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Posted on January 25th, 2023 11:21 AM

Larimar Stone: Time and time again, the realm of semi-precious gemstones continues to amaze with its stellar wonders that can woo anyone or make any stringent person go gaga for them.

Out of all the shimmering and delightful semi-precious gemstones, one not-so-fabled but outrageously exquisite gemstone is Larimar. Widely regarded for its wonderful and rare blue color, Larimar could have been the undisputed king of semi-precious gemstones if found earlier and mined in a systematic manner. A multitude of gemstone enthusiasts and inquisitive souls often look for all-inclusive informative sources of Larimar gemstones. However, on the Internet, it’s cumbersome to find a single source where every vital information about Larimar stone is stated in one go. Most sources provide information only in fragments. This intriguing blog post will take you on a smooth and enthralling ride to the glorious world of Larimar and make you conversant with everything you ever wanted to know about this gorgeous gemstone.

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About Larimar:-
Larimar stone belongs to a stunning and rare variety of silicate minerals known as Pectolite which is an acid silicate hydrate of sodium and calcium. Though Pectolite silicate minerals are found in different regions of the world, Larimar encloses a rare volcanic blue coloration which is because of the substitution of calcium for copper. Larimar stones are only found in the Dominican Republic country, in the nearby region of Barahona city. Larimar is perhaps one of the few gemstones available in the widest array of color variations ranging from light-blue, green-blue, bluish-white, light green, turquoise blue-green, turquoise blue, Turquoise green, dark green, deep blue, deep green, violet, Indigo, purple, and dark blue. One astonishing fact about Larimar is that although Larimar stones ooze calmness and tranquility, they are obtained from the hottest sources on this planet, the lava-guzzling volcanic mountains of the Dominican Republic.

History of Larimar Stone:-
The story behind discovering Larimar is quite topsy-turvy and interesting as well. If stories are to be believed, it was Taino Indians who inhabited the island for a long time who first found the Larimar gemstone. However, it was Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren of Barahona city who requisite permission from the official authority to explore and exploit blue rocks that he had discovered on 22 November 1916. Until that time, the Larimar stone was an unknown term to the whole world. Another intriguing story floating around is that in the year 1975, inhabitants of a small village while cleaning the local beach found small pieces of what we know today as Larimar. The real breakthrough came in the year 1974 when Normal Rilling, with the undivided support of Miguel Mendez and Peace corps, rediscovered the Larimar gemstone at the foot of the Bahoruco Mountain Range, the coastal region of Barahona. Localities firmly believed that the sea spitted Larimar that’s why it possessed a rare blue color. Miguel Mendez decided to take the first 3 initials of his daughter’s name (Larissa) and the Spanish word for sea (mar) to create the name Larimar. Not many people know that Larimar is also known by umpteen striking names like ‘The Dolphin stone’, ‘LARISSA’, and the ‘Atlantis stone’.

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Larimar Stone Chemical Composition and Physical Properties:-
Larimar stone is actually the tradename for the silicate mineral pectolite with a chemical composition NaCa2Si3O8(OH). The gorgeous rare blue color in Larimar is the result of copper substituting sodium in the chemical composition.

This gorgeous semi-precious stone is mildly brittle in nature as it has a hardness of 4.0-4.5 on the Mohs scale. Apart from copper, Silica, Phosphorus, and Vanadium are also equally responsible for Larimar’s unique chemical composition.

Below, we have stated a table that comprises all the key physical properties of the Larimar gemstone you would like to know to expand your knowledge.

Larimar Stone physical properties

Larimar Stone Meaning & Benefits:- 
After going through the origin, history, and properties of Larimar, the major question still pops up, “ What is Larimar” or “What is the meaning of Larimar stone?”. Gemstone connoisseurs depict the meaning of Larimar according to their level of understanding, perception, and depth of knowledge. Apart from its drop-dead gorgeous appearance, Larimar stone is widely believed to possess exhilarating spiritual and metaphysical properties that make this coveted stone more valuable. Let’s have a glance at some of the major benefits of embracing Larimar stone. 1. Larimar stone is believed to have one of the highest vibrational frequencies among gemstones that are utilized to heal numerous physical and spiritual problems. 2. If your communication skills are shoddy and want to ramp them up expeditiously, you should embrace Larimar stone as its intense energy clears the energy blockage around the throat chakra. 3. Many people who had earlier embraced the supreme quality Larimar gemstones reported witnessing improvement in love and trust. In a nutshell, if you seek drastic improvement in your relationship or in the realm of love, you must give a shot to the Larimar gemstone. 4. The implications of Larimar in the Jewelry domain are quite extensive. People are maniacs for Larimar Jewellery and ready to splurge money to own a stunning piece of Larimar Jewellery. 5. Many prominent astrologers believe that Larimar symbolizes with the ocean which means embracing it can help to establish thoughts and emotions. 6. Want to cut down stress from your life completely? If yes, Larimar stone’s intense vibrational frequency can eradicate stress in your life by clearing the influence of negative energy.

