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Posted on February 2nd, 2023 03:44 PM

It’s an innate tendency of human beings to not give significance to what they have and relentlessly covet what they desire. The quest to explore the unknown and satiate the quench to unearth the deepest hidden wonders and phenomenons have led humans to discover the most exuberant and precious marvels. One such eye-pleasing and aesthetically beautiful marvel are Paraiba Tourmalines.

Paraiba Tourmaline is one of the rarest and colossally prized types of tourmaline gemstones renowned for exuding dazzling neon blue to blue-green color hues. This rare and outrageously beautiful gemstone got immediately popular in the international market after its discovery in the late 1980s. It’s always super high in demand among gemstone dealers and jewelry lovers as embedding Paraiba tourmaline can render enrapturing appearance to pieces of jewelry and helps the wearer smitten anyone. Let’s know more about this exceptional and aesthetically pleasing type of Tourmaline Gemstone in detail.

Beautiful Paraiba Tourmaline ring

Paraiba Tourmaline Origin & History:- 

The story of the Paraiba tourmaline is quite intriguing and fascinating at the same time. It was first discovered in the late 1980s by an ardent gem prospector named Heitor Damos Barbosa, in the Paraiba hills of Brazil. Hence, this stunning semi-precious gemstone got its name from there.
After a blood-curdling search for years, Heitor Barbosa finally found a stone that exhibited a rare blue-green color, unprecedented to the entire world till then. Later, after a series of painstaking research, it was unveiled that due to traces of copper and magnesium Paraiba tourmaline exhibits delightful vivid hues of neon and blue-green colors. The introduction of Paraiba Tourmaline to the rest of the world is as exceptional as its discovery. It was introduced to the whole world at a garish Tuscan show in 1990. The attendees got so smitten by the magnificence of Paraiba tourmaline that some of them were ready to pay a price as high as $3000 to own a piece of it. In a short span, the demand for Paraiba tourmaline went off the charts but due to limited availability jewelers and gem dealers find it daunting to keep up the stock. In the years 2001 and 2005, similar-looking tourmalines were found in Nigeria and Mozambique mines that were chemically identical but none could match the charm and grace of Paraiba. After a serious debate, sellers agreed to fetter the use of the word ‘Paraiba’ only to Brazilian tourmalines.

Paraiba Tourmaline Physical Properties & Characteristics:-

The matchless beauty and inexhaustible charm of Paraiba tourmaline are what make it one of the most sought-after and expensive gemstones in existence.

It comes in a plethora of gorgeous shades like neon blue, teal blue, arctic blue, sky blue, lime green, cutton green, seafoam green, green, pale green, mist green, ice blue, mint blue, and baby blue. Out of all hues, green paraiba tourmaline is touted to be the most drool-worthy one.

If we talk about hardness, Paraiba tourmalines possess above-average hardness as they have a score of 7.0-7.5 on the Mohs scale. Below, we have created an all-inclusive table that encapsulates the pivotal physical properties of this regaling gemstone.

Paraiba Tourmaline Physical Properties & Characteristics

Paraiba Tourmaline Color & Clarity:-

Non-arguably, color is one of the most imperative aspects that distinguishes Paraiba tourmaline from the rest of the pack. It comes in a vast array of colors that surely reminds everyone of the whimsical shades of a mighty and majestic ocean.
This gorgeous gemstone comes majorly in bluish-green and greenish-blue ranges along with mesmerizing hues of blue and violet. Some of the most prominent hues of Paraiba tourmaline are neon blue, lime green, ice blue, baby blue, arctic blue, mint green, seafoam green, etc. It’s because of the minuscule traces of manganese and copper, we get to see umpteen color variations in Paraiba Tourmaline.
Moreover, the increase and decrease in the quantity of the above-mentioned elements also bring noteworthy changes in hues and saturations. It is worth mentioning here that blue color Paraibas are usually more valuable and rare compared to bluish-green, greenish-blue, and green color Paraibas. In addition to that, Paraiba Tourmalines of Brazilian origin are more expensive than Nigerian and Mozambique origins Tourmalines as they have more color intensity and vivid saturation.
Untreated Paraiba Tourmalines are way more valuable than lab-enhanced (laser treated and fracture filled) Paraiba tourmalines that are greater in clarity.

