Moonstone Crystal: The Enchanting Gem of Lunar Energy

Posted on May 24th, 2023 06:00 PM

Moonstone is an incredibly stunning gemstone with a mysterious past. Its opaque color gives it a mystical shine that has fascinated everyone for generations. Moonstone crystal is one of the most sought-after gems because of its allure and tremendous healing properties.

 What is Moonstone?

Moonstone is a variety of the feldspar mineral group. Made from sodium potassium aluminum silicate and known to resemble moonlight. Moonstone is one of the most beautiful translucent gems and is available in white and grey as well as in a rainbow of colors. This stone is symbolic of feminine vigor and a new start.

A Gemstone of Inner Vision

  • Enhance feminine vigor.
  • A tool to enhance divine wisdom
  • An indelible spiritual healer

The aura of the moonstone crystal glows with its lively feminine energy. For decades, the moon has been a symbol of the goddess spirit. The moonstone induces magic and much more. Its albite mineral enchants through-beam light, which is why it is known as adolescence. This is a magical orthoclase stone—a variety of albite and feldspar minerals.

The way the moon lies under a calm ocean, the moonstone witnesses many seasonal shifts. Moonstone is famous for its rich history of being considered as a symbol of divine wisdom and skills in India. While the Romans believe that these ethereal gems are substances of solid moonlight, Even it was also believed that Goddess Diana could appear through this pearly talisman and bring abundant fortune to the wearer.

This divine moonstone gemstone is also celebrated as a spiritual tool for healing.

As Birthstone

Moonstones, like pearls, are connected with June birthdays. In fact, the moonstone, particularly in Germany, is more popular than the pearl in many parts of the world. It is a milestone gift for the third anniversary of marriage.

Moonstone Varieties

moonstone varieties

There are many distinct varieties of moonstones, but all are characterized by their ethereal, watery, and pearly white personas.

White Moonstone 

This stone signifies the new moon's promise and optimism, in the form of the purest white light. This gem can amplify feelings without throwing them out.

Peach or Yellow Moonstone 

The Peach or Yellow Moonstone, crystal portrays moons above in the summer, giving a subtle glow that lights up the shadow and removes concerns and anxieties.

Rainbow Moonstone 

The Rainbow Moonstone crystal is a psychic shield and a treasure trove of goddess energy. This stone is cosmic and enables you to achieve lucid dreams and crystal clarity.

Gray Moonstone

Resembling the full moon on All Hallows' Eve, the purpose of the grey moonstone is to see the past.

Cat's Eye / Blue Moonstone

The Cat's Eye or Lehsunia Stone also renowned as Blue Moonstone, is a powerful energy stabiliser that enables the wearer to relax in the ups and downs of life.

Moonstone's Healing Properties

Moonstone's Healing Properties

Driven by the pleasure of feminine energy, this mystical stone has the power to reveal abandoned fortune, and rejuvenate the crystal healing process. A moonstone is just like a cosmic rock that hangs in the sky. It can be linked with every feeling, every change in the tide, every aspect of light and dark, and every part of our souls. Read more about the ways this precious stone may restore harmony in your life, from the spiritual to the physical.


  • Aids in maintaining hormonal balance and
  • Declining PMS symptoms
  • Helps with fertility issues

The way moonstone ties to the divine feminine and goddess energy, would be helpful for PMS sufferers to find relief from these symptoms. The moonstone has a profound impact on reproductive balance, realigning the body with its natural rhythms. It can also aid those who are having trouble conceiving a healthy pregnancy. The physical discomforts associated with pregnancy and childbirth can be improved with moonstone crystal. This stone can brighten up the chances of expecting parents by providing a source of strength and power. It is also believed that this stone can relieve stress and anxiety and help with physical health problems, including heart problems and menstrual cramps.

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Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

  • improves compatibility in new circumstances
  • promotes peace and equilibrium

This mesmerizing moon has a profound effect on our psyche, as it can reduce gloom and lift emotions. Keeping a glittering moon symbol near you enables an instinctive link between the universe and you. It untamed hormones, leading you to move in harmony with the world beyond limits. These moonstones are believed to be stones representing transformation and renewal. The elegant moonstone crystal also serves as a gentle reminder of fresh beginnings, just as it does to adorn the cyclical rhythm of the different seasons. Instead of despair, the moonstone's calming energies enable you to process and accept whatever comes your way.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Enhances the third eye's connection with the crown chakra
  • It re-establishes a link between psychic energies.

Cosmic moonstone crystals can be powerful chakra connectors with abundant psychic power. This shimmering stone has a profound spiritual quality that fills us with wonder and peace. The moonstone crystal resonates with the heart chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra simultaneously. These three energy centers turn us inward in order to see clearly beyond our direct surroundings. These two energy centers can be balanced and aligned with this soothing gemstone. This helps us to better understand ourselves in the cosmos and realise a sense of belongingness to the infinite web of life that lies above us.

Zodiac Birthstone

  •  a perfect match for the Scorpio Zodiac
  •  a birthstone for Libra

For the people who are born under the sign of Libra may benefit from the exquisite properties of the moonstone crystal. The kind and gentle Libran may also transform into sharp as a tack. However, Librans may also experience indecisiveness, avoidance of change, and resistance to new experiences. Just like the moon can be linked with lunar cycles, where life rises and falls and nothing stays the same, this captive gemstone can assist Librans to accept the change with grace and grandeur through the power of the moon, and not fear the decision-making result.

Even Scorpios benefit from the Moonstone's soothing light. Scorpios are highly courageous, intelligent, and completely loyal. They are most prone to jealousy and impulsive behavior. Because of the moonstone's calming and feminine energy, they can attain a healthy balance between the two poles of action and contemplation.

Final Thoughts on Moonstone

Moonstone is an undoubtedly powerful magical gem, making it the most prized gem today. This moonstone crystal can be the perfect gem to bring a bright and enlightening light into our lives. It is for individuals who need a little extra help to accept the positive energy and adapt to changes. It adds more goddess energy and enables them to stay tuned into the broader picture. Try using moonstone crystal in your everyday life to benefit from its full potential. You can wear them as jewelry or for meditation rituals to bestow their magic.

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