5 Carat Yellow Sapphire

A 5 carat yellow sapphire weighs 1 gms. This carat-weight gemstone is perfect to be worn if you want abundance and prosperity in life. Wear it as a ring, bracelet, or pendant, each way the bright color of pukhraj reflects its beauty. It is an incredible gem that also boasts astrological benefits. A 5 ratti pukhraj is the stone of wisdom and knowledge. Pick this yellow gem if you want to enhance your concentration and decision-making skills.

At Navratan, we are not just selling precious gemstones, we are making living better. If adding an Original 5.25 Carat Yellow Sapphire can bring a significant change in your life, we find Yellow Sapphire 5 Carat Price an investment instead of a mere spend.

A 5 carat yellow sapphire is a large and impressive gemstone, known for its beautiful color. It radiates powerful energy to the wearer, ultimately leading to instant benefits. In Vedic astrology, original pukhraj is associated with the planet Jupiter. The stone benefits the wearer by harnessing the positive energy of this planet. Indian astrologers suggest this gemstone according to the placement of Jupiter in the birth chart. However, some use the term ratti. 5 carat= 5.48 ratti. A 5 ratti pukhraj is advisable for those with weak Jupiter placement in the horoscope.

When you go to Buy 5.25 Carat Pukhraj Stone, know that the bright sunflower-inspired colors have many names: Pukhraj ratna in Hindi or Pushparaga in Sanskrit; its name itself is symbolic.

The connection of Pukhraj Stone 5 Ratti with Jupiter offers significant benefits for people born under Pisces or Sagittarius signs. If you identify as Piscean this rare gemstone can serve to nurture spirituality while strengthening discernment capabilities and increasing compassion levels.

The wearing of an original 5 carat yellow sapphire increases the positive effects on the body and brings more prosperity into your life.

Below are a few of the essential benefits of 5 carat pukhraj stone

Career and Finance:

  • Increases financial stability and entices wealth
  • Helps you succeed in your workplace as well as investing
  • Inspires entrepreneurs to take risks and be risk-averse
  • Enhances financial insight and improves decision-making abilities

Personal Growth and Well-being:

  • Improves focus, mental clarity and concentration
  • Increases the ability to think creatively and develop problem-solving abilities
  • Reducing stress, anxiety and emotional tensions
  • Facilitates spiritual growth and connects with higher levels of consciousness.
  • Health and Wellness:

  • Increases metabolism and digestion
  • Improves immune function and improves overall well-being
  • Promotes healthy cardiovascular function
  • Helps maintain the skin's health and shine
  • The quality Price Of Original Yellow Sapphire 5.25 Ratti Stone depends upon several factors, including transparency and color as well as cut, quality, and origin.

    This table presents an average Price Of Original Yellow Sapphire 5 Ratti Stone of similar quality;

    Quality Average Price (+/- as per Origin & Quality)
    Basic INR 10,000 - 20,000
    Average INR 25,000 - 40,000
    Excellent INR 40,000 - 75,000
    Premium INR 1 lakh - 10 lakh

    When you plan to buy 5 carat yellow sapphire consider the following factors as they determine the Price Of Original Yellow Sapphire 5 Ratti Stone

    Color Graded from Colors or Tones:
    • Deep color/tone = Higher Yellow Sapphire 5 Carat Price
    Clarity Graded for Imperfections (Inclusions):
    • Higher clarity = Higher Yellow Sapphire 5.25 Carat Price
    Cut Refers to Shape and Polish
    • Well-cut = Good symmetry, even light reflection
    • Well-cut 5 carat yellow sapphire = Higher Price
    Origin Sourced from countries like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma
    • Reputable source = Higher Price Of Original Yellow Sapphire 5.25 Ratti Stone

    The perfect way to Buy 5.25 Carat Pukhraj Stone is from a trusted jeweler, who will provide both authenticity and high quality gems. Don't go anywhere just call us for more details about Certified Carat 5.25 Yellow Pukhraj Stone and its pricing.

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