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Posted on January 18th, 2023 06:21 PM

The more we know ourselves, the better we become at making firm decisions in life and improving our focus towards the things we want to achieve. If you are running out of options to control your emotions, then Opal is the gemstone you want in your life.

Original Opal stone the wearer with all the human desires, and its effects bring all their heart desires to its wearer. Known as the 'Queen of Gems', it benefits the wearer in various ways. Its incredible pearly white lustre, with the auroral display and the vibrant 'play of colours across the surface, makes it one of the unique stones worldwide. The Opal crystal is ruled by a celestial body, namely the planet Venus and Shukra. There are three main kinds of opal stones - Precious Opal, Common Opal, and Fire Opal.

Different Dfferent Opal stone on the deap blue

Significance of Opal Stone: One of the myths attached to the Opal is that it is called the 'Patronus Forum, ' which means 'patron of thieves.' People also believed the Opal granted invisibility to the wearer.
The true meaning is that the Opal stone is an 'invisible shield' for the wearer against negative influences. Natural Opal is the right gift for pregnant women as it helps them calm the mind, eases depression, protects them from nightmares, and creates positive energy.
It connects the wearer with their spiritual side while spreading universal awareness. This stone picks up the wearer's thoughts and emotions and amplifies them, thereby making the wearer more in tune and aware of themselves.
It helps clear the mind and open rational, critical, and logical decision-making while promoting the free flow of thoughts. The opal stone also assists the wearer through negativity and reflects the wearer's mind about unpleasant emotions.

Importance of Opal Stone: Opal is the October birthstone, strongly tied to luxury and relationships, with the correct application of Vedic astrology. The opal stone helps the wearer lead a luxuriously rich lifestyle in terms of prosperity, marital stability, and reputation.

Four stones on the black background

Opal Crystal Benefits:
Opal crystal comes from the Latin word "opalus", meaning "precious stone". It is mainly known for its ability to bring personal characteristics and positive traits to the surface. It is also believed that an opal can pick up a person's thoughts, desires, feelings and emotions. Negative feelings and emotions are picked up by opal crystal, even if they are unpleasant and uncomfortable.
Wearing this crystal will boost your optimism as well; Opal's metaphysical and spiritual healing properties are associated with bringing spirituality to the wearer. It is listed as the traditional and modern birthstone for people born in October. Wearing this crystal is often linked with improved relationships in personal and professional life. It comes in different varieties and brings balance, builds trust, releases fear and comforts people wearing it.

opal stone on the girl head

Opal healing properties: 1. Good for Blood Purification
2. Helps in water retention
3. Improves Insulin Production
4. Builds Immunity and helps fight off fevers
5. Helps manage menopause
6. Boosts memory power
7. Suitable for the nails, hair, skin, and eyes
8. Controls and keeps the endocrine system functioning.
9. The female reproductive system is shielded.
10. Gives the brain neuro-stability
11.Cures migraines and headaches White Opal Stone Benefits: Emotional and Spiritual: The White opal stone counteracts worse effects and brings beauty, prosperity, love, and romance. It brings benefits to dating life and benefits those who are in the hospitality and the dairy industry. Consider a white opal gemstone if you have a bad phase in your love life. White opal stone increases metabolism and re-energizes your body. You can wear white opal gemstones to control your emotions and feelings better. White Opal benefits patients with neuro-instability, as it balances the brain's left and right hemispheres. Besides offering satisfaction, the stone gives the wearer calm and relieves the pain suffered in the past. It also relieves stress and improves the decision-making ability of the wearer.
Additionally it helps to: 1.Improves emotional stability
2.Encourages happiness and optimism
3.Strengthens the will to live
4.Inspires creativity
5.Delivers foresight
6.It opens the path to cosmic awareness
7.Develops self-awareness
8.Heightens intuition
9.Increases esteem and worth in oneself

opal stone on the silver chain

Opal stone benefits for Libra:
Opal is associated with Venus and is related to luxury and relationships. It is often related to the Sahasrara chakra; it connects one with universal awareness. Though it is the Birthstone for Libra, Opal can be adorned by people born in other months for its benefits and beauty.
It also helps lead a luxurious life, brings prosperity, and supports gaining a good reputation in society. Businesses in the travel and tourist industries are said to prosper there. It is also thought to help with debt repayment and litigation.
Opal also helps overcome emotional setbacks and sufferings caused by past relationships. It also helps in calming the mind and making peace with the past. It aids in curing intestinal and stomach problems and is also said to fix pancreatic and hormonal issues.
It is believed to enhance the creativity and artistic qualities of a person. It is also thought to bring the wearer good fortune, peace, and wealth. It assists in gaining self-confidence and realizing one's full potential.
Opal stone benefits for Libra, particularly their commitment to equity and teamwork. For Libras, fire opal offers the most benefits with its orange-to-red body colour. If your birthday falls between September 23rd and October 22nd, the sign coincides with the autumn equinox. This desire for harmony propels teamwork. Their natural harmonious nature makes Libras excellent teammates.
As a stone of great love, fire opals channel energy for libras, and the free flow of harmonious energy leads to greater unity and enhanced teamwork. The colour orange is prominent in fire opals and transmits radiant energy, vitality, and endurance. Specifically, they inspire emotional stability, reliability, and loyalty.

Opal stone ring on the table

Opal History for healing properties:-
Opal is associated with the Sanskrit Upala, which means precious stone. It is an amorphous hydrated silica rock. The Opal is a unique gemstone and manifests hope and holy virtue. It is also linked with love, passion, and devotion.

Here are some more properties:
Opal benefits bring love and stability in married life:-
If a person is in a troubled relationship, wearing an opal brings stability to married life. It strengthens bonds. It is the birthstone for October borns, but people born in other months can also wear it. This gemstone also helps people live a luxurious life, primarily people in the travel and tourism business. 

Opal brings love and stability to married life:-
Wearing an opal brings stability in married life if a person is troubled. It strengthens Venus in your birth chart, improves the relationship with each other, and boosts the sexual energy of the couples. This leads to living a life of happiness and satisfaction.

Improves the health of an individual:-
It improves one's endocrine system and maintains control of hormonal secretions. Suppose you have issues related to your urinary system that positively affect its functioning. The gemstone cures eye-related problems and keeps the person healthy. It symbolizes good luck; wearing the same thing brings fortune and purifies body and mind.
Opal stone symbolizes beauty, charm, elegance, and greatness. It aids the wearer in living a luxurious lifestyle. Furthermore, it contributes to the wearer's financial well-being, and people who work in the import-export and travel-tourism industries can benefit from Opal. Overall, with the above blog, you might have realized the importance of opal gemstones in your daily life. If you are impressed with it, you will be willing to buy it. Now all you need is a certified provider, and Navratan is where your search should end. It is a certified and natural provider of gemstones and has been in the industry for the last 80 years.

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