How To Use Gemstones For Fertility and Pregnancy?

Posted on February 21st, 2024 04:48 PM

Pregnancy has been an integral part of human life, especially for women who bear the child. Motherhood is a natural process that makes a woman complete, but in today’s time, when there are lifestyle changes and exposure to a polluted environment, getting conceived is becoming difficult for many. If you are a working professional or a homemaker who has no time to take nutritional diet or exercise or you have tried either or both of these, but nothing has worked, there is always an alternative you can go for. 

Some gemstones are helpful for fertility and pregnancy. These include emerald, aquamarine, aventurine, rose quartz, citrine, unakite, moonstone, and more. 

Do you know these gems and crystals have long been associated with different cultures worldwide?  

Crystals in ancient cultures were believed to hold healing properties. They were used as talismans by ancient Egyptians. In Chinese cultures, gems and crystals were used in medicines.

Quartz crystal, for instance, was named as the outstanding stone. It is believed to absorb positive energy from the surroundings and strengthen its therapeutic powers. 

So, you can see crystal healing is not a new thing. They have played an essential role in healing benefits for long. 

Let us see how the relevance of these crystals finds its way into fertility and pregnancy. 

Do Fertility Stones Work? 

In one such study held in 2001, half of the participants were given a real quartz crystal, and the others were handed a glass resembling quartz. All the participants were asked to meditate for five minutes. The results showed that most participants answered that they could feel the power of the crystals within them. Surprisingly, the original gemstones performed instantly, which generally takes some time to work. Probably, it was the belief that made the magical gems spark its aura so soon. 

The whole idea of talking about this is gemstone works! If you wish to know how here is what you must read: The Science of Gemstone Healing: How Crystals and Minerals Interact With Our Bodies

The Best Crystals and Gemstones for Fertility 

Gemstone or crystal healing is often connected with the chakras which are also referred to as energy centers. There are seven energy points namely crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root chakra. The electromagnetic powers of these gems stimulate the energy flow within the individual’s body. The gemstone for fertility acts as a stimulator offering positive effects on reproductive organs, and regulating the cycle of sexual energy. 

Let us see what are these gemstones and how they can be beneficial in fertility and pregnancy:

Emerald stone for easing labor pain

emerald stone for easing labor pain

What does it look like? Panna stone features a verdant hue equivalent to lush green forests and landscapes. 

What is the use of emerald stone? The color of these stones symbolizes fertility, hope, and rebirth. It is related to the heart chakra inducing love and compassion in a relationship. Egyptians used Panna stones as a cure for infertility. 

Pregnant women for centuries wear green emeralds around their necks to prevent miscarriage. If the gemstone is tied to the thigh of an expectant mother, it is believed to aid in labor pain. Hence, the panna stone is referred to as the stone of fertility. 

How to use emerald? 

  1. Use this green stone in any form of jewelry. Wear it as a pendant, ring, or a bracelet. 

  2. Place an emerald stone on your heart during meditation. It helps to promote emotional well-being and mental clarity. Go for a deep meditation with this gemstone. It aids protection against negative energy. 

  3. Incorporate emerald stone into a crystal grid. Doing so helps to balance and energize the heart chakra, inviting greater prosperity and love into your life. 

Read to know more on how a panna stone helps: Emerald Stone Benefits - Impact on Mental Health

Red Garnet for conception, renewal, and birth 

red garnet for conception renewal and birth

What does it look like? It features deep red hues in general. They also come in different colors, such as orange, yellow, green, brown, peach, colorless, and pink. 

What is the use of red garnet in fertility?

 This red gemstone is connected with the root chakra just below the navel. Red garnet helps in combating reproductive issues for both men and women. 

Today, when our lifestyle is induced with stress and negativity, which is directly related to fertility issues, it's essential to find out the best alternatives to remain fit. As per stats, 40% of women who are experiencing infertility have depression or anxiety.

How to use red garnet? 

  1. Wear red garnet jewelry to resolve conflict between the couples and induce love. A garnet bracelet stimulates sexual desire and thus helps in increasing the chances of conception. 

  2. Place a red garnet stone on your hand and meditate. This red stone supports a healthy reproductive system, improves hormonal balance, and thus promotes fertility. 

Aquamarine Stone for stress-free delivery

aquamarine stone for stress free delivery

What does it look like? It features a dark blue to greenish-blue color. This gemstone comes from the beryl family and gets its blue color from iron. 

What is the use of aquamarine stone in fertility? It is considered the perfect stone for the woman trying to conceive. Aquamarine stone benefits women from depression and enhances childbirth. 

