How To Check If Blue Sapphire Suits You

How To Check If Blue Sapphire Suits You
Posted on March 22nd, 2023 05:45 PM

Undoubtedly, blue sapphire, also known as Neelam stone, is one of the most alluring, formidable, and popular gemstones in existence. Blue sapphire is one of the big 4 stones of the gemstone world while the other three are (ruby, emerald, and diamond). It is a highly sought-after gemstone among people of all age groups because of its competency to show immediate jaw-dropping results.

Blue sapphire stone encloses robust vibes that infuse with your aura when worn following all rituals and begin to show its impact on different aspects of your life. However, there is a catch. Not even the most proficient astrologers can provide you with surety of whether a blue sapphire stone you wear will suit you or not. The principal question that arises here is; how to check if blue sapphire suits you. There must be some surefire way or proven method that even a layman can use to identify whether an embraced Neelam stone suits a wearer perfectly or not. Below, we have specified some time-tested ways that will help you identify the suitability of blue sapphire gemstone.

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Different Ways to Check If Blue Sapphire Suits You

There are umpteen ways to check whether the blue sapphire gemstone you roped in is resonating well or not. Before that, one must thoroughly know that Blue sapphire is strongly linked with the Planet Saturn and it exhibits a positive impact on Zodiac signs like Gemini, Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Virgo, and Aquarius. Moreover, According to Vedic astrology, people with Zodiac signs Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces must avoid wearing blue sapphire.

Blue Sapphire

A potent gemstone like blue sapphire must be worn only after the meticulous analysis of your birth chart that to done by some eminent astrologer. Embracing Original Neelam stone when planetary positions are not in your favor can reap dire results that will surely make your life tumultuous. Let’s get familiar with quintessential pointers that you must keep in mind to find out if blue sapphire suits you or not.

  1. Always check for allergies or different types of reactions in your body. A highly powerful gemstone like blue sapphire shows an expeditious impact on the different aspects of your life including the physical one. Some individuals who embrace blue sapphire experience allergy within a short span of time which simply indicates that blue sapphire is not suitable.
  2. When you embrace a blue sapphire gemstone, always ensure to give yourself a window of at least 72 hours to check whether you experience any ill impact or not. If you don’t want to wear the stone in a ring or in a pendant, you can put it underneath your pillow or in the pocket of your pant or shirt to experience the positive or negative impacts of blue sapphire.
  3. If you don’t experience even the slightest impact of Neelam stone after 72 hours of embracing it, it means you are good to go with blue sapphire. Its ill impact won’t bother you in any way. Moreover, if you get to see intimate dreams after wearing blue sapphire, it lucidly means blue sapphire has activated properly and going to render a positive effect in the upcoming days.
  4. If you feel completely energetic, inspired, and normal instead of perplexed, lackluster, and numb, it means blue sapphire suits you well. Shortly, you will get a subtle indication that opulence and good luck are flowing in heaps in your life.
  5. If blue sapphire doesn’t suit you well, you will begin to see rampant, barbaric, and heinous views in your dreams. It is a clear indication that you should stop wearing your roped-in gemstone right away and protect yourself from its mammoth negative impact. In addition to that, if you embrace a phony blue sapphire (plastic or glass filled), you also won’t get to see any noteworthy results.
  6. According to Vedic astrology, there are 16 flaws associated with blue sapphire gemstones and each flaw has its own sets of side effects. For example, if a blue sapphire stone encloses milky inclusions, it is sure shot going to render umpteen ill effects such as gargantuan financial loss, turbulence in business life, disturbance in your relationship with close ones, and the list is endless.

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Symptoms Blue Sapphire Doesn’t Suit You

One of the major and noteworthy symptoms of blue sapphire stone is you get sick on a frequent basis. You may experience a high fever, pain in the stomach, or severe back pain.

Another major clue that tells blue sapphire doesn’t suit you is that you get to hear bad news from every source all the time. Be it personal, professional, financial, or spiritual domain, you will continue to tumble in every realm unless you stop wearing blue sapphire.

Blue Sapphire

One of the most jolting symptoms of blue sapphire not vibing well with you is the occurrence of a tragic and life-threatening accident. After embracing blue sapphire, you may witness some serious calamity that will break you completely or hamper your growth for a long time.

Right after embracing blue sapphire, you will surely experience dire and violent dreams which is a direct indication that blue sapphire stone is definitely not for you. You may also experience a sudden upsurge in your anger level, uneasiness, and restlessness.

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Whether you embrace Neelam stone on the recommendation of some eminent astrologer or in a form of jewelry to ramp up your fashion quotient, you can’t outrun from its positive and negative effects. Therefore, it is strictly advised to get your birth chart or horoscope thoroughly analyzed by some top-notch astrologer to find out whether it’s worth embracing an exorbitant piece of blue sapphire or not.

Ideally, people who are connoisseurs of particular fields like engineering, scholars, research, metallurgy, archaeology, and other prestigious government positions must embrace a supreme quality Neelam stone to achieve unprecedented growth and success. Moreover, individuals who are involved in the businesses of petroleum, transport, minerals, and conveyance can also wear blue sapphire ring (neelam stone ring) to gain some serious benefits and acknowledgment in life.

If you are eagerly searching for a top-notch quality natural blue sapphire stone, look no further than Navratan where you can explore a sterling selection of the best Neelam stones and choose as per your criteria and other preferences. Our compilation of original blue sapphire stone is from prime origins as well as in the different carat weights and quality grades that make it seamless for users to find the best one in no time.

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