How long does it take to see the effect of wearing a gemstone

Posted on September 6th, 2023 11:06 AM
The bright colors, irresistible shine, and fantastic powers all contribute to the beauty of only wonders of nature: the gemstones. As per Vedic astrology, there are nine planets, each of which holds a significant value in an individual's life. Each planet is represented by a gemstone, and they are called the nine ratnas. Gemstones are known for their healing properties and astrological benefits and harness the right energy if worn on the correct finger. Though the awareness about how to wear the gemstone among buyers has increased with time, the common question people still want to know is How long do gemstones take to work? This blog delves into providing a suitable answer to this question. 

Gemstone Activation Period 

The correlation between gemstones and astrology has been known since ancient times. The beautiful stones were used as jewelry or a symbol of wealth and power and significantly impacted the wearer's life. For instance, it was placing the emerald stone under the tongue or inserting ruby stone in soldiers' skin. Each gemstone was believed to hold powerful energies that prevented the wearer from harm or gave them the power to see the future. It is believed that gemstones have a great life if properly cared for. Other than this, these beautiful stones should be activated before wearing them. The stone should be washed with Ganga Jal and applied sandal and kumkum. After reciting the mantras suggested by the astrologer, one should wear the gemstone studded jewelry. 

Individual Variability 

There is no accurate answer to how long it takes for any gemstone to show its effectiveness. Some gemstones work and show their effect early, while others might take longer. It depends on the individual birth chart and placement of celestial bodies. If these heavenly bodies are placed in the wrong position, an individual might carry the adverse effects of the planet. Eliminating these negative consequences is vital to give power to the planet, and this is where the role of gemstones comes into play. It is essential to consult a reputed astrologer who can suggest the right gemstone. 

gemstone chakra

Intent and Belief 

Each of the nine gemstones possesses powerful energies and gives unprecedented outcomes if worn correctly. It is suggested that ruby, coral, and emerald show effects in two or three weeks, whereas pearl, hessonite, and cat's eye take fourteen days to show its effect. This period for gemstones showing results differs from the specified one as it may vary. It is a matter of belief, trust, and confidence. Some gems show their results in a day or few after wearing them (conditioned, it is energized fully), while others take time to show their powerful impact. Many factors are considered for gemstones to show their results. 

Factors Considered When Buying an Astrological Stone

After individual perception, belief, and trust about the gemstones showing their results, other factors are considered while buying the stone. 

The stone must be untreated and natural as it will help resonate the energies faster around the wearer. For instance, natural ruby stone helps to enhance power and leadership skills. It also helps to alleviate blood-related diseases. 

The stone must be of an optimum weight that gives a robust result, like natural blue sapphire stone with an ideal weight of 4-5 carats suggested. 

Apart from ideal primary hue, tone, and saturation, the stone must have fine clarity and few inclusions. Though stones with no inclusions are rare and treated gemstones predominate the market, your search ends at Navratan, the online gem bazaar. 

Though the origin of the gemstone doesn't directly impact the astrological benefits of the stone, it defines its quality. A Burma Ruby Stone is a quality stone known for its vivid hue and clarity. Thus, intense color and other factors are judged by the stone's origin, which considers the buying behavior.

astrological stone

Wearing the Stone Correctly 

If you believe in astrology and want to reap maximum benefits from the gemstones, you should wear the stone correctly. As per Vedic astrology, one should wear gemstone studded jewelry at a preferable time and date. Moreover, the gem must be studded in the correct metal and worn on the right finger. Red coral gemstone is believed to bring victory and positivity and relieve depression and anxiety. This red-colored gemstone is the stone for the planet Mars. For wearing Moonga correctly, the right finger is the ring finger. The gemstone should be worn on Tuesday, and the suitable metal in which the stone is crafted is either gold or copper. Energizing and cleaning the stone to allow positive energy to flow is another factor that impacts the time of the stone to show its effect. 

wearing the stone correctly

Consultation with Expert 

While considering the question: How long does it take to see the effect of wearing a gemstone?: the answer is that it takes 10-15 days for any gemstone to show its impact. For different gemstones, the time, however, may vary. The effect of the stone may last up to five years or more. For instance, ruby and sapphire gemstone has a lifespan of 9-10 years, while emerald stone has a 4-7 years lifespan. Besides several factors expressed above for wearing the right gemstone for maximum effect in the desired time, it is also advisable to consult an astrologer. A reputed and expert astrologer gets a detailed overview of your birth chart and suggests the gemstone accordingly. 

consultation with expert

To conclude, you must consult an expert who can suggest the right gemstone for your related query. It is recommended that the gemstone should be energized before wearing on the correct finger (if it's a gemstone ring). Each gemstone has a lifespan, and it works accordingly. The gemstone's compatibility with the wearer is also essential. The wearer should be patient and wait for the stone's results. One might see the results in both personal and professional terms. The time taken for the gemstone to show its effect depends upon the natural stone, free of inclusion and attractive color. The one-stop destination where one can find all these features in a gemstone is Navratan, the best online gem bazaar. So, your search for the best quality gemstones ends up here. Shop it now! 

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