1 Carat Ruby Stone

A natural ruby stone 1 carat weighs 0.2 gms, and its captivating color reflects boldness. If you are looking for a gemstone that expresses love or your energetic personality, an original ruby stone 1 carat is a perfect option. Those looking for vibrant jewelry can pick this precious gem. It is a beautiful stone that benefits the wearer astrologically as well.

    Rubies symbolize love, courage, and passion. An original ruby stone 1 ratti is a great option to connect with this symbolism. If you or your beloved are born in July month, it can be a perfect gift. It brings good luck, health, and wisdom. If you are dealing with professional issues, add 1 ct or 1.25 carat ruby stone to your jewelry collection. It helps in enhancing confidence and attracting career opportunities.

This gemstone is big enough to be placed in the center of a ring. Ruby Engagement Ring is a perfect jewelry piece that is versatile, perfect for daily wear, and exudes luxury. This precious gemstone is defined by its exclusive red color. It has a lot many significance revered by different cultures. A genuine original ruby stone 1 ratti is a potential investment that goes long run. In some cultures, it makes for a perfect heirloom gem.

The quality of an original gemstone is assessed by various factors such as color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. The quality of the stone helps in determining its price. Natural ruby stone 1 carat price in India starts from INR 2,000 and may extend up to INR 60,000 or more.

  • Color: The finest rubies are those with pure and vibrant red color with a slight purplish tint. You will find red stones in the market with high overtones of pink, orange, blue, or yellow tint. These gemstones are of low quality.
  • Clarity: Clarity is defined by inclusions and in case of rubies the most common are rutile needles. The price of 1 carat ruby stone increases with those free from any inclusions.
  • Cut: Look for the stones with a proper cut. A 1 carat ruby stone with a finished cut accounts for a higher price. Rubies look great in round, pear, oval, marquise, and cushion.
  • Carat Weight: Finding a high-quality 1 ct or 1.5 carat ruby can be difficult. This depends upon the origin of the stone. The price of the original ruby 1 ratti stone sourced from Burma is higher. The price range varies with those obtained from Mozambique and Madagascar.

  • Expert Buying Tip:Extreme over-saturation of secondary colors (other than red) are least valued. Even if it shows a pale red color or pink, these are not considered genuine 1carat ruby stones.

    Look for the Best:Original ruby stone 1 carat price in India is high if it features a ‘pigeon blood red’ color. These gemstones are expensive for their rare color.

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