Larimar Stone earrings

Dazzling Metaphysical Properties of Larimar Crystals:- 
Not only by eminent gemologists but also by distinguished astrologers, Larimar gemstone is primarily considered a healing gemstone. It encloses an ocean-like serenity with a striking combination of high vibrational frequencies competent enough to heal the biggest roadblocks on your pathway to greatness. Let’s learn more about the Metaphysical properties of Larimar gemstones. 1. If you have heaps of sunburns and suffer from inflammation regularly, Larimat stone can expeditiously heal your internal and external physical problems. 2. Embracing Larimar at the right time and under the guidance of a prominent astrologer can give a major boost to your brain activity and broaden your horizon of thinking. 3. Women who are pregnant must embrace the Larimar stone to avoid the emergence of intermittent hot flashes and create a shield to stay protected from any kind of anxiety. 4. If you seek a sense of serenity in your life and want to get over from the whirlwind of emotions, Larimar is an exemplary stone to embrace as it provides a deep sense of relaxation and peace of mind. 5. Larimar is also renowned for rectifying willpower and self-confidence related issues. 6. A fixed and narrow mindset is one of the prime reasons behind terrible personal and professional growth in life. Larimar's robust vibrational frequency can open the locked mental potential and help you live completely in the moment.

Is Larimar Gemstone Rare and Highly Expensive?: 
The deposits of Larimar are prevailing only at one location in the world and this fact alone makes Larimar a rare and utterly special gemstone. Moreover, if we go deeper, the surface cover of Larimar deposits is less than a single square mile. That’s why it is mined meticulously as the depletion rate is increasing with each passing year. Unquestionably, Larimar can make some serious dent in your budget as this stone is highly revered, always remain high in demand, and its value barely dwindles. There was a time when this gorgeous gemstone was mined in shallow pits 30-40 feet deep. Ever since its demand sky-rocketed in the international market, the mining activity also increased and shafts have to go deeper than 600 feet underground to dig the deposit and extract Larimar. Hence, with the increase in the cost of mining and production, the price of stone also touches a new high with the passage of time. The value of Larimar stone will continue to rise in the future as well. Many gemologists blatantly compare Larimar with Turquoise or better says, the perfect substitution of Turquoise as both gemstones exhibit similar color hues and it’s more daunting than ever to find jewel-quality Turquoise.

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How to Use Larimar Stone & Derive Maxium Benefits Out of It?:-
A myriad of people often asks questions like ‘how to use Larimar’ or ‘How to Energize Larimar’ or ‘How to Derive the Most Benefits out of Larimar’ on the web. In this section, we strive to answer all these queries and settle the doubts of gemstone lovers for once and for all. Larimar needs to be energized first before you embrace it fully. You can energize Larimar in a multitude of ways. You can rope in an eminent astrologer who will help you to energize Larimar by chanting different mantras and tell to wear it at the right time. With the help of different yoga positions and deep breathing exercises, Larimar can be energized perfectly and ready to elicit the maximum benefits out of it. There is one more imperative use of Larimar stone that people are not aware of. Larimar has extensively used a reflexology tool. For those who don’t understand this term, Reflexology is all about applying pressure on particular points to locate the painful area and eliminate blockages. Larimar as a reflexology tool is unmatched in relieving the ridiculous amount of pain and different type of illness.

We have rounded up every bit of information that needs to be stated about Larimar in this blog post. Larimar's value is undeniably gargantuan and its implications in the different realms of life are astounding. It’s worth investing your hard-earned bucks in Larimar gemstone as it’s rare in existence, mines of this gemstone are depleting expeditiously, and the benefits it has to offer are incredible and unbelievable.

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