2 Carat Yellow Sapphire

An original yellow sapphire stone 2 carat weighs 0.4 gms (1 carat = 0.2 gms). A Pukhraj Stone 2 Ratti looks slightly bigger compared to 1 ratti. But the Original 2 Carat Yellow Sapphire weighs more as it has a higher specific density. However, it seems smaller in comparison to a diamond.

Thus, 2 carat pukhraj stone is higher in weight. If you are looking for an elegant yet bigger stone that adds beauty to your professional outfits, pick 2.5 carat pukhraj stone. There’s not much of a difference, but it has more astrological benefits and gives a slightly bigger look without costing huge as compared to the 2 Ratti Pukhraj Price.

A 2-carat sapphire that displays a vivid hue, precise cut, and high clarity is what one should look for. The incredible hue beautifies your jewelry's overall look. These gems play a significant role in astrology. It is said that the higher the gemstone, the higher its astrological power. But, even a 2 ratti pukhraj with its bright color can offer a long-lasting positive impact on the wearer.

A 2 carat yellow sapphire is an astrological gem that adds wealth and prosperity to your life. So Buy 2 Carat Pukhraj Stone for a better living. If Jupiter is placed in the correct position and everything in life seems in order, yet you find yourself unstable financially, wearing an Original 2.5 Carat Yellow Sapphire can help.

High quality of any quality gemstone, call it blue sapphire, ruby, or even emerald, directly signifies a higher cost. The same rule is applied when determining the price of natural yellow sapphire stone 2 carats in India. Here’s a guide to it:

  • Color: A bright color with no green or pinkish overtones fits perfectly for good quality 2.5 Carat Pukhraj Stone.
  • Cut: Symmetry of the cut determines the value of the stone. A 2 ratti pukhraj price is higher if it features a well-defined cut.
  • Carat Weight: It is the unit of measuring the physical weight of gemstones. Higher carat weight accounts for higher costs. The Yellow Sapphire 2.5 Carat Price cost is higher than the 2 Ratti Pukhraj Price. However, if the same stone has a bright color and few or no inclusions, the 2-carat yellow Sapphire price will be higher.
  • Clarity: Internal transparency of the exclusive gemstones determines their clarity. For, e.g., if you plan to Buy 2 Carat Pukhraj Stone with few or no inclusions, then the range will be higher.
  • Treatment: Gemstone treatment improves its clarity, color, and durability. Treated blue sapphires, emeralds, and even rubies are available in the market. But as per some astrologers, untreated gemstones give the best results. So, if you are looking for effective and fast astrological benefits, buy a natural 2-carat yellow sapphire from Navratan only.
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