The Science Behind Gemstone Healing: How They Really Work

Posted on November 18th, 2023 04:20 PM

Gemstones and crystals are highly used these days for healing. People use gems or crystals at yoga studios or during any spiritual practice like meditation to let their energies heal them. But have you ever wondered, "Does gemstone really work?" Or are there any gemstone benefits scientifically? 

For centuries, we have been using gemstones for wellness purposes and to gain many benefits from their positive energies. There might be a strong reason why we still use crystals and believe in their powers. 

As it turns out, healing centers are using the practice of gem or crystal therapy because it has shown effects. These stones work and hold much more importance than just their looks. The metaphysical and healing properties of gemstones are fascinating. Let's have in-depth insight into the potential healing properties of these gemstones and learn how do gemstones work!

The Science of Gemstone Healing: How Crystals and Minerals Interact With Our Bodies

Gemstones are found in the core of Earth. They have a mineral composition and electrical and magnetic fields. When gems come in contact with our bodies and brains, these energy fields react with them, and their vibrations can match our bodily vibrations, which can help us heal. 

However, there is no scientific proof to this. Healing through gemstones is ultimately a belief system that is backed up by experiences and statements of people who have been healed by these therapies. It is complex to explain how these energies work for us, although it is not to be ignored that everything on Earth is connected. We have felt energies around us all the time, like the Wind. What is it if not energy?

Crystals and minerals obviously will contain energy. They are molecular structures that will emit and absorb specific vibrations of certain frequencies, and these can definitely interact with our bodies' energy fields. If any of our cells, tissues, or organs resonate with these frequencies or are exposed to the electromagnetic fields of the gems, it can shift our cellular vibration to a more balanced state, helping us heal. 

Science of Gemstone Healing

The Electromagnetic Field of Gemstones

Gemstones allow positive energies to flow through the body and remove or absorb negative ones, removing toxic energies from around you. Scientifically, it is observed that gemstones might help with the placebo effect, a treatment in which the patient is given a dummy or fake treatment but is convinced enough that it's the real treatment and starts to get better. 

However, the people who have gone through crystal therapy highly believe and start to experience the energies around them. 

It is observed that all matter emits an electromagnetic field, which includes crystals. Crystals with highly ordered molecular structures can emit a coherent solid field. So when you place a gem on your body, its field of energy will interact with yours, it can cause a resonance effect which can balance the energies of your body. 

Indeed, it is believed that when your bodily energies balance, the energy centres or chakras activate which promotes happiness and eliminates negative feelings. 

Evidence Supporting Gemstone Healing: Studies on Yellow Sapphire and Other Stones

There are several studies done on gemstones to see how much they affect and if their energies are as promising as stated. Here are pointers from some of the studies - 

A study done in India has shown that a certified yellow sapphire gemstone helps with anxiety and stress. People who wore a Yellow Sapphire ring for 3 or more months reported lower anxiety. Researchers state that this gem is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra, which, when opened, uplifts the mood. 

A study in Thailand tested the effects of yellow sapphire on our physical health and found that people who wore the gem regularly reported relief in muscle pain and inflammation. 

Some of the other gemstones that are reported to have a positive effect on the health of their wearers are- 

Rose Quartz, which is seen as a stone of love is stated to decrease stress and boost the feeling of contentment. 

Amethyst increases calmness, helps with improving sleep patterns, and provides relaxation. 

Red Jasper stimulates energy and increases vitality. It boosts stamina and the endurance power. 

Yellow Sapphire

Best Healing Crystals To Use

Here are some of the best healing gemstones for you: -

Blue Sapphire - An original Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Stone is known to be the fastest-acting healing gemstone. Due to its mineral composition and high energy vibrations, this precious gemstone of the corundum family is believed to activate the throat chakra, clearing your feelings of self-doubt and enhancing your communication and public speaking skills. It will also cure any ailments related to the throat. Additionally, it will increase your creativity and self-expression abilities, calm your mind, promote mental clarity, and reduce anxiety or worries. 

Citrine - Citrine, also known as the Sunela stone, is a vibrant yellow gem that is known to instill your life with warmth and happiness. The stone vibrates at a higher frequency and activates the Solar Plexus chakra in the body of its user, which enhances confidence, assertiveness, and wisdom. It unlocks your personal strength, inner willpower, and sense of self. It is also believed that the gem can help you get rid of any bad addictions. 

AmethystAmethyst stone , or Kathela, is a purple gemstone best for opening your crown chakra. It is known to be a natural tranquilizer that lets people relax and calm down. It regulates emotions and helps overcome past trauma or grief. The gem relaxes your mind and promotes your intuition powers, which guide you in the right direction. It will also remove toxic or negative thoughts from your mind and help you sleep better. 

Clear Quartz - Clear Quartz clears your thought process, it helps you contact the higher powers of the world. Improving your focus and calming your mind, it will help you tap into your inner self. It is said to reduce depression and protect the wearer from negative energies. This energy amplifier will also bring you luck and help you manifest abundance and wealth into your life. It will also open your mind to new perspectives. 

Carnelian - Carnelian, the orange gem which represents optimism, spontaneity, wittiness and freedom, is a very lucky gem. It boosts the self-esteem of the person along with the creativity and passion. It will enhance the feelings of love and kindness and give you motivation to be who you are. The gem will also open the doors of life to prosperity and bring you new resources and opportunities that you must take with confidence. 

Blue Sapphire


Gemstone healing is a brilliant healing therapy that people highly believe in and have known to benefit from. But there is no scientific proof of this magic. There are only mystical and spiritual aspects of the gemstones. They are known to amplify the positive engines around you when you use them with good intentions to heal and improve. They can promote the balance of your mind, body, and soul. 

The beautiful crystals uplift your mood and reduce stress even with their charming colours. But please note that even though gems can have a subtle yet powerful influence on our well-being, it is essential to use them after careful consideration and with expert advice. 

They provide a sense of empowerment and positive focus and can harness positive energy to you, but it is also said that they might have adverse effects if not used correctly.  

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