Types of Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Gemstones

Posted on August 2nd, 2022 07:36 PM

Blue sapphire is a precious gemstone that belongs to the corundum mineral family. This Navratna member comes in many different shades of blue, including light blue, deep blue, royal blue, cornflower blue, etc. These different shades are caused by the different geographical locations and the presence of different elements within the sapphire crystal. Today, we will be discussing different varieties of blue sapphire gemstones, aka Neelam Ratna, primarily accessible in the market. 

Types of Blue Sapphire Gemstones On The Basis of Origin

Blue sapphires, or Neelam Stones, are one of the most popular gemstones on the market. There are various sources of blue sapphire, each with its own unique color, clarity, and significance. Some of the more common origins of blue sapphire gemstones are:- 

Kashmir Blue Sapphire

The Kashmir blue sapphire is a precious gemstone found in the Kashmir region of northwest India. The Kashmir blue sapphire usually arises in a deep and intense blue hue, but can also be lighter or darker depending on the quality of the stone. The finest Kashmir blue sapphire stones are considered to be those that have a deep ultramarine blue color. The average Kashmir blue sapphire stone is somewhat less intense in color and has a more bluish-green tinge.

The gemstone has been prized very high in the international gem market by expert gemologists and jewelry designers for centuries owing to its beauty and unique color. Even today, the Kashmir blue sapphire is one of the most desired and rare gems in the world.

Kashmir blue sapphires vary significantly in price. The average cost of these blue stones begins at approx. $1,300 per carat whereas specimens that are above average in quality can sell for up to $1,60,000 per carat. Because of their rarity and high value, Kashmir blue sapphires are not often available to consumers outside of the luxury jewelry market. 

Burma Blue Sapphire

Myanmar, also recognized as Burma, is a prominent source of blue sapphires in the world. Burmese Blue Sapphires are among the finest and most expensive blue sapphire varieties after Kashmir. These gems are found in the Kachin State of Burma and have a characteristic deep blue color that is unmatched by any other blue sapphire variety. Burma Blue Sapphires also have high clarity and transparency, making them an excellent choice for jewelry.

Thailand Blue Sapphire

Thailand is a well-known producer of blue sapphire gems. Since most of these blue sapphires are heated, the quality and clarity of these gems are quite good. The town of Kanchanaburi is the primary source of blue sapphires in Thailand. Renowned as Bangkok Neelam, these sapphires have a brilliant blue color with high clarity. On the account of their strong sparkle, these sapphires are highly popular in jewelry making. 

Types of Blue Sapphire Gemstones On The Basis of Color

Blue sapphires come in several shades of blue such as pastel blue, blue, deep blue, vivid blue, cornflower blue, and royal blue. Check out the popular colors below. 

Royal Blue Sapphire

Royal Blue Sapphire is the rarest and most expensive color type of blue sapphire gemstone. It remains in high demand in the jewelry market and hence has a high price tag to match. Other types of blue sapphires are comparatively less expensive but still have good value. Especially for jewelry such as rings, pendants, bracelets, or earrings, royal blue is considered the perfect color. Blue Sapphires with a rich royal blue hue and a hint of green shade, are known as Teal Sapphire aka Mayuri Neelam

Cornflower Blue Sapphire

The Cornflower Blue Sapphire is a beautiful blue gemstone that is named for its characteristic cornflower-like hue. The stone is quite rare and highly desired among lapidaries, jewelers, and global gem lovers. Owing to its resemblance with the beautiful hue of cornflower, it fetches exceptional monetary value in the international market of gemstones. The Cornflower Blue Sapphire is a variety of sapphire and a popular type of blue sapphire. It has a deep blue color and medium to high clarity.

Other commonly found blue sapphires are Deep Blue Sapphire, Vivid Blue Sapphire, Baby Blue Sapphire, Navy Blue Sapphire, and Sky Blue Sapphire. Where deep blue sapphire happens in a very deep blue color of darker tone (close to black); vivid blue comes in a lighter shade. 

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