3 Carat Yellow Sapphire

A 3 carat yellow sapphire comes under the broad family of precious gemstones i.e., the Navratna. It weighs 0.6 gms and has an average diameter of 9.35 mm. This diameter covers 55.3% of your finger’s width. Thus, making it a quite big noticeable stone.

A 3.5 carat yellow sapphire on the other hand makes up a 9.75 mm diameter in size. Try either of these stone in different metal settings and give your Original 3 Carat Yellow Sapphire a flattering look.

A Certified Carat 3 Yellow Pukhraj Stone knows how to blend style with success. Facing issues in business? Unable to clear competitive exams? Not getting the desired job? Wear a Pukhraj Stone 3 Ratti. It goes bright on your jewelry keeping you stylish while its energy keeps working on you internally. The best part? It is preferable for both men and women.

A 3 Carat Yellow Sapphire or 3.25 Carat Pukhraj Stone is considered important in Vedic astrology. The Yellow Sapphire 3 Carat Price is undoubtedly a show stopper at best deals, big enough to make a great choice for an engagement ring. It fits perfectly as a center stone requiring no additional details while also keeping up with the trend.

In fact, astrologers suggest Pukhraj Stone 3.25 Ratti to students who are facing difficulties in getting desired results. It increases the focus and concentration of those preparing for competitive exams.

To Buy 3 carat Pukhraj stone, knowing the costing range is important. We believe in informing our customers about the minute details so that they make an informed choice. On average the Natural Yellow Sapphire Stone 3 Carat Price In India starts from INR 5,000 to INR 10,000 per carat. The quality of the Original 3.25 Carat Yellow Sapphire is evaluated on the basis of 4 C’s.

  • Color: Quality comes with color intensity. The stone of this pretty big size features a more bright yellow color. The Price Of Original Yellow Sapphire 3.25 Ratti Stone with a pale yellow color can be lower compared to the Natural Yellow Sapphire Stone 3 Carat Price In India with vivid yellow color or vice versa
  • Cut: A symmetrically cut 3 Carat Yellow Sapphire Price is more than the others. Why? Because the type of cut maximizes brilliance and visual appeal. And astrologically, the more a Pukhraj Stone 3 Ratti reflects the light, the higher it radiates energy. So when looking for Where To Buy Yellow Sapphire 3 Carat, make your decision wisely. Select the Original 3.25 Carat Yellow Sapphire as per the standard dimensions. It should be a perfect fit for astrology, style, and even daily wear.
  • Standard Dimensions of the stone according to the shape or cut of the stone

    Cut/ Shape Dimmensions (mm) (may vary).
    Oval 10.91x7.27 mm
    Cushion 8.06x8.6mm
    Round 8.37x8.27 mm
    Pear 11.99x7.22mm
  • Clarity: It is judged by the presence of inclusions or blemishes in a stone. A crystal clear Natural Yellow Sapphire Stone 3 Carat Price In India is higher than the one with lesser clarity.
  • Carat Weight: The more the weight of the stone higher the cost. Astrologers suggest to wear a one carat stone for 1/12 weight of the wearer. So a Certified Carat 3.25 Yellow Pukhraj Stone is suitable for those with weight of 42 Kg.
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