Can We Wear Gemstones Once Removed?

Posted on March 14th, 2024 06:02 PM

Gemstones are believed to bring significant changes in the life of a person. They are formed over millions of years with certain geological processes in Earth like extreme heat and intense pressure. The natural colors make them beautiful and also valuable, revered for their powerful energy within. Hence, there are some rules and regulations to follow when wearing a natural gemstone. This ensures that they blend well with your energy and give you maximum benefits. One such rule is wearing it throughout the prescribed time.

But there may be times when gemstones have to be taken off. Maybe for cleaning, repairing, or just for your peace of mind. And then the question arises. Can we wear gemstone once removed? Will it be as per the rule? The answer is YES! You can wear gemstones once removed but with proper guidelines. Astrologers suggest that gemstones should be worn all the time. This is why it is studded in jewelry making it easy to carry. It allows a continuous flow of positive energy around the wearer. 

If you have removed the stone for an hour or a minute you can wear it again. It doesn't require a specific date, time, or pooja. 

But in case, you have removed it for a while due to any reason here are a few points you must consider:

The gemstone should touch the skin directly again

Vedic astrology believes that gemstones hold great energy from the planet with which they are associated. The science of astrology follows that the energy of the stone radiates around the wearer benefiting the individual with desired benefits. Vedic astrology suggests that these benefits are only possible if the stone touches the skin directly. Doing so helps in the strong flow of the gemstone’s energy around the wearer. Once you have removed the stone the energy flow will disrupt. Hence, if you are wearing it again make sure it touches your skin directly. Read the science behind gemstone working to understand it better.

Consider the position of the planet again while wearing


consider the position of the planet again while wearing

When astrologers prescribe one to wear a natural gemstone, it is as per the dasha you are facing, or the placement of planets as per the kundli. So, can we wear gemstone once removed? Lets see how:

Every gemstone is ruled by a planet, so if you are wearing it again, make sure to check all the placements of the planet again. For instance, if you are planning to wear a pukhraj stone again, check the position of Jupiter in your kundli and only wear it if it aligns with your good timing and betterment.

Make sure no one wore the stone after you removed it

It is suggested not to wear used gemstones once worn by someone and not you. In case you have removed it make sure it is only you who can wear it again and not anyone else. This is because used gems contain the negative energy of the previous wearer and with time it has lost its color and clarity. Vedic Astrology suggests that natural gemstones with brilliant color and clarity offer maximum benefits. Thus, one should always buy an original gemstone and not wear the used one. 

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Energize the gemstone before putting it on

If it’s been months or years, perform the prana pratishtha pooja vidhi, before wearing it again. This energization process enhances the powers of the stone like adding life to it. You can either do this pooja at home by reading How to do Prana Pratistha of Gemstones or take the help of a reputed pandit. 

If you are wearing it after a few years, consider its effectiveness

Astrological gems must be changed after a certain time. This doesn't mean you should experiment with different gemstones. If you have been wearing a particular gem for more than two years and want to wear it again make sure you buy a new one. Follow the same pooja vidhi before wearing the new stone. It is believed that the life span of the precious gemstone is five years while for semi-precious stones it is three years. 

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Real-life situations of taking off gemstones and common doubts related to it


It is perfect to remove your astrological gem for a short duration, but remember to re-wear it, or else you may follow bad impacts. 

  1. You can take it off when going for a shower but remember to wear it immediately after bathing to continue the flow of positive energy. You can also consider wearing it while taking a shower. 
  2. You can either remove or wear the gemstone jewelry while sleeping. Some astrologers believe it should be worn regularly. But if you are uncomfortable while wearing it during your sleep and you have removed it, recharge it by placing it in the moonlight or sunlight. And then wear it again after bathing the next day.
  3. While performing rigorous activities like gardening, hitting the gym, washing utensils, and other such activities may harm the gemstone. So, in case you have removed it while doing any of these activities you can wear it again after you are done with the work. This doesn’t require any rules to be followed.
  4. Suppose you are wearing an 8-carat weight stone and you have removed it as is not easy for you to carry it all the time. You can wear it again in the form of a pendant since it is difficult to adorn such a high ratti stone in a ring. Perform the energization process again while adorning it as a pendant as the gemstone will be touched by the people setting it. Hence, make sure the stone is enhanced with the positive energy. 

To sum up, you can wear the gemstone 24/7. But make sure you buy natural gemstones only. This is because the original stones work perfectly and their energy lasts longer. Can we wear gemstone once removed? The answer is yes but make sure if removed for a longer time you energize it before wearing it again. 

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