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Posted on April 25th, 2023 04:33 PM

The mighty universe of gemstones is packed with unrivaled examples of beauty, enigma, anomalies, and surreal stuff. Gemstones have an innate ability to transfigure the life of a wearer as well as beauty manifold times when worn with the right apparel. Over the years, some of the most prominent and illustrious astrologers as well as gemologists have spoken umpteen times about the significance, benefits, and drawbacks of gemstones.

However, there are only a handful of sources on and off the web that state in detail about the compatibility of gemstones. To be more clear, which gemstones to avoid wearing together, and which gemstones can be worn together? Gemstones’ compatibility is one imperative subject that most gemstone wearers often overlook when wearing multiple stones at a time. Embracing multiple gemstones also with oodles of pros and cons. It is strictly advised to seek the guidance of an eminent astrologer before you plan to embrace multiple gemstones to amplify the benefits you want to derive.

The sole purpose of this comprehensive blog post is to make gemstone enthusiasts familiar with gemstones that shouldn’t be worn together to obstruct the debacle of any aspect of their life. When it comes to gemstone compatibility, the more you know about which stones to avoid wearing together, the better it is for you. Let’s get started!

Gemstones That Shouldn’t Be Worn Together

Ruby and Blue Sapphire

ruby and blue sapphire

Without a shadow of a doubt, Ruby and blue sapphire(Original Neelam Stone) are two of the most embraced, hailed, and scintillating gemstones in the world. Not only they are renowned for delivering mind-bending results but also for their jaw-dropping value. However, wearing these two gemstones together can cause the clash of the two titanic and conflicting energies and make your life tumultuous. Ruby is ruled by the Planet Sun and associated with love, passion, and vitality. While the riveting blue sapphire is ruled by the Planet Saturn and is linked to truth, sincerity, and wisdom. According to Indian Astrology, Saturn and Sun are hardcore enemy planets. These two energies can clash and cause an imbalance in the wearer's life.

Emerald and Yellow Sapphire

The second entrants in our list of gemstones that shouldn’t be worn together are the Panna and Pukhraj stones. Emerald and yellow sapphire are both formidable gemstones that have their own unique energies and a wide array of benefits to offer to the wearer. 

While Emerald is considered to possess all the qualities of the planet Mercury and is associated with love, fertility, and abundance. On the other hand, yellow sapphire is strongly associated with the Planet Jupiter and is linked to knowledge, wisdom, and prosperity. When these two utterly robust gemstones are worn together, these two gemstones can create immense confusion and chaos in the wearer's life. It is best to wear these gemstones separately to avoid any kind of downfall in any aspect of your life. Moreover, it’s exemplary to consider a sagacious astrologer first and get your horoscope analyzed meticulously to ensure your adamant instance on wearing these two gemstones is right or not.

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Garnet and Amethyst

ramethyst and garnet

Garnet and amethyst are two of the most incredible and potent gemstones that redefine the definition of beauty and people often love to wear them together. However, these two gemstones should not be worn together and we have ample reasons to back up our statement. 

According to Indian Vedic astrology, Garnet stone encloses the quality of the planet Rahu which is not actually a planet but the node of the moon. It exemplifies attributes like passion, energy, and creativity, while amethyst is strongly linked with the vicious planet Saturn and the Zodiac constellations of Aquarius and Capricorns are linked to spirituality, peace, and harmony. These two energies can clash and cause some serious imbalance in the wearer's life. However, you can wear substitutes of these two gemstones together if you direly seek to wear amethyst and garnet together.

Opal and Diamond

Opal and diamond are two of the most stunning, sought-after, and thumping gemstones in the world. However, these two gemstones should not be worn together because of umpteen reasons. Opal and diamond should not be worn together because opals are more fragile than diamonds and can be easily damaged due to constant friction between surfaces. Opals are a type of mineraloid that contain a significant amount of water, and as a result, they are prone to cracking or drying out if exposed to too much heat or dryness. On the other hand, diamonds are extremely hard and durable, and they can scratch or damage the delicate surface of an opal. Diamond tops the Mohs scale of rating hardness.

Additionally, opals and diamonds have different chemical properties which can cause them to react negatively when in close proximity. Opals are porous and can absorb liquids, while diamonds are non-porous and do not absorb anything. If an opal is exposed to a liquid that contains chemicals that can damage it, the diamond next to it can also be affected. Astrologically, Opal is associated with creativity, intuition, and emotions, while diamond is linked to clarity, strength, and focus. These two energies can clash and cause confusion in the wearer's life.

Therefore, it is recommended to avoid wearing opals and diamonds together to prevent any potential damage to the delicate opal. If you do choose to wear both, it is important to take extra care to ensure that the stones do not come into contact with each other or with any harsh chemicals or substances that could harm them.

Pearl and Hessonite

pearl and hessonite

Pearl and Hessonite (also known as Gomed) are two very powerful and drool-worthy gemstones that should not be worn together because they have different planetary associations and wearing them together may create an uncontrollable negative energy that can annihilate the life of a wearer.

Pearls are strongly linked with the Moon which is a gentle and calm planet that represents positive emotions, intuition, and motherhood. On the contrary, the Hessonite stone is associated with the planet Rahu which is a massively strong and intense planet that represents materialistic desires, sudden events, and unexpected changes.

When these two mighty gemstones are worn together, their energies may clash and carve an imbalanced and conflicting aura that can lead to unthinkable emotional instability, anxiety, and arise of new problems in life. Moreover, as per Vedic astrology, wearing certain gemstones together can neutralize their individual effects and render them ineffective which can be counterproductive.

Therefore, it is generally advised to wear one gemstone at a time as per your astrological chart and avoid wearing Pearl Stone and Hessonite together to prevent any adverse effects on your life. If you do choose to wear both, it is strictly recommended to seek advice from an experienced astrologer or gemologist who can guide you properly if you seek to wear them together.

Coral and Emerald

Another noteworthy addition to our list of gemstones to avoid wearing together are Coral and emerald. These two outrageously beautiful gemstones should not be worn together at any cost as the outcome is soul-stirring. Coral Stone is associated with courage, determination, and protection and possesses the qualities of the Planet Mars, while emerald is linked to love, fertility, and abundance. The clash of these two titanic energies is not exemplary and can cause the demolition of numerous subtle things in the life of a wearer.

Moonstone and Blue Topaz

Last but not least, Moonstone and blue topaz are two highly sought-after semi-precious gemstones that should not be worn together. The prime reason behind avoiding these two gemstones wearing together is, Moonstone is associated with intuition, emotions, and peace, while blue topaz is linked to communication, self-expression, and truth. These two energies don’t align well with each other and can deliver life-dwindling results.

In a nutshell, while gemstones are beautiful, appealing, and possess life-transforming energies, it is quite imperative to be mindful of which gemstones can be worn together and which cannot. Certain combinations can create conflicting and negative energies which can lead to imbalances in the wearer's life. Therefore, it is best to wear gemstones separately or consult with an expert who can guide you on which gemstones can be worn together.

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