2 Carat Blue Sapphire

A 2 carat sapphire weighs 0.4 grams and features a deep blue color. Owing to its hardness, it can be worn daily, plus this impressive color goes with every outfit. If you have high aspirations or want success and growth in your professional life, wear 2 carat blue sapphire for your work to run smoothly. The mesmerizing color and powerful energy together make it a timeless beauty.

Blue sapphires come from the corundum family. They get stunning deep colors from trace elements like iron and titanium. A 2 ratti neelam featuring an intense color and clarity is highly desirable. They make a perfect jewelry piece and come with effective astrological benefits. It is the “stone of destiny” and effectively brings small yet positive changes in your life.

Wear 2 carat sapphire ring if you want clarity in your thoughts. It helps in relieving stress, anxiety, and depression in your personal or professional life. Add love and loyalty to your relationship with a 2 carat blue sapphire ring. Neelam stones are trending as engagement rings. Pick original gemstones for this occasion. Trust Navratan.com, where quality comes first.

The quality of gemstone is determined by the 4 C’s. If a 2 carat sapphire perfectly features each of these factors, it is of good quality. Subsequently, the cost increases with quality. A 2 carat blue sapphire price starts from INR 10,000 to INR 60,000 or more.

  • Color: A deep color grades good quality. The high quality among these are the colors ranging from blue to violet. Ones with gray or brown overtones account for low quality.
  • Clarity: Eye-clean blue sapphires are rare to find. The rarity accounts for a higher cost. The neelam stone 2 carat price increases for those featuring few or no inclusions or imperfections.
  • Cut: An ideal cut is the one that features a clean finish. Moreover, the stones with equal distribution of color are highly prized.
  • Carat Weight: Gemstones are measured in units called carats. In India, this unit is known as ratti. Many astrologers use this unit while suggesting astrological gems to the wearer. So while purchasing a 2 carat sapphire, remember the recommended rattis. It is often one-twelfth of the wearer’s body weight. The cost of a gem increases with carat. For instance, the high quality 2 ratti neelam price is higher than 1 carat.
  • Expert Advice: 1 Buy ones that are sourced from Sri Lanka and Kashmir. These gemstones are considered high quality owing to their impressive color and clarity.

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