What are the Must-Have Gemstone Names and Which Metal to Wear With It?

What are the Must-Have Gemstone Names and Which Metal to Wear With It?
Posted on February 9th, 2024 04:34 PM

 Are you wearing emerald in gold? Or yellow sapphire in silver?

Well, you might not be wrong, but if you know the correct use, you could just make things more right for you. The original gemstones are exquisitely worn for jewelry and astrological benefits. But the metal in which they are crafted is different for different purposes.

An emerald stone, for instance, may go well with platinum or silver if you are seeking for a metal that suits your skin tone, but astrologically this might not be a thoughtful decision. 

So, Does Metal Type Matter In Astrology?

According to Vedic astrology, a gem set in the correct metal enhances its positive effects. Relax! This doesnt mean that wearing the stone in other metals  would not work. Its just that the positive energy of the gemstones radiates perfectly around the wearer when worn in the CORRECT metal. 

So, Metal Matters!

But the question is how to choose it.

Which Metal is Good for Wearing

Yellow Sapphire

This beautiful yellow-colored gemstone belongs to the Corundum family. It is an amazing stone that is considered auspicious in astrology. The association of yellow sapphire with the planet Jupiter makes it the stone of wisdom and prosperity. 

Gemstones are admired for their astrological benefits and this yellow gem is no exception. 

  • Why Wear A Natural Yellow Sapphire?

When you know why to buy yellow sapphire, it becomes easy to understand which metal works well with it. 

Yellow gemstone protects the wearer from evil energy and is beneficial for both men and women. Are you looking for career success? Yellow sapphire is the best gemstone name that comes to mind that can be worn for job stability, business boon, and sharpening entrepreneurship skills. 

  • Best Metal For Original Yellow Sapphire 

For astrological benefits, Gold is considered as the suitable metal for Pukhraj or yellow sapphire. 

Here’s if you want to know why: Astrologically, this yellow variety of sapphire is linked with the planet Jupiter which is next to the Sun. The metal gold is connected to the planet's sun for the resemblance of the color. The rays of the sun signify prosperity, strength, and divine connection which astrologically connects to the power of the Pukhraj stone. 


Corundum family is the treasure of widely acclaimed gemstones and ruby is one of them. The ruby stone jewelry is crafted beautifully and paired with the metal that suits its color.

  • Why Wear A Ruby Stone?

This precious gem represents passion, love, and energy. The color of the stone holds a specific significance. It helps stimulate the circulatory system and offers positive effects on the kidneys and spleen. This amazing stone also enhances spiritualism and is connected with the Root Chakra. 

These benefits work wonders if ruby or manik stone is set in the right metal. 

  • Best Metal For Ruby Gemstone 

Astrologically, ruby is suitable to be worn in Gold. The reason behind gold being the preferred metal has a direct connection with the planets. The original manik stone is related to the planet Sun which is also linked with the metal gold. 

Hence, wearing a natural ruby stone in gold is believed to harness the energy of the Sun. It brings prosperity, name, and fame to the wearer. However, panchdhatu (5 metal alloy) and ashtadhatu ( 8 metal alloy) are other metals that astrologers suggest. Both these metals hold auspicious significance in astrology. 

Wear your ruby stone ring in these metals if you are seeking a budget-friendly effective option!

Blue Sapphire 

A natural blue sapphire signifies royalty, love, and commitment. It is one of the popular gemstone names that has been used for exquisite jewelry. The astrological benefits of this blue variety of sapphire are also common. 

  • Why Wear A Blue Sapphire?

Best known as the royal charm, blue sapphire stone or Neelam ratna provides astrological benefits to the wearer. It is associated with the planet Saturn. This stone harnesses the powerful energy of Saturn and is believed to reverse the ill effects of sade saati. 

To prevent yourself from negative impacts of shani, wear the gemstone right way. 

  • Best Metal for Blue Sapphire 

Crafting blue sapphire stone in silver or gold elevates its beauty. Undoubtedly, the alluring color of this gemstone looks great with any metal. But, astrologically, gold works best for neelam stone. 

Wear a blue sapphire gold ring if you want to elevate your social status, and gain good fortune and money. 

For non-astrological purchases, metal is no big deal!


You might be impressed by the stunning green color of emeralds. The color that goes well with every outfit, its significance is defined by a specific metal when it comes to astrology. 

  • Why Wear An Emerald Stone?

Amongst the several gemstone names from beryl family this green stone is associated with the planet Mercury. The astrological benefits of panna stone ties to the placement of Mercury in your birth chart. If its is placed in right place, you are blessed with wealth, prosperity and abundance. 

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  • Best Metal for Panna Stone 

As per astrologers, gold is the correct metal for emerald gemstone. Wear a panna stone crafted in yellow gold if you want to strengthen weak Mercury in your horoscope. The warm tones of gold gives a classic look. Moreover, it also helps in radiating positive energy of the gemstone around the wearer. 

Red Coral Stone

When you wear natural red coral gemstone, you wear energy and vitality. Sporting a gem that adds more fun and vibrancy to your overall look is also believed to enhance the confidence of the wearer. 

  • Why Wear A Red Coral Stone?

This red-colored gemstone is believed to be a healing stone. It heals wounds, bad skin, cuts, and scraps. This gemstone is said to be good for the heart and helps in regulating high blood pressure. For those suffering from anxiety and depression, Red Coral Stone or Laal moonga is for you. 

Having a Mangal Dosh in your birth chart? Facing issues in your marital life? Choose original Laal Moonga stone for getting rid of these problems. 

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  • Best Metal for Red Coral 

Copper and Gold is astrologically suggested metal for red coral gem. Wear a moonga stone gold ring if you are facing relationship issues. Embracing this gemstone in correct metal improves communication and fosters love and commitment among couples. 

Gemstone Names and Suggested Metals:

  • Yellow Sapphire: Jupiter, Gold, Thursday, Index Finger, Mantra: Aum Brim Brahaspataye NamahAum

  • Ruby: Sun, Gold, Panchdhatu, Sunday, Ring Finger, Mantra: Om Hrim Sum Suryay Namah

  • Blue Sapphire: Saturn, Gold, Saturday, Middle Finger, Mantra: Om Shan Shanishcharay Namah

  • Emerald: Mercury, Gold, Wednesday, Little Finger, Mantra: Om Bum Budhay Namah

  • Red Coral: Mars, Gold, Copper, Tuesday, Ring Finger, Mantra: Om Bhram Bhreem Bhroom Sah Bhomay Namah

To wrap up, wear the gemstone in correct metal, if you want to have maximum astrological benefits. However, for non-astrological purpose, you can pair your loved gems with the metal of your choice. 

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