How to calculate gemstone carat weight correctly?

Posted on February 24th, 2024 05:46 PM

Have you ever thought of why astrologers suggest gemstones of low carat weight to some while high carat to others? In Vedic astrology, gemstones possess an energy that is directly proportional to the carat weight of the stone. So, the more carat or ratti weight the higher the chances of gemstone bringing wonders in life. And make note, that the carat weight and the weight in ratti also differ. So, if an astrologer has recommended you 10 ratti of yellow sapphire, you should be buying 9.1 carat of pukhraj stone

The carat weight is important when it comes to astrology. So, if an astrologer recommends you to wear a blue sapphire always get it cleared what weight in carat or ratti you should be wearing. Considering the weight is extremely important because that decides the difference it will bring to your problems. Hence it is important to know whether you are choosing the right weight. In this blog, let us understand how to choose the right carat or ratti weight for your astrological gemstone. 

Difference between carat and ratti

1 ratti 091 carats

Ratti is the oldest traditional Indian measurement system used to evaluate weight. It means  Raktika in Sanskrit and as per the ancient system it was calculated with the help of seeds of the Abrus precatorius which is a red seed with a black spot at one end. It was used as a measurement system where the weight of the seeds was equivalent to 1.8 or 1.75 grains. 

Ratti is the more refined term used by Indian jewelers that came with time and Carat weight is an internationally used term for ratti. 1 ratti= 0.91 carat whereas 1 carat=1.09 ratti. 

Jewelers do use carat weight and ratti simultaneously. But all gemstone laboratories specify gems' weight in carats and not in ratti. Hence, it can be said that though there is a minute difference in measurement both hold the same significance in astrology. 

So, if your astrologer suggests you any gemstone either in ratti or in carat weight don't panic. Just remember the stone you are wearing should be natural and of ideal carat weight that brings maximum benefits.

How to calculate gemstone carat weight in grams?

how to calculate gemstone carat weight in grams

Carat weight is the unit of measurement that determines the weight of a stone. 

So one carat is equal to 0.2 gms (200mg).

However, 0.2 gms is the weight and its size would be 6 mm. Hence the weight of the stone is different from its size. When you buy 1 carat blue sapphire, the weight is beneficial astrologically while its size enhances the look of the jewelry. 

Hence, one should buy gemstones for astrological purposes based on their carat weight whereas for those looking for jewelry, pick a stone as per its size. 

Astrologers suggest gemstones be worn in ratti or carat weight. In Indian astrology, ratti is further divided into sava, sade, and pauna. Here is a detailed breakdown:

  1. Sava ratti is the amount between 00 to 0.35. For example, sava chaar ratti reflects the weight 4.01, 4.15, 4.23, and 4.34. 
  2. Saadhe ratti refers to the weight that comes between 0.36 to 0.75 and is weight in 3.36, 3.56, 3.67, and 3.74. 
  3. Pauna ratti means a weight between 0.76 to 0.99. For instance, if an astrologer suggests you wear a pauna paach ratti panna stone, the weight of the stone for pendant or ring goes like 5.77, 5.87, 5.99. 

How to decide the right carat or ratti for your gemstone?

how to decide the right carat or ratti for your gemstone

  1. Body Weight: The correct ratti or carat weight is calculated by the weight of the gem to 1/12th of the body weight of wearer. For instance, if your body weight is 60 Kg and looking to enhance your relationships, you should wear a 5 carat emerald (60Kg/12= 5 carat weight). Similarly, if your body weight is around 90 kgs and looking for financial freedom, then you must opt for a 7.5 carat pukhraj stone
  2. The intensity of the problem: There are different carat weights that your astrologers would suggest depending on the benefits you are seeking. For those who look for instant solutions to their problems, higher-carat weight gemstones are effective.
  3.  Should touch the skin: The bigger the stone, the higher the chances for it to touch the skin. So if you pick 7 ratti panna it will radiate more energy to the wearer than a 2 carat blue sapphire
  4. Should be comfortable to be worn regularly: Ideally, 3 to 5 ratti is preferred for astrological benefits as this weight is perfect for your finger and doesn't hamper your regular lifestyle. The idea is to have it with you all the time. Hence as per the comfort, if a 1 carat ruby stone seems easier to carry, one must pick that. 
  5. As per your age: Few astrologers calculate carat weight or ratti of a gemstone as per the age of the wearer. For instance, sava panch ratti panna stone ranging from 5.01, 5.15, 5.23, and 5.34 is suggested for individuals of younger age. 

Besides knowing how to calculate gemstone carat weight, it is also important to note that it is one of the 4 C’s that decides its price. (here are the 4Cs of gemstones that you must know about). The higher the ratti or carat higher the price of the stone. 

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