How to Wear a Neelam Stone

Posted on June 1st, 2021 11:50 AM

Beautiful Blue sapphire gemstone, also known as the mesmerizing Neelam Ratan in Hindi, is an extremely precious member of the nine Navratna gems family. Owing to the stunning looks and charismatic metaphysical powers, this Sapphire that arises in a variety of blue hues is not only renowned in the global gemstone industry but also widely popular in the astrological arena. This fastest-acting stone comes from the Corundum mineral family. It is also named as Indraneel, Neelamani, Neelam Stone, or Neela Pukhraj.

           However, Neelam is not for everyone. For being such a mystical gemstone, one needs to be exceptionally careful while wearing this gemstone because it is beneficial only when worn in the rightly prescribed manner and if worn wrong in any way, it can lead to adverse results in the life of a wearer. Natural Neelam stone carries extraordinary supernatural powers with it that show the effects very rapidly. Therefore, you should consult an expert astrologer regarding the suitability of the Neelam gem before wearing it.

Today, we are discussing the Vedic procedure of wearing a Neelam (Blue Sapphire) Gemstone but before we begin, let us have a look at some of the key advantages of wearing this beautiful stone in brief. 

Benefits of Wearing a Neelam Stone 

When it comes to delivering health and business benefits, Natural Neelam Stone is considered the most powerful gem. It provides instant success in job projects, business ventures, and independent startups. Neelam Rashi Ratan is best known for strengthening the weakened Saturn and surging fortunes thereby. The blessings of a strongly placed Saturn in your house of horoscope, create abundant opportunities for wealth creation and management. 

            Wearing a Real Neelam stone bestows its owner with a strong mind, robust willpower, and virtuous decision-making skills and makes him or her more focused, determined, and progressive towards his or her work. Henceforth, it is said to be of great help to the professionals working in the sector of law management and the judiciary system. By inculcating reoriented discipline and patience in native’s lifestyle, a Neelam gemstone not only brings professional success but also rewards the person with good health and extended fame. 

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Now following the Vedic procedure of wearing Blue Sapphire, let us start with the first thing first, i.e., the quality of the stone. It makes a huge difference in the quality and amount of results a blue sapphire may deliver.


In terms of quality, bright medium to dark blue colored transparent Neelam gemstones are said to be the best. The quality of the stone increases with an increase in clarity with less or no inclusions. However, along with quality, the price of a gem also rises simultaneously. 

         For the best and desired benefits, always choose an unheated Natural Neelam stone, with no heat treatment thereby. Let’s move on to the other factors to be kept in mind while wearing a Neelam gemstone.


Indian astrologers usually suggest the precise weight of any gemstone according to the total body weight of its possessor. In order to avail of the maximum astrological results of wearing a blue sapphire gemstone, it is highly advisable to wear a Blue Sapphire with a minimum of 1/12th weight of your total body mass (in kg). Stating an example, if you are weighing 60 kgs of weight today, you need to wear a Neelam Stone of at least 5 carats.


SIlver is endorsed as the most auspicious metal to be paired with a Real Neelam gemstone. Where some astrologers recommend using Gold, while on the other hand, some suggest it as a casual pairing with no side effects. Though you can simply go for other metals also for instance, White Gold, Platinum, and Brass or Panchdhatu as per your budget and choice.


Always prefer wearing your Natural Neelam Ring on the middle finger of your right or working hand. While finalizing the design of your blue sapphire ring or any other jewelry, make sure the stone is directly touching your skin. This direct connection channelizes the positive vibes around the life of the wearer and transmits the aura and energies of the planet Saturn. 


According to astrologers, the early mornings of Saturday are considered the best time to wear blue sapphire. One should wear it anytime between 5 a.m. to 7 a.m.


It is quite essential to adhere to the right procedure for wearing a Neelam stone ring or any other jewelry to book the desired results in your lifestyle. 


Before reaching your hands, a gemstone generally passes through different hands. Therefore, it is extremely vital to purify a gemstone prior to wearing it so that it gets rid of all those outer touches. In order to begin the purification process of a Neelam gem, place it in a clean bowl. Now add some auspicious things such as Tulsi or Indian Basil Leaves, raw cow milk, the holy water of river Ganga, and pure honey. 

             Dip the stone or the blue sapphire jewelry into this composition for around 30 minutes. After the said time period, take out the stone, wash it with regular water and wipe it off gently with a soft and clean cloth. This process eradicates all the impurities and negativities from the stone and empowers it to perform at its best. 


The only purification of a gemstone is not enough for availing its desired benefits. Its energization is equally important. One needs to energize his or her Neelam stone jewelry before wearing it. After completing the purification process, perform the rituals of activation or energization process. Place the clean Neelam Ratan on a fresh cloth and worship Lord Shani by reciting the renowned Shani mantra ‘Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah’ or ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नमः। for 108 times. Now wear your Natural Neelam jewelry to please the planet Shani in your house of the horoscope and avail yourself of its blessings. 

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Besides all the above-mentioned points and procedures, it is always judicious to consult an experienced astrologer before wearing a Blue Sapphire or Neelam gemstone. An unheated Blue sapphire provides the utmost and the most amazing results upon wearing. Explore the wide collection of certified Neelam Stones online with Navratan, the online Gem Bazar. Happy Blue Day. 

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