14 rules of wearing gemstones to consider

14 Do’s & Don’ts: Know before you wear
Posted on March 4th, 2024 02:46 PM

Gemstones harness the cosmic energy of the planets they are associated with. This energy plus the internal energy of the gems work together and radiate around the wearer and offer benefits. Do original gemstones work? There are various parameters on which you can judge whether they are working or not. For instance, they should be genuine, worn correctly with all rituals, and consult an astrologer before wearing any gem. There are many such rules to be known and followed. Let us check out the most important ones. 

Rule 1: Understand your birth chart and choose your gemstone wisely 

understand your birth chart and choose your gemstone wisely

A birth chart or your natal horoscope is created at the time when an individual is born. To generate this chart, information such as name, birth date, birth time, and place is required. The planet placement in your horoscope gives an idea about the issues you seek in your life. If Venus is present in the right position, you will have a good love life whereas if Mercury is placed correctly you are blessed with good communication skills. In case these or other planets are weakly positioned, astrologers suggest gemstones. For instance, ruby stone is suggested for a blissful married life whereas emerald stone is preferred for good communication skills. 

Rule 2: Consult a reputed and knowledgeable astrologer 

Many things decide which gemstone you should wear. Western astrology goes per the zodiac signs and gives you an idea of what to wear. For instance, those born between the 21st of March and to 20th of April come under the Aries zodiac sign. Based on this idea, these individuals are suggested to wear Aquamarine stones. In Vedic astrology, however, Aries are suggested to wear a red coral stone. Since many aspects need to be evaluated before any astrological gem is worn, hence, It is important to consult an experienced astrologer who knows everything about the planetary placement, houses, and moon sign interaction. The proper evaluation of your birth chart is required as not every gemstone suits everyone. If you wish to know which ones can you wear read How to check if gemstone suits you.

Rule 3: Energizing the gemstone is important 

After consulting an astrologer, even if you think your gemstone is not working or it is not giving you appropriate results, check what you are missing. Energizing your gemstone is an important procedure that should be done before wearing it. Also called prana pratishtha pooja vidhi of stones, it is performed to get rid of negative energies that accumulate during the entire process of extraction and setting of gemstone in any jewelry. This purification process involves dipping the stone in a mixture of ganga jal, raw milk, honey, and tulsi leaves and reciting the mantras. The energization process evokes the stone's power, benefiting the wearer in all aspects. 

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Rule 4: Wear gemstone on the right finger

Wear gemstone on the right finger

Regarding non-astrological purposes, you can wear stones on any finger. For astrological purposes, you must know which one is the right finger for the specific gemstone. Even it differs between males and females individually. 

  • Natural Emerald Stone: Little finger of the right hand for males, women can wear it on the little finger of both the right and left hand 
  • Ruby Stone: Ring Finger of the right hand for males, women can wear it on the ring finger of the left hand 
  • Sapphire Stone: Middle Finger of the right hand for males, women can wear it on the middle finger of either hand 
  • Red Coral Stone: Ring Finger of the right hand for males, ladies can wear it on the ring finger of the right hand 
  • Pearl Stone: Small finger of the right hand for both men and women 
  • Yellow Sapphire: First finger (Index Finger) of the right hand for males, females can wear it on the first finger (Index Finger) of the left hand 
  • Cat’s Eye Stone: Middle Finger of right hand for both males and females 
  • Hessonite Stone: Middle Finger of right hand for males and females 

Rule 5: Wear gemstone in the right metal

In Vedic astrology, each metal has significance and thus gemstones should be paired with the right type of metal. Silver is an affordable metal that can be paired with gemstones like pearl, garnet, and cat’s eye. This is because silver metal is known to provide healing properties and is related to the Moon planet. Thus, it complements the calming properties of the gemstone as well. Ruby, coral, yellow sapphire, and emerald are preferred to be worn in gold. This is because gold metal is associated with the planet Sun symbolizing wealth, power, and energy. Wearing these gemstones in gold enhances its positive powers. 

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Rule 6: Chant the correct mantra 

Chant the correct mantra

Mantras are chanted to energize or enhance the power of gemstones. It is done to pray to the planetary lord to bless the wearer with the desired results. Each gemstone is assigned a selected mantra. They are chanted before wearing the stones with a rudraksha mala. Reciting it 108 times with the mala brings positivity to your life invoking your faith and energy from inside. 

