How To Check If Yellow Sapphire Suits You

How To Check If Yellow Sapphire Suits You
Posted on March 31st, 2023 04:28 PM

Yellow Sapphire, in all its Majesty, is one of the most robust and auspicious precious gemstones in existence that encapsulates life-transforming powers and thumping healing properties. Yellow sapphire gemstone is renowned among masses by umpteen names like Pukhraj stone Kanakapushyaragam stone, Push raja, Pushpragam, Pushyarag, Peetmani, Peela pukhraj, Pushyaragam, and the list go on.

Such is the impact of the pukhraj stone on the different aspects of the life of a wearer that it is strictly advised by the most prolific and illustrious astrologers to get your horoscope analyzed painstakingly before embracing yellow sapphire to satiate different purposes. However, the principal question that emerges here is how to check if yellow sapphire suits you. For a layman, it’s a tough nut to crack as he is not well-equipped with the right knowledge to judge whether embracing pukhraj stone is suiting him well or not.

To make sure you don’t stumble a bit when it comes to checking the compatibility of yellow sapphire, we have curated numerous proven and time-tested pointers that not only tell how to check if yellow sapphire suits you but also ensure you embrace it the right way to reap the maximum benefits of pukraj stone. Let’s get started!

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Consult a Certified & Experienced Astrologer

Undeniably, the first and foremost step to determine if yellow sapphire suits you or not is to consult an experienced astrologer. No one except a brilliant astrologer can guide you on the suitability of a particular gemstone based on a thorough analysis of your horoscope. They can also recommend the correct weight and quality of the gemstone for you based on the position of the planet Jupiter in your horoscope. As Jupiter is the ruling planet of yellow sapphire, and its position in your horoscope determines the effectiveness of the gemstone for you, an astrologer will tell you the best time, stone weight, as well as rituals need to be followed to embrace yellow sapphire.

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Check the Quality of the Gemstone Meticulously

The quality of the yellow sapphire gemstone is another quintessential factor that determines if pukhraj stone suits you or not. In order to make ensure compatibility, the gemstone should be natural, untreated, and have good clarity, color, and cut. A good quality yellow sapphire should have a bright yellow color, be transparent, and have no inclusions or cracks. The cut of the gemstone should be symmetrical, with well-defined facets that reflect light evenly. If a yellow sapphire stone is glass-filled, of plastic, or not of the right weight, neither it will suit you nor it will render benefits.

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Embrace the Gemstone for Trial Period

Wearing the yellow sapphire gemstone under the supervision of a renowned astrologer for a trial period is another effective way to determine if it suits you or not. As per the recommendation of an astrologer, you can embrace the gemstone for a few days or weeks and observe numerous noteworthy changes in your life, if happens any. If you notice positive changes, such as improved health, increased wealth, and better relationships, then the gemstone may be suitable for you. However, if you experience negative effects, such as accidents, illnesses, or financial losses, then it may not be suitable for you. Hence, considering a trial period is essential to check if yellow sapphire suits you.

Check for Allergies and Ailments

Before embracing the yellow sapphire gemstone, it is important to check if you have allergies or not. If you already have allergies, you have to observe if you develop new types of allergies. If yes, then yellow sapphire is not suitable for you. If not, then you can extend the trial period. Some people may be allergic to certain metals or materials used in the jewelry setting, such as gold or silver. In such cases, wearing the gemstone can cause skin irritation, rashes, or other allergic reactions. Therefore, it is imperative to consult a dermatologist and get a skin allergy test done before wearing the gemstone.

Follow Proper Wearing Instructions

Once you have found out that yellow sapphire suits you well, it is vital to follow proper wearing instructions to ensure you reap the most out of your investment. The gemstone should be set in the right metal and in a ring or pendant made of gold or silver and worn on the index finger or neck. It should be worn on  Thursday, which is the day ruled by Jupiter. The gemstone should also be energized before wearing it by chanting the Jupiter mantra or performing a puja. If worn at the wrong time or making severe mistakes in rituals, yellow sapphire may not activate and suit you.

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Regular Maintenance of Gemstone

To ensure that the yellow sapphire gemstone continues to suit you, it is important to ensure that it remains intact and the stone brilliance is maintained. The gemstone should be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild soap solution on a regular basis to remove dirt and grime. It should also be re-energized periodically by performing a puja or chanting the Jupiter mantra to ensure the stone maintains its effectiveness. Additionally, the gemstone should be removed when performing activities like gardening, sports, or washing clothes and utensils that may cause physical damage to the stone and dwindle its effectiveness.

Apart from the above-stated pointers, there are a few more crucial pointers that we have stated below which clarify if yellow sapphire suits you or not.

  • If you don’t see any adverse impact within 5 days of wearing yellow sapphire ring, it suits you well.
  • If you experience the emergence of sudden psychological issues, yellow sapphire is not compatible with you.
  • If the quality of different aspects of your life is dwindling to a great extent, it doesn’t suit you.
  • If you experience nightmares all the time, it is a clear indication that the pukhraj stone is not suiting you.
  • If the good news is continuously flowing in life, it is a crystal clear sign that Yellow Sapphire suits you.
  • If you experience dire health issues, pukhraj stone is definitely not compatible with you.

In conclusion, yellow sapphire is a gemstone that can bring good fortune and luck to those who wear it. However, it is important to determine if it suits you based on your horoscope, the quality of the gemstone, and the trial period of wearing it. Following proper wearing instructions and regular maintenance can ensure that the gemstone continues to have a positive effect on your life.

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