stunning Paraiba Tourmaline ring

Paraiba Tourmaline Cut & Carat Weight:-

As the usage of Paraiba tourmalines in the domain of jewelry is quite extensive, most Paraiba tourmalines are custom cut into varied shapes like cushion, oval, or pear. Not many people know that the traces of copper is largely responsible for blue and green color hues in Paraibas than Manganese. Therefore, professional cutters ensure to eradicate the traces of Manganese using a sophisticated burning technique. It allows them to achieve the coveted blue color vividly saturated. One noteworthy point here is that Brazilian Paraiba Tourmalines are less in size compared to Nigerian and Mozambican tourmaline stones. You will rarely find any Paraiba stone bigger than 2 carats in existence as almost all stones are prevailing in fragments. So, you should give utmost priority to the vivid color saturation instead of carat weight when it comes to roping in a marvelous Paraiba Tourmaline stone.
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Paraiba Tourmaline Benefits:-

The enchanting and unprecedented beauty of Paraiba tourmalines spell-bind people to the extent that most people barely make effort to know about the miraculous healing benefits of Paraiba tourmaline. This revered and highly coveted gemstone encloses umpteen physical and metaphysical healing benefits that you would be amazed to know.
Bolster Metabolism & Cure Ailments: Many illustrious and prolific therapeutic centers use Paraiba tourmalines for different therapies. Embracing this utterly gorgeous not only solidifies your metabolism by leaps and bounds but also treats eye and skin-related ailments. Paraiba Tourmaline clears out the negative energy blockages near the throat, eye, and heart areas and gives a major boost to the strength of these organs,

Emotional & Mental Healing: Sometimes, it becomes next to impossible for any individual to get rid of the past traumas and their memories because of the gravitas of the incidents. Moreover, the more vehemently a person is attached to terrible past memories, the more sluggish personal and professional growth becomes. Wearing Paraiba tourmaline is supposed to help you recover from the agony-inducing past memories and establish serenity in your life.

Enhance Creativity & Intellect: Embracing Paraiba Tourmaline under the supervision of an experienced astrologer can augment your intellectual abilities beyond your wildest dreams. This stone encloses miraculous and potent vibes that kick away negativity and unwanted obstructions from your life and pave a crystal clear path. Moreover, people who fill creativity blocks all the time must also embrace this gemstone to tap the untapped levels of creativity.

Inclination Towards Spiritualism: The formidable, pure, and positive energy of Paraiba tourmaline gemstone inclines a person towards spiritualism and protect the tranquil and meditative mindset. According to numerous extensive pieces of research, those who seek to go into the deeper state of meditation and spiritualism must wear Paraiba tourmaline to attain a laser focus concentration.

Paraiba Tourmaline ring on the finger

Paraiba Tourmaline Price:-

It’s rare and daunting as well to find a precious or semi-precious gemstone as drool-worthy and alluring as Paraiba tourmaline. This revered gemstone's unsurpassed beauty and timeless grace put it in the category of one of the most exalted and exorbitant gemstones in the world.
As we are well aware of the fact that the price of any gemstone, including Paraiba tourmaline, is strongly linked to the 4C’s (color, clarity, cut, and carat weight). Greater the clarity, color saturation, and the carat weight of the stone, the higher the price goes.
On average, the price of Paraiba tourmaline gemstone begins at $70-80 per carat and goes as high as $2000-4000 per carat in the market. Untreated tourmalines are higher in value than the ones which are enhanced to achieve a greater luster and clarity. Moreover, loose Paraiba gemstones with fine cuts are more valuable than cabochons in the round and oval shapes.

1. How much is Paraiba tourmaline worth?
In the international markets, the average price per carat of Paraiba Tourmaline stones begins at $1000 per carat and goes as high as a staggering $50,000 carat. Numerous factors come into play when the price increases significantly.
2. Why is Paraiba tourmaline so expensive? 
Paraiba tourmalines are quite expensive because of exuding rare neon blue color and limited availability in the existence as well. 3. What is a Paraiba tourmaline? Paraiba tourmaline is one of the most exquisite and rarest types of tourmaline discovered in the late 1980s and is best known for exhibiting intense blue color hues. The neon blue color is the most coveted hue out of all colors.
4. What is the rarest color of tourmaline? 
The rarest color of Tourmaline is neon blue or neon green color which is only found in Paraiba tourmalines.

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