Types of Opal: Why Should You Own One?

Opal Stone on the white background
Posted on January 31st, 2023 06:08 PM
What makes someone special? For some, it is their intelligence, and for others, beauty or honesty. It is rare to have all the qualities in any one individual. But there is one precious thing that, if you wear it, can fill your life with wonders - Opal stone.
The name opal comes from the Latin word ‘opal us’ and is derived from the Sanskrit word upala - which means precious stone. Opals, also known as Czernowitza, were first mined from Cervenica - the mountainous region of Slovakia, 2,000 years ago. It gained popularity after it was discovered in 1869 in Australia. Opal has no crystal structure, as it is an amorphous form of hydrated silica. It comes in 2 forms - precious Opal and the common Opal. Opal is connected with Venus and is known for its remedial worth, like an actual planet. It has been valued for millennia, even before ancient Greek and Roman times. Precious opals show the play of shading, where it changes, while common opal stone does not represent any shading.
Types of Opals:- 
Australia produces about 95% of the world’s precious opals. Additionally, it is also found in Brazil, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, South Africa, Nevada the U.S. Depending on their qualities, different types of Opal Stones show qualities like transparency and color. Here is the list of opals depending on their shading, geographic sources, and other factors.

Let’s explore these:-

White opal stone ring on beautiful hand

White Opal:-
The most ubiquitous variety of Opal, it has a white background, is sub-transparent to translucent, and usually displays opalescence. The best examples will show the spectral colors, which are now considered less valuable than black Opal. Some call them “White,” although the base tone ranges from colorless to medium gray to very milky. Nevertheless, white opals are magnificent in color if a good-quality stone is found. Nonetheless, the fine white Opal still commands a high price and is very attractive. Most white Opal comes from Marla, Australia, and white cliffs, and it is also found in Hungary, Ethiopia, and Canada.

Black Opal:-
Displaying black body color with little to no opalescence, this is now the most desirable variety. Its black background allows the yellows, oranges, and reds to ‘pop’ in contrast to the dark background, making the gem more impressive. It is the most valued Opal and comes from lightning ridge. The term ‘black opal’ does not mean that the stone is black; it simply means the stone has a dark body tone.

Black opal stone ring

The intensity and fullness of the play-of-color contribute to the pricing. Black Opal predominantly comes from lightning ridge, Australia, Hungary, Honduras, and the U.S.A.
Boulder and Matrix Opal:-
This occurs when Opal forms in narrower veins and is cut and polished within the host rock. Boulder opal was first discovered in Queensland, Australia, and can also be found in Brazil and Canada. Boiler opal veins are more prominent than matrix opals, forming a fine network within the host rock. In Queensland, Australia, close to Yowah, you can find matrix opals.

Boulder and Matrix Opal pendant

Water Opal:-
This colorless variety of precious opals can have a soft appearance. The play of color appears inside the stone against a colorless transparent background and appears minimal. The best stones originate from Mexico; other localities include Australia and the U.S.A.

Fire Opal
Fire opals look clear or transparent and have exact colors from red and orange to yellow. They are said to be fire opals in Australia and Mexico - their birthplace; thus, this stone is also called Mexican fire opal.  
Blue Opal:-
A blue opal goes from light to dull pastel blue; it is incredible for individuals to recognize a unique blue opal. It is one of the most used types of common Opal and is shipped from Oregon, Peru, and Indonesia.
Cat’s eye opal
Cat’s eye opal symbolizes a visual impact that creates a ‘cat’s eye’ on the outside of the stone. It has a little brilliant light that reflects an equal organization of needle-formed incorporations inside the diamond.

Cats eye opal stone ring on the finger

Doublet and Triplet Opals:-
These enhance the appearance of natural opals or different types of opals. Doublets and triplets are composite stones made from a slice of natural Australian Opal overlaid with other materials to mimic the appearance of solid black Opal.
Benefits of Wearing Types of Opal Gemstones:-
Venus rules Opal, and it controls relationships thus the gem brings concord and satisfaction in relationships along with helping in achieving a life full of charm, art, grace, culture, and luxury.
1.It helps treat medical disorders like the stomach and the eye.
2.It increases vigor, strength, and passion.
3.It improves the functioning of the kidneys.
4.It brings fortune and improves the social relations of a person.
5.The beautiful stone removes confusion and fickle-mindedness, curing blood-related issues and helping with Parkinson’s.

Value of the Different Types of Opal Gem:-
Black Opal is the most expensive and rarest variety of Opal, and its high quality will cost you more than $10,000 per carat, making it one of the most expensive gemstones on the planet. The world’s most costly black Opal - “Aurora Australis” was discovered in 1938. It measures 3 inches by 1.8 inches, weighs 180 carats, and is estimated to be worth AUD$ 1,000,000. The price of an opal stone in India varies from Rs 900 to Rs 5000 per carat, depending on its consistency. The Australian opal price per carat can range from Rs 700 to 5000 per carat. At the same time, the cost of Ethiopian Opal ranges from Rs 500 - Rs 2000 per carat. Australia’s fire opal is priced at nearly $900,000 and is considered the finest uncut Opal.

opal stones

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Type of Opal:-
Associated with the October birthstone and the gemstone of the 14th marriage anniversary, a few factors should be considered before buying this fine piece of beauty.

Origin: Opal is found in Australia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Hungary, Mexico, the U.S.A., and Sudan is the primary origin of this precious stone. However, Australia’s Opal is highly valued in the market as it provides the finest quality stone. Color: It exists in variant colors and is a crucial factor that evaluates the stone’s value. Generally, it comes in various colors like orange, black, green, blue, and pink, but it is white Opal with fire tints that are highly valued with excellent astrological properties. Brightness: It is the appearance and shine of the fire imprinted inside the stone. Opal is considered a precious stone with a fine line of fire with consistent fire tints. Fire pattern: If the stone has bright and colorful fire lines in different ways, it is the ideal stone. It is also considered the price and quality determining factor of Opal. Shape: Generally, Opal comes oval, and the finest Opal should be smooth-edged, showing clear fire patterns at different angles. Transparency and clarity: You can find transparent, translucent, and opaque opals. But a genuine opal crystal has a clear appearance with minimum inclusions and is white. It is essential to consider this factor before purchasing an opal.

Opals have a cool inner glow that spreads from the center of the stone, with subtle splashes of blue, mystical yellow, flashes of pink, clean green, orange, and red. They are breathtaking stones with haunting beauty, rainbows, or intriguing fern-like features.

There is no doubt that opals are exceptional, beneficial, and a complete gem worldwide. They are like rainbows that you hold in your hands, put around your neck, hang from your ears, or wrap around your wrists. Different types of opals with their shimmering interior hues and colors like red, green, yellow, blue, orange, and pink opals go with everything.
After reading all about the different types of opal, we hope you have a better understanding of how opal gemstones can make us truly complete. So, if you are taken by it, you’ll certainly want to have it, and Navratan is the best provider of certified natural gemstones. Visit the website and make your life complete!

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