1 Carat Yellow Sapphire

The 1 Carat Yellow Sapphire is a natural gemstone that weighs 0.2 gms. It is a precious member of the corundum mineral family and attracts wealth, luck, and prosperity. It is heavier in size but looks smaller than a diamond of the same carat. The Certified Carat 1 Yellow Pukhraj Stone at Navratan has a strikingly bright color that features exceptional clarity, looks magnificent, and totally worthy! So now you know Where To Buy Yellow Sapphire 1 Carat?

It is a natural gemstone that boasts a vibrant sun color and is believed to be a stress reliever in various aspects of life. So if you are struggling in life for financial stability, health issues, or relationship insecurity, buy 1 carat pukhraj stone online from Navratan. Their rank nine on the Mohs Scale of hardness again proves why they are perfect for jewelry. They are even ideal as stones to be worn with your professional look, maybe as a ring or an elegant bracelet.

Here, we strive to bring you the best Price of Original Yellow Sapphire 1 Ratti Stone in the most stunning quality and clarity.

  • In the era of staying classic, a Certified Carat 1 Yellow Pukhraj Stone makes for a timeless piece of ring, pendant, and other Indian stone jewelry styles.
  • If you, your partner's, or any of your loved ones birthday is in September, an Original Yellow Sapphire Stone 1 Carat is a perfect gift idea from Navratan.
  • Isn’t this the best way to surprise with luck and look together? A dedicated September birthstone for your special one!
  • For an extra dose of positivity in life, shop for Original Yellow Sapphire Stone 1.25 Carat online. And 1.5 carat pukhraj stone for a SUPER extra dose!

If you’re confused about Where To Buy Yellow Sapphire 1 Carat, there’s no better place than Navratan. We are one of the renowned certified gemstone brand offering you everything from the real gemstones to one made into trending jewelry designs.

Here’s our price breakage of Certified Carat 1 Yellow Pukhraj Stone.

The 1 Ratti Pukhraj Price starts from INR 2,000 to INR 5,000.

However, it is mostly the idea that higher the carat weight of stone higher its range. But at Navratan we believe in quality. For us, the quality of the gemstone matters most over quantity. And the same goes for this sapphire variety.

The factors that evaluate the price of this precious stone are:

  • Color: The Natural Yellow Sapphire Stone 1 Carat Price In India with vivid yellow color is more costly. Similarly, the Price Of Original Yellow Sapphire 1.25 Ratti Stone or 1.5 carat pukhraj stones in the same intense color is higher.
  • Clarity: The more clear the stone, the higher its cost. Common inclusions that hamper the clarity are feathers and liquid inclusions. So the Price Of Original Yellow Sapphire 1 Ratti Stone without inclusions would be higher than the ones with it. At Navratan, one is sure to find an eye clean gem with higher transparency.
  • Cut: When you Buy 1 Carat Pukhraj Stone you can look for any shape or cut. The most common are oval, cushion, round, octagon and pear. The Price Of Original Yellow Sapphire 1.25 Ratti Stone with a finished cut and color depth is a thoughtful pick compared to the unclean one
  • Carat Weight: There are units to measure a gemstone. It is mostly in ratti or carat. And the value of every sapphire increases with carat weight. For example, a 1.5 carat yellow gemstone weighs 0.3gms and has a higher cost compared to the 1 Ratti Pukhraj Price. However, astrologically it is believed that the original pukhraj 1.5 ratti offers maximum benefits.

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