Top 3 Benefits of Moonstone Gemstone

Posted on February 15th, 2022 01:15 PM

Just as the name indicates, Moonstone (Chandrakant) is the gem that extracts its properties from the Moon. It is a semi-precious member of the feldspar group. On the chemical and mineral ground, it carries sodium potassium aluminium silicate i.e., ((Na,K)AlSi3O8) and displays a pearly and opalescent schiller. However, this supernatural charismatic stone is not only recognized on the account of its striking appearance but also for its amazing healing powers. It holds mystical and remarkable properties to uplift the living standard of its wearer in numerous ways. Having its important place in the history of humanity, authentic Moonstone was assumed as a divine gemstone by Greeks and Romans who relate it with their Goddesses and gods. According to Vedic astrology, Moonstone is an astrological substitute or upratna for precious pearls. Here in this article, we have listed down some of the widely acclaimed perks of wearing this stone. Let us give it a quick glance.

Advantages of Wearing Moonstone (Chandrakant Ratna)

1. Physical Healing Properties 

Since the earlier stages of human civilization, Natural Moonstone, also known as Chandrakant, is considered a boon for health. This dazzling pearly gemstone has extraordinary advantages for the mental, emotional, and physical health of the wearer. When worn in its natural form, Moonstone helps the system of digestion, eliminates fluid retention and toxins. Meanwhile, it assimilates nutrients and eases degenerative issues of eyes, skin, and hair. These healing stones trigger the gland present in the male organ and bring stability in the hormonal cycles, offering phenomenal outcomes for PMS, fertilization, pregnancy, giving birth, and breastfeeding. The Moonstone gemstones connect phenomenally with the heart of the Chakra. They also soothe the fleshy body parts such as the pancreas and liver. 

2. Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

If the individuals ever discern that they are losing their mind on the full moon, then it is just a clue as to how much influence the Moon has on their emotional balance. The Moonstone gemstones, or the very popular June Birthstone, are here to bring light to the dullness and to improve each of those feelings. Chandrakant improves intuition, promotes inspiration, brings good fortune and success in the matter of business and love. When anybody takes the sign of the moon and then keeps it in their personality or their life, it will supposedly link them to the cosmos. Moonstone can bring each of those untamed hormone levels into check and ensure that the wearers are going inflow as per the world outside their window.

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3. Metaphysical Properties

Charming and cosmic, the original Moonstones are rich with spiritual capabilities and a phenomenal connector to the astrological chakras. There is something entirely supernormal about this shimmering stone, just like seeing the moonbeams dancing on the midnight bed of the ocean. It imprints us with an essence of calm and wonder. The Crown Chakra and the 3rd Eye Chakra are the two chakras that allure individuals to glance deep within so that they can see way above the boundaries of their periphery. Chandrakant empowers these two chakras well, which when tuned and opened generously, help the wearer find their place in the cosmos and assist them to feel partaker of this more excellent universal jigsaw whirl above their heads.

To sum it up 

Natural Moonstone, aka Chandrakant, is highly prized for its mesmerizing beauty and calming properties. and has been attracting humankind from ancient times. The real Moonstone is an intimate gemstone that assists its owner to start a new beginning with replenished energy and brings the authentic self of the wearers who buy gemstones online. Its connection with the lunation makes it a good stone for the lovers to merge them for eternity. 

                   Moonstone (Chandrakant) has been successfully governing the hearts of the mortal ethnicity. It is well known as the gemstone of fresh beginnings. Each thing passes, and each time changes. This beautiful Birthstone of June month reminds the wearers how essential it is to welcome the recurring nature of the span and not to be afraid of changing the chapter and the possibility of a new lesson. 

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