4 Carat Yellow Sapphire

A 4 carat yellow sapphire weighs 0.8 gms. If you are a student and want to get desired results in your exams, 4 carat yellow sapphire can do wonders for you. This gemstone is associated with the planet Jupiter also known as Guru in Hindi. The name directly connects the planet's features as it imparts wisdom and knowledge to the wearer. Thus, wearing a pukhraj stone 4 ratti makes a great fit for teachers, academicians, and public speakers. Simply buy 4 carat natural pukhraj from Navratan and see effective results.

Whatever the cut, the gemstone with this weight exudes great attention. The amazing allure makes it a perfect gem for different forms of jewelry. You can pick this 4 carat gem as a center stone of your ring, bracelet, pendant, or even earrings. This piece of jewelry reflects more than just the vibrant color of the stone.

A 4 carat yellow sapphire is an astrological gem known to bring good fortune, luck, and prosperity. It is a large gemstone that features a rich color. In Hindu culture, the shades of the sun are an auspicious color signifying prosperity and happiness. Wearing a 4 ct or 4.5 carat pukhraj stone helps you to achieve financial goals. It is believed to bring peace and harmony in relationships. Thus, this variety of 4 carat sapphires is a meaningful addition to your collection.

As per astrologers, one must purchase a high-quality natural gemstone to gain maximum astrological benefits. Quality and price go hand in hand. Yellow sapphire 4 carat price ranges from INR 10,000 to INR 60, 000 and can extend even more depending upon its quality.

  • Color:The preferred color of pukhraj stone is a vibrant color with medium tone and high saturation. Few of these stones available in the market feature pale tints with overtones of green and orange. But these yellow sapphires are considered low quality.
  • Cut: A symmetrical cut maximizes fire and brilliance. They can be cut into oval, round, octagon, pear, marquise, and cushion. Poor cuts decrease the value of the stone.
  • Carat Weight: In astrological terms, carat weight holds a lot of importance. If you are wondering what carat-weight yellow sapphire should you wear, calculate it as the weight of the wearer/12. Thus, an individual weighing 50 kg is recommended to wear approx 4.23 ct pukhraj.
  • Clarity: Clarity is perceived by the absence of inclusions and blemishes. These inclusions prevent the shine of the stone. Natural pukhraaj featuring eye-clean clarity is highly prized.
  • Origin: The 4 ratti pukhraj price is high for those sourced from Sri Lanka(Ceylon) followed by Burma and Thailand.
  • Treatment: Untreated gemstones are highly desirable. An untreated, vivid colored, inclusion-free 4 ct yellow sapphire commands a high price.
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