coral gemstone in our previous piece of writing as How to Wear Moonga.


Buy Real Moonga Online  

If Red Coral or Moonga gem suits on the astrological ground and you are also amazed by the cosmic powers of this supernatural gem, then you should definitely opt for wearing it. In order to ensure the best results, always prefer wearing a Natural Red Coral stone. You can buy it from any of your local trusteed gemstone stores or from a reliable online website of real gemstones. Irrespective of the place you are buying from, make sure to get a certificate of authenticity from the seller. You can also visit, www.navratan.com and explore the largest Online Gem Bazar at the wholesale price. Besides worldwide shipping, get an easy return facility. Experience the most effortless and hassle-free shopping ever. 

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