Amazing Benefits of Wearing Moonga Stone

Amazing Benefits of Wearing Moonga Stone
Posted on June 15th, 2021 02:47 PM

Moonga Ratan, a symbol of ambition, vitality, and strength, is a prestigious member of the nine Navratna gemstones clan. In the astrological arena, Natural Moonga is owned by the planet Mars or Lord Mangal, which represents courage, determination, and physical strength. Red Coral Gemstone, also known as Moonga Stone, holds various names in various languages and cultures. It is renowned by the name Praval in Sanskrit, Rakta Prabal or Pagadam in Telugu, Majaan or Moringa in Persian, Sahuhochi in Chinese, Taadaa in Burmese, and Bhoumaratna, Angarak Mani, Pravalak, Vidrum, and Sinduja in Indian Hindi language. 

Unlike other Navratna gemstones, this bright red-colored organic gem is not mined or extracted from the earth's crust. Real Moonga is found in the dark part of the deep sea and formed by living gelatinous marine creatures called Coral Polyps, or Corallium rubrum, which generally resemble the colorful underwater plants. Henceforth, scientifically they are not regular stones, instead, they are leafless bushes made of hard Calcium Carbonate. Though they are found in China and Japan too, Italian Moonga is mainly considered to be of the finest quality among all the origins. The reef of Italy sea is said to be the oldest origin of the red coral gemstone. They are also found in India, Italy, France, Algeria, Corsica, Tunisia, Spain, Sicily, and Sardinia. 

Besides the silky smooth texture and stunning beauty, Certified Moonga comes along with several amazing benefits for its possessor. Presenting here are some of the key benefits of wearing the red coral miraculous gem. Let us have a quick glance.

Incredible Benefits of (Red Coral) Moonga 

Provide Success in Leadership Roles –

Red Coral is renowned for providing success in leadership-oriented job roles. With the help of a natural red coral, the wearer gets to refine his or her team management and administrative improvisation skills. Known for inculcating determination and focus, this marine gem is considered best for people working in Police, Army, Sports, Politics, or other professions where high leadership qualities and a great deal of physical and mental stamina are required. 

Moonga, a boon for your health -  

One of the many known benefits of wearing a Red coral gemstone is its amazing effects on your health. When it comes to delivering health benefits, a Real Moonga surpasses almost all gemstones because of its supernatural healing abilities. It boosts your immunity power, strengthens your muscles and bones, and bestows you with a better digestive and circulatory system for the smooth flow of blood. The cosmic energies of a Natural Red Coral gem aid in curing various serious ailments such as cancer, breast cancer, brain tumor, bone marrow, and other blood-related diseases. 

Beneficial in Real Estate Business – 

Alike every other individual, if you want to gain quick but honest wealth, Moonga can be your perfect companion. Vedic astrology mentions the planet Mars as the ‘Bhoomi Karaka’ i.e., the ruler of land, property, and wealth. Thus, wearing Munga stone is said to be excessively profitable for that functioning in mining or oil exploration industries, interior decoration, real estate, or physical asset management businesses. Real Red Coral brings financial stability and strengthens the name, fame, and popularity of its owner. 

Remove Obstacles of Marriage  

According to ancient Vedic science, the Red Coral or moonga gemstone is an auspicious gemstone of Lord Mangal. A poorly placed mars in one’s horoscope can introduce obstacles in his or her marriage. Such native is called Manglik Doshi and this tough situation is termed as Mangal Dosh. To get rid of such a situation and overcome these obstacles, astrologers suggest a person to wear a real red coral gemstone. A certified Moonga is worn to re-correct the malefic position of Mars in someone’s birth chart. 

Cure Mangal Dosha 

Red coral (Moonga) is primarily worn by those ascendants who are going through the toughest phase of mangal dosha in their lives. A Manglik native not only faces serious problems in marriage but also gets a number of big or small struggles at every path of personal and professional life. Here Natural Moonga comes into the picture. A red coral gemstone treats the malefic effects of mispositioned Mars in one’s horoscope and assists the person to fight and become a winner in these life struggles. 

Strengthens Mental Health 

For those suffering from low self-confidence and depression, Red Coral is said to be of great help to them. It is measured as a blessing for your mental, emotional, and psychological health. Besides boosting your confidence level, the extraordinary soothing vibes of this orangish-red gem improve your concentration power and helps you to stay focused and positive during any phase of your life. 

Who Should Wear Red Coral Gemstone

In order to avail of all the above-mentioned advantages, always prefer to buy a certified Moonga gem, as it ensures the originality and quality of the gemstone. Now after reading all the amazing benefits, if you are also wondering who can wear a Moonga stone, let us help you. 

Vedic astrology suggests wearing of Munga ratan by the owners of Aries and Scorpio Zodiac Signs i.e., Mesh or Vrischik Rashi respectively. Similarly, Western astrology endorses red coral as the birthstone for the Aries sun sign. Though, ascendants of Cancer, Leo, Pisces, and Sagittarius can also wear and avail themselves with the advantages of this beautiful red-colored gemstone.
        Astrologers advise wearing a red coral to the natives who have a weakly placed Mars in their house of horoscope. A Natural Moonga stone can bring the Mangal Graha in a favorable position on your horoscopic chart. However, owing to its association with the ferocious planet Mars, Moonga stone is not equally auspicious for everyone. Therefore, it is highly recommended that one should consult a learned astrologer along with his or her birth chart and give it a check whether or not the position of stars and planets prescribe him or her to wear this mystic gemstone. 

To read out the detailed Vedic procedure of wearing Red Coral, visit our previous piece of the blog How to wear Moonga and grab all the required information. 

Buy Real Moonga Online

It is quite apparent that only a natural and unheated Moonga gemstone delivers the maximum desired results. So if you want to avail the best benefits out of your investment, always buy a real red coral stone. Connect  Navratan, the online Gem Bazar and explore the widest range of Natural Moonga Online along with a certificate of authenticity. Red renders the royalty, book one now. 

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