Rule 7: Wear the gemstone of the right weight 

All gems should be worn in the suggested carat weight. Known as Ratti in Indian astrology, carat weight is the measurement of the physical weight of all stones. In Vedic astrology, it is believed that Ratti defines the strength of the gemstone, the higher it is higher its impact on the wearer. Astrologers suggest carat weight based on the weight of an individual. For instance, if the weight of the wearer is 72 Kg, the ideal carat weight recommended is 6 (72/12, body weight/12). For better results, 5 to 8-ratti is suggested whereas, for a smaller push in good fortune or career, gemstones of low ratti are also recommended. 2.5 carat yellow sapphire, though small in weight is always a better option for living a happy life. 

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Rule 8: Wear gemstone on the correct day and time 

Wear gemstone on the correct day and time

Each of the nine gemstones is related to its respective planet and there is a defined day and time. Hence, gems give the best results when you wear them at the right time and right day. Wearing your lucky gemstone at the time of sunrise is said to be ideal. This also provides you a better idea of what changes it brought to you the entire day. Powerful gems like Khooni Neelam and yellow sapphire stone give instant results and thus wearing them during the sunrise makes you analyze their power. Astrologers suggest that Shukla Paksha is the auspicious time or muhurat to wear astrological gems. 

Rule 9: Take care of which gemstones to be worn in combination or not 

Certain combinations of gemstones if worn together bring good results but few can also impact the wearer negatively. Thus, it is important to consult an astrologer before wearing multiple stones together. You can wear these combinations:

  • Manik stone with Laal Moonga: While the former is representative of the sun, the latter corresponds to Mars. Both planets are compatible with each other.
  • Neelam stone with Panna: Artists, political leaders, government employees, or leaders benefit from the combination of these two precious gemstones. 
  • Neelam Stone with Diamond (Heera): A combination of these two gemstones brings good luck to the wearer. A blue sapphire diamond gold ring is preferably the most amazing piece of jewelry that comes with enormous benefits. 
  • Pukhraj Stone with moonga, manik, and Moti: If you want to boost your luck, wear a natural yellow sapphire, red coral, and pearl pendant. Similarly, original pukhraj and ruby are a powerful combination to wear.  

Gemstone Combinations you should avoid wearing 

  • Moti with Neelam: Wearing this combination can lead to mental stress. 
  • Pearl and Panna: Wearing this combination can lead to a loss of health 
  • Yellow sapphire and Emerald Stone: Wearing them together can lead to bad results 

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Rule 10: Dont wear used gemstones 

Wearing a used astrological gem can be inauspicious or it can lead to zero results. This is because the used gemstone (precious or semi-precious) contains the negative energy of the wearer which can impact your life. Besides this, you should avoid wearing a cracked stone as well. This hinders the flow of positive energy around the wearer. Thus it is always safe to buy an original gemstone. 

Rule 11: Even gemstones expire so change it timely

Every gemstone has a lifespan. Even if you have taken proper care, energized, and followed every ritual you should change it after a certain time. Gems are believed to possess energy that decreases gradually and hence it is important to get a new one. However, the effective working of gemstones also depends upon their quality and origin. It is believed that one should change precious ratnas every ten years whereas semi-precious or upratnas should be changed every 3-5 years. 

Rule 12: Choose genuine certified gemstones

Choose genuine certified gemstones

The gems you choose should be original as they offer you maximum benefits. A natural neelam stone brings clarity of thought, improved decision power, wealth, health, and success only if it is genuine. Synthetic gemstones are available in the market but don't flow energy around the wearer. Hence are not suitable for astrological purposes. Choose certified and original ratna from a reputed gem dealer to ensure you get maximum benefits. 

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Rule 13: Activating your stones 

Gemstone energy continuously flows around the wearer and hence they are studded in different jewelry forms. You can wear them daily as a ring, bracelet, or pendant provided it should touch your skin directly. Besides energizing it is also important to recharge or activate the astrological gems from time to time. The best way to do this is to expose them to moonlight or sunlight. This restores the gemstone with passionate and healing energy. 

Rule 14: Take care of the food you Consume 

Pran pratishtha of gemstones is an auspicious ritual and hence it is advised not to consume tamsik bhojan which mainly includes non-vegetarian food. One should also not consume alcohol during this pooja vidhi. After you have done with your rituals there is no compulsion of having any food item. But since gemstones are related to planets which are also treated as lords in many cultures, it is advisable not to consume such food items especially when you are under the sade satti period of Shani. 

These 14 rules are a must-follow guideline for every individual wearing an original gemstone. Abiding with them maximizes the chances of gemstones working as per your energy. So, let the natural gemstones benefit you while your life gets smoothened out with the magic of their genuinity.

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