8 Carat Yellow Sapphire

A yellow sapphire 8 carat weighs around 1.6 gram and is usually associated with Jupiter. It helps in personal well-being and serves as a growth tool. It's hard to deny the stunning beauty and high value of an 8 carat yellow diamond. They have the soothing power of bringing calmness to you and your surroundings. Thus, it is the perfect natural gemstone choice to give your marriage a restructuring.

Problem in married life, not getting the desired job, or you think time is not in your favor? The 8 Carat Pukhraj Stone is the perfect natural gemstone choice to give your marriage a restructuring. The Certified Carat 8 Yellow Pukhraj Stone helps to improve communication between couples and respect within a marriage, potentially leading to better relationships and conflict resolution.

When you wear 8 carat yellow sapphire you'll get many benefits from marriage to career and luck. Here are some benefits of particular 8 carat and 8.5 carat yellow sapphire;


It improves communication, understanding, respect, and harmony.

Career & Luck:

Improved wisdom, knowledge, and success.

The Price Of Original Yellow Sapphire 8 Ratti Stone can vary significantly based on the quality factors mentioned below;


  • Clarity: For greater beauty and brilliance, select stones with few inclusions.
  • Color: Deeper and more saturated colors of yellow are generally preferred.
  • Cutting: Properly proportioned cuts enhance fire and sparkle. Popular cuts include round, cushion, and oval shapes.
  • Origin: Prices may fluctuate based on their origin. Sri Lankan or Thai stones tend to be more desirable.
  • Treatment: Untreated sapphires are commonly more valuable than those with treatments like heat enhancement.
  • The 8 Ratti Pukhraj Price Range:

    Quality Average Price (+/- as per Quality & Origin)
    Basic INR 10,000 - 20,000
    Average INR 25,000 - 40,000
    Excellent INR 40,000 - 75,000
    Premium INR 1 lakh - 10 lakh
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