5 Reasons Everyone Is Buying Sapphires For Engagement Ring

Posted on August 21st, 2023 02:59 PM

An engagement ring is a promise to be together for a lifetime. Selecting a token of love for the special day is a cakewalk for a few, while it might be challenging for many. Why not? After all, this piece of adornment not only reflects your love for someone special but is a remembrance forever. These beautiful gemstone jewelry pieces are indeed heirlooms for many. This heirloom jewelry finds worth in loyalty and love to be passed on to generations. Diamonds, the popular gemstones, have long been the ideal choice for gemstone engagement rings. The aura of reflection mesmerizes the onlookers, and the symbolism of being forever- nothing can replace diamonds indeed. For diamond lovers, yes, this is true. But that added pop of color with meaningful symbolism will certainly not be overlooked. Individuals looking for unique engagement rings will find this blog interesting as it explores the preferred gemstones trending for the same. 

Timeless Elegance and History of Sapphire Stone 

Before delving into the preferred gemstone (sapphires in this case) for engagement rings, let's briefly discuss the colored gemstone market. The market value of these gemstones in 2023 is estimated to be US$1.55 billion. It is expected to increase by 4.64 billion by 2033. This anticipated fantastic growth is due to various factors, such as consumers' growing interest in finding something unique in the case of luxury items. Colored gemstones consider all precious and semi-precious stones. It can be analyzed how colored stones are getting popular with time. The fondness for gemstones in jewelry is a familiar start. These breathtaking wonders have been famous since ancient history. This beautiful stone has been the favorite of kings and queens in context to sapphire's stone. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed the blue sapphire stone to be a saviour. The medieval kings adorned sapphire jewelry to protect themselves from harm during wartime. The symbol of love and loyalty, the blue sapphire engagement Princess Diana ring has grabbed a prominent place in history. This iconic sapphire ring is still spreading its charm amongst the family's future generations.

A Spectrum of Captivating Colors: Sapphire stone is not just Blue 

A common myth about sapphires is that it occurs only in blue color. But this is not true, as the stone exhibits a broad spectrum of colors. Pink, purple, orange, and green are just names; you will find your desired color. Star sapphire and color changing sapphire stones are rare and entertaining sapphires that have gained popularity owing to their unique characteristics. The lore of Blue sapphire stones engagement rings has been famous for quite a long. The recent shift in fashion trends has evolved and diversified the taste of many. Even royal dignitaries still show their love for uniqueness when flaunting engagement rings.

Spectrum of Sapphire Captivating Colors

 The stunning engagement ring exhibited by Princess Eugenie from the royal family features a Padparadscha sapphire stone in the center. This beautiful rare stone from the corundum family (sapphires belong to the corundum family) has a captivating hue. One would definitely go for the striking pink-orange color of the stone. The dazzling variety of sapphires adds a glamorous look to the jewelry. A rainbow of colors-what else would one look for than these incredible stones? 

Durability and Symbolism: Neelam stone for Loyalty

Worn by royals, kings, and dignitaries, with splendid colors to flaunt, sapphires are undoubtedly the most desired gemstone for the special occasion. When choosing an engagement ring, one should search for stones that are durable. After all, who won't love to pass on the ultimate stones of beauty to the upcoming generations? Sapphires rank perfect on the Mohs scale of hardness and are thus an ideal choice for engagement or wedding rings. The durability of gemstones means the stone's ability to withstand wear and tear. 

Durability and Symbolism of neelam stone

The perfect hardness of Blue sapphire stone enhances beauty of the ring many folds. Another feature that makes sapphires an ideal choice for engagement rings is their unmatched symbolism. Different sapphires have been associated with diverse symbolism. For instance, the yellow sapphire stone promotes harmony, love, and understanding in relationships. Pink sapphire stone is related to love and beauty. All the sapphires are associated with symbolism that perfectly resembles one's love for the partner. 

Celestial and Mystical Connection: Blue Sapphire stone and Planet Venus 

Why are sapphires the perfect engagement ring? One of the many reasons behind choosing the blue corundum as a special day ring is their connection with planets. Gifting a ring that exhibits a robust collection of various benefits is worth meaningful. 

Celestial and Mystical Connection of blue sapphire

In ancient times, the blue variety of sapphires was associated with the color of the sky, signifying divinity. This amazing blue gemstone is connected with the planet Venus. Sapphire stones harness the energy of the 'third eye.' 

These gemstones channel the energies into positive thinking. The stones attract wealth and bring harmony and understanding between couples. Blue sapphire stone is related to spiritual enlightenment. In Indian culture, sapphires have been linked with astrological benefits. Ancient civilizations used the corundum stones as talismans. The blue variety of sapphires inspires patience, confidence, and trust. 

Value and Customization of Sapphire Stones 

Owing to durability, significance, and celestial connection, the value of gemstones is also one of the reasons for the preference for engagement rings. Diamonds have always been the first preference for unique occasion jewelry. Though, with the advent of lab-created diamonds being another way to invest, the market is driven by colored gemstones. At Navratan, the prices of sapphire stone are based on the 4C's parameters. The more intense the stone's color, the more value it has. Besides this, the origin of the gemstones also matters. The blue sapphire stone price is higher for those sourced from Sri Lanka than those with different bases. Customizing rings is another feature one can go for if searching for unique engagement rings. Choosing the perfect center stone, like the durable and royal blue sapphire stone, for a customized look displays a one-of-a-kind look along with a perfect representation of a unique look. 

To conclude, sapphires are the ideal stones for an engagement ring. These gemstones occur in a broad spectrum of colors and possess fair durability. Apart from being durable, the stone exhibits many benefits and significance, contributing to this unique choice. 

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