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Posted on February 13th, 2023 05:36 PM

Some things in the world are so beautiful you can't keep them distant; you always wish them to be by your side. Lapis Lazuli - an opaque royal dark gemstone is one such beautiful gemstone that makes it unforgettable with golden and brown flecks. This stone is known to signify truth, inner awareness, and wisdom. The name is derived from Latin Lapis, which means "stone," and Lazuli is the Medieval Latin word 'Lazulum' taken from the Arabic word Lazaward.

Lapis Lazuli benefits have been revered down the ages with other remarkable benefits to make the gemstone durable and for a smooth surface. With 5.5 Mohs on hardness, it is found in Afghanistan, Chile, Canada, Russia, the USA, Argentina, and Pakistan, among other countries. It is considered the 9th Anniversary stone and is available in Blue, Greenish-Blue to Purple, and Deep Purple with the same healing and metaphysical properties.

Lapis lazuli stone rings

Here is the Detailed Explanation of Some of the Lapis Lazuli Benefits:-
Lapis lazuli Benefits in Astrology:-
Jupiter rules the Lapis Lazuli gemstone and is considered a giant planet in the solar system. If you are born under the right zodiac sign, you are blessed with immense intelligence, money, success, and fame. Its malefic state can also bring disease, misfortune, adversaries, and career losses. Wearing this beautiful stone can help to balance Jupiter's malefic effects. On the other hand, the batu lapis lazuli stone is a fantastic medium for connecting one with the higher self, allowing one to delve into inner nature and increase self-awareness. Anyone looking to overcome stress can wear this natural gem because it is the stone of freedom and truth, which aids in realizing the true nature of oneself. Those who enjoy yoga, meditation, or health exercises can benefit from this stone for a renewed spirit and vigor. Journalists and psychologists also help with the Natural lapis lazuli crystal as it improves their ability to research and recognize a deep-rooted issue. Lawyers profited from Lapis by gaining analytical support and discovering simple solutions to challenges. It aids in stress management, and for great benefit, people suffering from these syndromes are advised to wear Lapis lazuli jewelry. 
The Science behind the Lapis Lazuli Benefits:- No wonder lapis lazuli is an auspicious stone, and people have worn it since ancient times. It is highly regarded for wisdom, truth, and self-awareness. Thus if you are looking for a change in life, you should wear this precious and beneficial stone to attain great benefit. Below is the detailed explanation on them:

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1. Boost spirits :-

This stone also signifies truth, wisdom, and increased intellectuality. It is recommended to wear this stone for individuals who belong to the creative fields. Like other common crystals, lapis lazuli holds immense spiritual properties and can open your psychic abilities and empower your senses. It is a powerful stone that helps you find inner peace, intuition, and wisdom. Lapis lazuli provides serenity and tranquility that makes the wearer self-dependent and concentrated on truth and trust. This stone makes you fearless throughout your journey, increasing your spirit to become more motivated every day.

2. Enhance concentration power :-

It is a stone to help you focus on work by increasing your understanding and brilliant ideas. Because of its connection to heaven energies, it is used by the ancient royal families. It helps a person to be more aware and is called 'The Wisdom Keeper' as it synchronizes the mind, body, and spirit.
This is an excellent way to clear the mind and set a new pattern to generate new ideas. Openness, tranquility, and self-confidence are the other benefits that are brought by lapis.

3. Stimulates physical and mental well-being:- 

Lapis Lazuli holds mystical properties and favors the wearer with significant mental and physical well-being. It works as a healer and cures several issues a person deals with. It relieves anger and negative thought and is a valuable tool for those who suffer emotional breakdowns. It calms the senses and opens up the mind to produce knowledge. It stimulates clarity and objectivity and speaks of one's genuine emotions. It also balances the male and female aspects of your personality that vibrate with the energy of the inner king or queen, representing the stones' royalty.

4. Medical benefits:-

The stone is associated with astrology and features several other medical properties. By wearing this stone, an individual can cure health problems like migraines, headaches, throat problems, and many more. 

The Best Way of Wearing Lapis Lazuli:-

Based on Astrologer's advice, the best time to wear it is on a Saturday night of Krishna Paksha. The powers can intensely boost your inner intuition and produce energy from the moon to its surface. While in Vedic astrology, this stone gives the wearer a promising effect of Saturn. It benefits the upper part of the body, like earrings and necklaces, empowers you with self-confidence, and reminds you of authenticity. Lapis lazuli connects your mind, body, and soul, so it is best when you're not sure of something if you want or might need help understanding the meaning of life. It can bring protection and positive energy. It can neutralize power in all family members and calms the surrounding to produce peace and harmony.

Lapis lazuli pandent on the girl hand

Depending on your feelings, shorter or longer meditation works best for this stone. Deep breaths for relaxation to express tensions, continue to inhale and exhale to release negative thoughts, and absorb light from the gemstone. It will open your mind, and you should know about yourself. Being a stone known for healing and spiritual properties, here are some of them: 1. Lapis Lazuli enables a person to freely express themselves and communicate clearly without fear, freeing the wearer as it acts on the Throat Chakra. 2. Batu Lapis Lazuli is an excellent medium to connect with the higher self, delve into the true self, and aid in self-awareness. 3. It is suitable for aggressive people and calms them down with the understanding to deal with all life situations. It is known to be the stone of wisdom and fair judgment, supporting the wearer. 4. The other lapis lazuli benefits are brilliant ideas, learning new things, higher education, and a desire for learning. 5. The stone benefits harmonious relationships and is an excellent stone for friendship. 6. It also reduces insecurity and anxiety, enhances focus and concentration, and is an excellent stone for students. 7. It also lowers blood pressure, eases vertigo, balances the thyroid gland, and relieves headaches caused by migraine. 8. The stone is sought after by healers, priests, clairvoyants, and psychic mediums and has the sheer power to enhance psychic abilities. 9. Lapis lazuli benefits the workplace and opens doors to promotion, recognition, fame, and many others. 

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To Program Lapis Lazuli Perfectly:-

Once cleaned, you need to restore the lapis lazuli energy use the methods below: You have to meditate and focus on what you want to attain. Go to a place where you can sit quietly and away from distractions. Concentrate and feel the energy coming out from the crystal.

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