Choosing gemstones for fertility as a tool to get rid of negative emotions and stress can help in soothing the fertility process. 

How to use aquamarine? 

  1. The serene beauty of the gemstone makes it a viable accessory. Wear it as a pendant, bracelet, earring, or ring. The calming color of the stone removes stress in life. 

  2. Hold this stone in your hand. During meditation, aquamarine shields both mother and baby from negative energy. If you are facing a delay in your pregnancy, wear aquamarine jewelry. It releases the fears of childbirth from mommies to be.  

Learn More Here: Health Benefits of An Aquamarine Stone

Moonstone for balancing hormones and promoting reproductive health

bring harmony with moonstone

What does it look like? It displays blue to white adularescence. The surface of the gemstone shows a moonlight-like sheen. 

What is the use of moonstone in fertility? As the “stone of new beginnings,” moonstone is associated with feminine energy. Women's reproductive cycle is believed to flow like the moon's phases. Thus, a moonstone is recommended as the cycle of life and fertility goes smoothly. 

In Vedic astrology, this gemstone is related to the planet Moon. Hence, it harnesses the coming energy of the moon, alleviating the wearer's stress and anxiety. This helps in increasing the chances of fertility. 

Here is what you want to know: Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Moonstone 

How to use Moonstone?

  1. Wear a piece of moonstone jewelry if you are dealing with issues such as hormonal imbalance and PMS issues. You can incorporate a moonstone ring, moonstone bracelet, or pendant into your daily wear. 

  2. Hold a moonstone crystal in your hand during meditation for a gentle flow of energy throughout your body. 

Amethyst for enhancing the emotional journey of fertility 

bring harmony with moonstone

What does it look like? The primary color of the stone is purple. The color spectrum can range from pale lavender to deep purple. 

What is the use of amethyst in fertility? Commonly referred to as the “stone of intoxication,” the amethyst stone plays a significant role in fertility. This purple stone helps balance hormones and promote emotional well-being. It is connected with the crown chakra, unblocking, which helps aid in sleep and meditation. 

How to use amethyst stone?

  1. Wear an amethyst bracelet to ease hormonal changes. Add this stone to your jewelry in either a pendant or a ring. 

  2. Amethyst makes an excellent gemstone for fertility. Place an amethyst crystal in your space if stress makes it hard to conceive. It is the stone that balances the hormonal cycle, increasing the chances of fertility. 

Gemstones and crystals are beneficial for fertility and pregnancy, though no science claims it. Pick gemstone jewelry as the best means by which you can add their energy to your body. 

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Other Fertility Stones To Consider

Rose Quartz for a healthy, fertile environment within your body 

It shows a pale pink color and hence named so. The ones with deeper pink varieties are called strawberry rose quartz, whereas those featuring pale purple are called Lavender quartz. It is called the “Stone of Love” and possesses energy that encourages self-love, compassion, and partnership. In cases of fertility and pregnancy, rose quartz stone plays a significant role. 

Rose Quartz stone benefits include the gemstone’s association with feminine energy. Thus, it is believed to build a strong connection between mother and child during pregnancy. Incorporate this pink crystal into your jewelry collection. Or place it on your heart or hold it in your hand. Since this variety of quartz is related to the heart chakra, its powerful energy unblocks the heart chakra, infusing love and compassion inside the body. 

Keep rose quartz along the bedside table or anywhere near where you sleep.

This ensures you get proper sleep and get rid of stress. 

stress less feel more

Aventurine for emotional balance and love during fertility 

Green Aventurine is linked to the heart chakra, called “Anahata.” The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest and is related to love, emotional well-being, and compassion. Green aventurine benefits include initiating viable energy that induces love between the couples and mother and child. 

Wear a green aventurine bracelet or a ring for the flow of positive energy all day. An aventurine pendant close to your heart evokes love and compassion for your partner leading to a healthy love love. For fertility and pregnancy, placing an aventurine crystal in your bedroom can be beneficial. Doing this helps in a positive flow of love and energy in your space. 

Carnelian for improving chances of conception 

It is connected to the Sacral Plexus Chakra, located below the naval. Carnelian is a powerful stone that unblocks the sacral chakra and stimulates sexual vitality. It improves reproductive health and balances hormonal cycles. 

Wear a Carnelian bracelet to add joy and vibrant energy to your life. The powerful energy of this stone reduces stress, ultimately leading to increased fertility. Place a carnelian stone on your abdomen during meditation. Doing this helps in promoting a healthy reproductive system. 

The pregnancy journey is special in its own way and we would love to make it more joyful and vibrant for you. Find all answers to your problems related to gemstones for fertility at Navratan. We got you!

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