7 Carat Yellow Sapphire

The 7 carat yellow sapphire is linked to Jupiter planet and is known for its positive connections with insight and wealth. Individuals, especially those born under Sagittarius or Pisces are generally recommended to wear this gemstone. The Jupiter planet is believed to enhance the 7 carat yellow sapphire wearer's fortune. Navratan brings you the change. Find our 7 Ratti Pukhraj Price as one of the best deals to help you stay consistent and disciplined.

A 7 carat yellow sapphire is a relatively big stone and it's more valuable than smaller stones. In particular, the Original Yellow Sapphire Stone 7 Carat is attributed to giving more astrological benefits. The weight of pukhraj stone 7 ratti not only speaks to the size but also to the essential elegance. Its special weight of 7 or 7.25 carat is a defining feature that sets it apart in the big-size yellow sapphire segment.

The origin of the name "Pukhraj" comes from a Sanskrit word "Pushpa" (flower) and "raja" (king), signifying the stone's brilliance and beauty. Through an intricate web of languages, the 7 carat yellow Sapphire displays its multilingual nature. Known by various names including "Safir Kuning" in Indonesian, "Gulabi Pukhraj" in Urdu and Greek names ("Sapphir Kitrino" as well as Citrine Stone), each name adds another facet of attraction - just as diplomats travel the globe and leave behind marks upon different cultures.

The Pukhraj Stone 7 ratti acts as a powerhouse, maximizing Jupiter's positive influence for financial abundance and heightened intellectual brilliance. 7 carat yellow sapphire and 7.25 carat yellow sapphire are made as wealth magnets and ensure a significant increase in abundance.

The Original 7 Carat Yellow Sapphire is known for sharpening clarity of thought and making it a beacon for those aspiring for intellectual growth. It infuses life with potent positivity, nurturing a sense of confidence and optimism. The 7 Carat pukhraj stone is known for its perfect size clarity and high carat weight.

The 7 Ratti Pukhraj Price varies significantly relying on several aspects. There are 4Cs, origin, and also treatment to consider.

From basic to premium, the average price of yellow sapphire is presented below

Quality Average Price (+/- as per Quality & Origin)
Basic INR 10,000 - 20,000
Average INR 25,000 - 40,000
Excellent INR 40,000 - 75,000
Premium INR 1 lakh - 10 lakh

7.25 Ratti Pukhraj Price

Expect a wide range, potentially starting from INR 10,000 and exceeding INR 1,00,000 for exceptional stones. As per the weight conversion (1 carat = 9.27 ratti), the Original Yellow Sapphire Stone 7 Carat around translates to a 7.25 - 7.5 ratti Pukhraj.

To benefit from the Yellow Sapphire 7.25 Carat Price, consider authenticity with certified gemstones. Look for gemological reports from labs as Reputable sellers provide gem certificates which include carat weight and other details to help understand the authenticity of the natural gemstones. The Certified Pukhraj Stone 7 Ratti range from Rs20,000 to Rs60,000 or more and the prices vary based on quality.

So when it comes to obtaining a 7 and 7.25 carat yellow sapphire, rely on a trusted jeweler for authenticity and exceptional gem quality. Reach out to us for more details on making this stunning gem part of your collection based on particular carat weight.

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